Early writing

This afternoon while Isabel and I were drawing on the easel, I decided to see if she could write her name. I said and wrote each letter and then asked her to do it. How do you think she did?

2009-09-30 001 001_edited-1

Beginning the “s”.

2009-09-30 001 003_edited-1

Beginning the “b”.

2009-09-30 001 005_edited-1

Beginning the “l”.

2009-09-30 001 015_edited-1


She wanted to color over it and I had to stop her,
so the extra line by the “i” was her doodle.

Color Craze

For the last week Isabel has been caught up with coloring. It’s so great to see her focus on coloring a page and then seeing what the end result is!


This picture is just like the other day but this time she had to draw in the face, which is in blue.


Her color of choice has been: Scarlet! I don’t know why but she’s been using it a lot in her coloring.
This elephant is just an example…she did so well on it! So proud!

The whole picture

Last night, Isabel headed to the craft cabinet and got out her coloring book and crayons. She colored, while I got dinner ready. I got so caught up with making dinner that I realized Isabel was being very quite!  I stepped over to the dining room and found her deep in concentration coloring this page! She was doing an amazing job! She has never really gotten into coloring before this and I often wondered why bother with it. Finally,  it was amazing to “peek” and see her focus on her work and try so hard to get color onto the tiny feet, eyes, and wings.


She did an awesome job!