Lego Class: Gondola Lift

We were back at Lego class today!

Today’s assignment was to make a gondola lift. After some instruction from Mr. J, the class headed right to work getting all their needed pieces for their lift.

2015-04-21 021_edited-1

Testing out the “base” of her lift.

2015-04-21 022_edited-1

She’s excited her “base” is working properly.
Now she can build off it to “battle” someone.

2015-04-21 027_edited-1

She added some “claws” or “arms”.
Now she’s looking for balance.

2015-04-21 028_edited-1

Her gondola lift is off!

2015-04-21 029_edited-1

Isabel’s completed gondola lift.

Now it’s time to battle! The rule is to make your opponent’s little man/girl fall off.

2015-04-21 030_edited-1

Her “battle” face!

She only “battled” once and it didn’t go so well.

2015-04-21 035_edited-1

Her “arms” fell off but her little man remained!
Don’t know who the real winner is here but their was a lot of destruction.

Until next week…

Third Grade: Day 142

Tuesday is our busy commute day. We drive here and there and everywhere! It’s our get out and mingle day! It’s our electives day!

In the classroom:


2015-04-21 003_edited-1

Needs some work but she still did a good job.

5-minute frenzy:

She gets flustered when there are 11 and 12 multiples on the page. So we will be doing this one sheet until she can fill in more of the page.

2015-04-21 018_edited-1

Great job.

Beans and corn science:

2015-04-21 006_edited-1

These seeds were set aside from yesterday’s studies.
They are doing well.

2015-04-21 007_edited-1

The plant nursery seedlings are doing well also.

We are just beginning to see the tap root on some of the beans.

2015-04-21 008_edited-1

Weighing 1 of each bean and corn seed, to see how much it has grown in size from a dry seed.

2015-04-21 014_edited-1

Completing her assignment for the day.

This week’s Language arts assignments are to make newspaper articles about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Today’s assignment was to write an article that will inform the public about the expedition.

2015-04-22 028_edited-1

Her completed announcement piece.

Third Grade: Day 139

Whoa! It’s Thursday already! Where did the week go? I’m still trying to figure that one out.

We had a super fast day and we were completed with all our work by 1 p.m.

In the classroom:

Our spelling test today was given orally while Isabel was doing the dishes. I would give her the word and she would then have to spell it back to me. She did a great job and only missed one!

In Language arts, Isabel’s assignment was to write a “cinquain” poem. A “cinquain” poem is a short unrhymed poem of 22 syllables – 5 lines of  2, 4, 6, 8 and 2 syllables.

2015-04-15 018_edited-1

Isabel’s cinquain poem.
Love it!

She was very discouraged at the beginning of the assignment. She just didn’t get it and was having trouble choosing a subject. After some help and discussion, she slowly started working it all out in her head. When her “light-bulb” moment goes on, there is no stopping her!

In math she worked on her computer lessons for an hour. Afterward, we did a 5-minute frenzy!

I had told her the next time she did one, I would do one too. She was excited and nervous at the same time but she did a awesome job.

2015-04-15 019_edited-1

My frenzy paper I didn’t get completed.
My brain froze!

2015-04-15 020_edited-1

Isabel almost finished her frenzy and watching her work today she did an awesome job!

In science:

We played a bean map game!

The assignment; pick a bean and draw a detailed picture of the pattern of your bean. Isabel went first and couldn’t find her bean. I found it after just 2 minutes (she was disappointed that I found it so fast).

2015-04-15 021_edited-1

Looking closely at the pattern of those beans!

2015-04-15 022_edited-1

Her bean pattern that she drew.

Library Trip

Our weekly library trip was a short one. I ran in got my books and ran back out in under 5 minutes, while Gino and Isabel waited for me. We had errands to run and didn’t have time to dwell among the shelves this week.

I got some good ones (least I’m hoping they are) with books from around the time frame that we are in; late 1700’s and early 1800’s.

2015-04-15 013_edited-1

This book’s illustrations are just beautiful!
I began reading it last night and have enjoyed it.

