Project: Storage Shed – Part 8

Tonight Gino went out after work to continue working on the roof of the shed.

I didn’t take to many pictures since you couldn’t see the actually work he was doing.

2013-07-29 002_edited-1

Outside view.

2013-07-29 006_edited-1

Pretty pink clouds through the skylight opening.

He had to trim the roof piece that was hanging over the eave to meet the middle of the eave. He then cut the smaller front roof piece and nailed it down. He did the same thing on the north side of the roof too. He has the upper most roof pieces to complete and then we can wrap and then shingle!

Project: Storage Shed – Part 7

Getting back outside to get this roof finished up, Gino worked hard on getting as most of it completed today.

It’s a cool day outside today, the marine shore coverage lasted for most of the day. Which made it nice to work in the cooler temperatures.

2013-07-28 001_edited-1

It’s beginning to take on more shape.

2013-07-28 006_edited-1

Got the outer corner beams on north-side eaves installed.

2013-07-28 009_edited-1

Got the outer corner beams on south-side eaves installed as well.

2013-07-28 023_edited-1

Getting the eave measured on the west end wall.
I helped with the install of this board.

Jump ahead a few hours; after lunch and the sun coming out…

2013-07-28 039_edited-1

We got our first piece of plywood on the roof!
It’s not nailed down so we need to be careful.

2013-07-28 041_edited-1

Different angle of front view.
I can begin to see what it looks like now that some of the roof is on. Think of all that storage room…

2013-07-28 045_edited-1

West wall.

2013-07-28 047_edited-1

Looking up at the southwest corner eave.
Looks great!

2013-07-28 050_edited-1

Back inside; with the roof pieces getting installed the skylight view will get smaller and smaller.

Gino worked on the north side late into the afternoon until he called it quit for the day. However this is the last picture I took for the day.

Project: Storage Shed – Part 6

We made it outside just before lunch to begin work again on the shed again today.

Gino had spent all week, after work, working on getting the rest of the trusses cut out and a few assembled.

This morning he finished getting all the parts assembled on the remaining 2 trusses.

2013-07-27 001_edited-1

5 of the trusses finished and up.
The 2 ends are secured and in place.

We just placed the top board to finish adding the remaining trusses to the building.

2013-07-27 003_edited-1

Looking inside, 2 of the trusses are ready to be installed.

2013-07-27 006_edited-1

The east end wall is secured with support beams and the top beam and bolts on the inside.

2013-07-27 019_edited-1

Gino working on getting the trusses in the right spot.

2013-07-27 034_edited-1

Looking east toward the west side.

2013-07-27 035_edited-1

Street view of what the new shed looks like from out here.
Can’t see it because of the trees along the street, have to be right out front.

2013-07-27 037_edited-1

Street view from the north looking south.

2013-07-27 056_edited-1

We had to stop for the day because Gino had to get the rest of the roof trim pieces.

2013-07-27 061_edited-1

Back inside all the trusses are up and secure!
Nothing going to fall on your head in here!

Vacation Bible School – Kingdom Rock 2013

Today is Day 4 of VBS and it’s the last day. She had so much fun this week!

I am so thankful for the church willing to step up and do such a huge outreach for the kids. I know what a blessing it is to the kids that attend. I pray that they all take something away from their experience this week at VBS.  When I was a kid, I went to VBS and it was the highlight of my summers! So a huge THANK YOU to SLC and all those that volunteered and helped.

Today they did…

  • totaled up all the monies collected for the week from the girls team and the boys team. The GIRLS WON! Bringing in over $100.00 for missions!
  • Bible verse for today:
    Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105
  • heard the story of King Josiah following God’s way (2 Kings 22:1-23:23) –
    The Bible helps us stand strong.
  • Isabel won a t-shirt in the gift toss!

2013-07-26 003_edited-1

The free t-shirt she won today!
Just like the blue one she got last year! Cool!

Vacation Bible School – Kingdom Rock 2013

Today is Day 3 of VBS!

She was super excited about today, since she got to go along for the afternoon field trip to the bouncy-house safari place!
Also Ms. M was back today feeling better then yesterday.

I dropped her off for VBS at 8:30 then at noon they loaded up the buses for the bouncy-house safari place until 6 p.m.

She had so much fun!!!!

She couldn’t remember all the fun things she did during VBS or at the bouncy-house safari place, but she did have lots of fun.

  • Bible verse for today, “Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.” Isaiah 26:4
  • watched 1 episode of “Chadder the Chipmunk“.
  • heard a Bible story about Jesus dying and coming back to life (Luke 22: 39 – 24:12) – Trusting God helps us stand strong.

2013-07-26 007_edited-1

(left to right): a purple anti-gravity tube; “even when your life is turned upside-down, you can trust God that he won’t let you go (Isaiah 26:4)!” AWESOME!!
her name tag (that fell apart in the water games), and
yellow change barrel (for missions).

We’ll fill the barrel up with change tonight and tomorrow she’ll take it back for missions around the world.

Vacation Bible School – Kingdom Rock 2013

Today is Day 2 of VBS!

She was a bit sad that her friend, Ms. M, wasn’t there today but she still had a lot of fun!

Today they…

  • made a shield
  • played the “human pretzel” game. Everyone stands in a close circle with hands reaching toward the center. You grab hands with someone not standing next to you. As a group you try to untangle the pretzel without letting go.
  • played a “water ball” toss/fight game outside and got wet!
  • “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.” Philippians 4:6 – Bible verse for today. She had to say all three verses to get a prize.
  • watched 1 episode of “Chadder the Chipmunk
  • heard a Bible story about Nehemiah persevering to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1-6) – Prayer helps us stand strong.

She’s looking forward to tomorrow.

2013-07-24 001_edited-1

With her awesome shield she made today in VBS!

Vacation Bible School – Kingdom Rock 2013

Today is Day 1 of VBS!

She was super excited to tell me that her best friend from school was there! She also saw 4 other kids from school too but it’s better when your best friend is there!

Today they…

  • made name tag necklaces
  • played a hula hoop game. Everyone stands in a circle, holding hands, while 1 person has a hula hoop. That person has to get through the hula hoop without using their hands.
  • “I love you, Lord; you are my strength.” Psalm 18:1  Bible verse 1 for today.
  • “So encourage each other and build each other up.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 – Bible verse 2 for today.
  • watched 2 episodes of “Chadder the Chipmunk
  • heard a Bible story about David writing about God’s love (Ps. 23) – God’s love helps us stand strong.
  • heard another Bible story about Mordecai encouraging Ester to do the right thing (Ester 1-9) – Family and friends help us stand strong.

She’s looking forward to tomorrow.

2013-07-23 002_edited-1

Her “Stand Strong for God” VBS shirt!