Fencing – Days 3 and 4

Day 3: Gino headed out and finished up on the south side of the house over by the neighbors house. He would have been done sooner but then realized that the door was hung on the wrong post so he had to take down the completed door and redo the whole thing. What a bummer! It looks great though.

View of south side fence along neighbors property.

Inside view of completed south side fence and gate.

Outside view of south side fence and gate.
The patch of dirt in front of the gate will probably have grass.
As the day was drawing to a close Gino headed over to the north side to begin installation of that gate.

All that is left to be done…

Gino installing the hardware for the gate.

Showing Isabel how to attach the hardware.

Gino got all of this hardware installed and the wood attached and was ready to attach panels and be done; when he realized that the hardware wasn’t “square” and had to disassemble everything. Talk about frustrating!

Day 4: That next morning I exchanged the hardware and that night Gino finished the fence! Hurray!

Inside view of north side fence and gate.

Outside view of north side fence and gate.

1 thought on “Fencing – Days 3 and 4”

  1. Gino did such an awesome job; he had one of our neighbors stop by this last evening and ask Gino what he would charge him to put up his fence! Can you believe it?!?! Gino very nicely declined the offer but did offer the man any help or tips he would need.

    My hubby sure knows how to use wood! You did an awesome job! We all love it…especially Daisy, who gets out there and prances like a deer. So fun to watch…reminds me of Dakota and her in eastern Washington on 9th Street. What fun and sweet memories of those two. Now we have a new yard to make more sweet memories together. Thanks and I love you.

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