2015-04-15 014_edited-1

I checked out 2 books about the Star-Spangled Banner and I like the other one better (which I didn’t get a picture of).
I completed reading both of these last night.

2015-04-15 015_edited-1

I am hoping to read this with Isabel but I will begin reading it myself first.

2015-04-15 016_edited-1

I haven’t begun to read this one but it looks very interesting and the activities seem easy enough to do with items we already have.


Third Grade: Day 138

It’s a good day to get some work done.

In the classroom:

In Language arts, Isabel’s assignment was to write a “limerick”. A limerick is a 5-lined rhyming poem with a pattern. Such as a-a-b-b-a. The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme and the third and four lines rhyme.

2015-04-15 001_edited-1

Isabel’s limerick poem.

One of our new books for this week is…

2015-04-15 002_edited-1

We started it on Monday and finished it today. It was very short and I figured we might as well complete it to move on.

Spelling test:

2015-04-15 005_edited-1

Great job!

In science we are getting our supplies assembled for our lessons next week.

Today’s assignment; make a pole planter and a soaking bin.

2015-04-15 006_edited-1

Getting the soaking bin started.

2015-04-15 007_edited-1

Her completed soaking bin.

2015-04-15 010_edited-1

Writing the numbers on her bean pole.

How tall will her corn and beans grow??

2015-04-15 011_edited-1

Her completed bean pole.
(the battery is to keep the cup from falling over)

Third Grade: Day 137

Today is our busy day with piano and Lego® class.

When we arrived at piano, Isabel mentioned that it’s been awhile since we’ve had a piano lesson. It does seem like it and it’s great to get back into the routine of school.

This morning after piano lessons…

2015-04-14 006_edited-1

We stopped to smell the flowers at Ms. G’s house.

2015-04-14 008_edited-1

So bright and pretty.

Back in the classroom:

Since it’s a busy day we didn’t have a whole lot of classwork to do since I schedule more work on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.

Bible lesson:

2015-04-14 009_edited-1

Glorious new bodies.

Spelling test:

2015-04-14 001_edited-1

Great job!
(I wrote the wrong date; a bit ahead of myself)

In Language Arts, Isabel’s assignment was to write a “free verse” poem. A “free verse” is a poem that doesn’t follow any rules, the author is “free” to write about anything in anyway you want to.

2015-04-14 003_edited-1

Free-verse by Isabel.

Our new science lab work for the the next 5-week’s in going to be about corn and beans. Today’s science assignment was to make a simple scale.

2015-04-14 010_edited-1

Getting the bucket made for the scale.
This bucket will hold the items to be weighed.

2015-04-14 014_edited-1

Completed scale.

To test the scale she weighed a paper clip and a mini marshmallow:

  • paper clip: 780 milligrams
  • mini marshmallow: 320 milligrams

Next week she’ll begin to weigh seeds and things for her assignments in science class. She’s super excited to begin.

Lego® class was cancelled today due to a family emergency with the teacher. Today’s class will be made-up later next month.

Homeschool Science Class

Today’s class was all about fungi. Tan, brown, white and green fungi. Shaggy, crisp and soft fungi.

The class spent time outside looking for fungi around the center and on the nature trail.

2015-04-10 001_edited-1

Fungi naming chart.

2015-04-10 004_edited-1

Fungi character chart.

It was also about “Under the Microscope”

The class also spent some time looking and observing items under microscopes. They were then asked to draw pictures of what they saw during their observations.

2015-04-10 007_edited-1

Isabel’s observations from under the microscope.

After class we headed to the playground for just a few moments before heading home.

2015-04-09 001_edited-1

The rock on the playground is a great challenge to climb.

2015-04-09 003_edited-1

She had some fungi in her pocket she told me and showed me after climbing down.
She said the smell reminded her of arts and crafts supplies but she couldn’t remember what.

However, on the way home she told me she was surprised that I didn’t smell it. When I told her I could do it at home, she said no. She had left the fungi there at the center. I was a bit bummed that I wouldn’t have a chance to smell it but at least I got a picture.