Independence Day

We spent our Independence Day afternoon with our friends the Kinne’s. We had a really good time and the kids had tons of fun playing together. Jason grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, we visited, watched the kids tackle each other on the lawn, and later went out to the front yard to watch all the neighbors light their money on fire (shoot off fireworks)! :o)

Gazillions of bubbles!

Dinner time!

…really they had tons of fun!

Dump truck races.

Jayden, Jason, Marica, Isabel, Me, and Gino.

Getting ready for the show.

Being crazy!

Isabel didn’t mind all the loud noises from the fireworks.
She was fascinated by them and kept calling them “stars”.

One neighbor at the west end of the street had to have spent thousands of dollars on their fireworks display. They were out there continually lighting them off with no end in sight!

Thanks for the show!

Happy Independence Day!