First Grade: Day 16

I forgot to mention yesterday; that the class had their first science experiment (again; reminder to take the camera to class)! Isabel was very excited to tell me all about it! Sounds like fun.

The focus of the experiment was states of matter; solid, liquid and gas. They used antacid tabs in water to observe different states of matter.

Her worksheets from the science experiment.
Below is the Bible verse connection for this experiment…

“If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right had of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is our life appear, then you also will appear with Him in glory. Colossians 3:1-4

Today however is Wonderful Wednesday! Today is music class with Mr. G.

For music class today, they listened to an Elmo CD. Elmo played a game with the kids, were they had to listen to sounds and then tell Mr. G what that sound was. Isabel said at one point they even got to be the conductor! That was really fun! Afterward they used rhythm sticks, she said she used her sticks like a violin and other instruments.

Teacher Mrs. B finished their lunch time book series today by author Stephen Cosgrove from the “Land of Barely There“.

The school had their first earthquake drill. Isabel said she was able to get quickly under her desk for the practice.

For math they worked with Geoboards making different shapes; equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles, rectangles, squares, and numbers. Great early introduction to Geometry!

Great spelling/writing exercise.

Sentence writing.

Decide which word works best and sentence building.
This is great! I have begun to notice her using punctuation more and more.

First Grade: Day 15

Today is Terrific Tuesday which means it’s Chapel and library day!

When we arrived at class this morning Isabel had me wait around (which wasn’t long), so that I could “see” the new girl, Fiona. I guess it was important for me to “see” her!

Her adorable Chapel dress for today.
Who would have thunk orange and purple would go together! So cute!

Today was the first day of “Family Chapel”. Family Chapel is a mixed age group of kids, lead by a sixth grader. The sixth grader usually gives a lesson and then afterward they have a open discussion about the lesson that was given. Family Chapel is held in a classroom (not the church sanctuary like normal Chapel) and is held once a month or so. Isabel said she is the only first grader in her “family” Chapel group. When I asked her what they did together she said they colored a picture and talked about the theme verse for school this year.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Mark 12:30

After lunch recess they headed to the library to exchange their books.
This week she got another Berenstain Bears’ book.
(I’ll have her read it to me tomorrow)

Following rules, problem solving.
This is the first time I’ve noticed writing backward letters.

Finished up the story of Noah today and then did a dot-to-dot.

Noah listened and obeyed God, even when everyone around him thought he was silly.


After she finished her math homework, at the bottom of the page was a activity. I had her go around the house and gather 2 or 3 different items that were the same and bring them to the table. I then had her sort the items into groups depending how similarities of the items she brought.

1. 3 cans of green beans
2. 3 spoons
3. 2 wrapped candies
4. 2 plastic wheel pieces
5. 3 green beans
6. 2 soft lovable Lula’s

Above the items are sorted into shiny and non shiny items.

Above items are sorted by shape, round and not round, and Lula shaped!

Above items are sorted by weight, heavy items and lighter items.

She also sorted the items by what you eat or eat with and items that you don’t eat or eat with. She also sorted the items by what they were made of, metal and non metal, also soft and hard items, and lengthwise, short/tall, as well. She did a great job. Hopefully she learned that even though these items are very different, they actually are very similar. Great lesson.

First Grade: Day 14

Monday in class is called “Marvelous Monday”!

Marvelous Mondays are also All-School Open, the school assembly that is held first thing each Monday of the week.

This morning, I was able to get Isabel’s school work from last week. I’m not going to post it because they did a lot of work last week! She did a fantastic job on everything, there was one group of papers that she missed several on. After I reviewed it, I didn’t see how she got them wrong but after talking with Gino he helped me figure it out. After he looked at it, he mentioned how the question would be confusing for a little kid. So I’ll review it with her and hopefully help her to understand why she got them wrong. I later learned that the person that got Isabel’s homework over the weekend, actually corrected the work for her!

On her desk this morning, Isabel had 4 R’s! (I need to remember the camera!) I also took some time to look around the room. Teacher Mrs. B, had art work hanging up on the cabinets that the class had done at some point. Isabel was excited to point out her picture of a clown juggling.

There is a new girl in class, today was her first day of class! Her name is Fiona!

This afternoon we also got a call from the principle… Principle B was calling to tell us that Isabel had done a fantastic job on her testing last Friday in writing, reading, and math. WAY TO GO Isabel!!!


[vimeo clip_id=”50155237″ width=”400″ height=”300″]

“Every Move I Make” is a song they sang in All-School Open today.
Isabel was singing while she was doing her homework and we decided to share… enjoy!

Phonics work “er” sounds as is her, first and on back nurse, works, early.

Words that rhythm with tap or sat.

What comes next… first he’s at bat, second he hits the ball, third he runs to the base, and fourth he’s at the base!

Phonics work with the letter “a”.
The two things that rhyme with cat (below) are a chefs hat and a baseball bat!

First Grade: Day 13

Friday in class is called “Fantastic Fridays“.

On Fantastic Fridays, they attend music class with Mr. G, just like on Wednesdays.

Fridays are also “Friday Folder” days. However, this Friday Teacher Mrs B gave Isabel all the wrong school work for the week. So on Monday, I’ll have to get that exchanged.
I later learned that a parent helper was the one who got the homework mixed up, which can happen when there is an Anabella, Isabella, and an Isabel in class.


First Grade: Day 12

Thursday in class is called “Thankful Thursdays“.

Thankful Thursday is also P.E. with Mrs. S and computer lab with Mrs. T. For P.E., they used the scooters in the gym, having relay races. Isabel was put on a team with all boys and she said the boys were in a hurry and wanted her to hurry up when it was her turn.

Isabel didn’t mention anything else about her day, she did mention that someone had a bloody nose. She said that was weird because since school began, about every other day someone gets a bloody nose. I thought that was a little weird too.

Front: “I” has 2 sounds.

Back: “O” has 3 sounds.
I love the visual that is given for each sound of the letter!

Front: complete the sentences.

Back: phonics work.

Her math homework for today she did in class before she got home. So we skipped doing homework today after school and just had some fun!

First Grade: Day 11

Today is Wonderful Wednesday and it’s also the first field trip of the year!

Isabel’s class got to go on the “Howdy Tour” at the fair. It sounds like she had a lot of fun!

The highlight of her day was the Rain-forest Exhibit, which is new to the fair this year. The kids entered the building by sliding down a slide (the adults had to go through the door)! When she slide down the slide she thought she was going to end up in a pool of water with the alligator, so she went down slow. Inside the Rain-forest she saw an alligator, frogs, turtles, parrots and a snake. There were trees too and she got to walk over a bridge, sit on giant mushrooms and explore the whole place on her own! “Momma, we didn’t have to stay in a line, we could walk around on our own, in our own groups.” She said.

The excitement of the Rain-forest made up for not being able to pet any of the animals this year. She did get to see piglets (and hear it squeal), chicks, goats, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, a turkey, rabbits (albino), horses, a camel, a zebra, and a zebra-donkey. However they didn’t get to see any cows, again this year, the cows don’t arrive until the end of the fair, due to the smell.

With the fair tour taking up so much of their time today, they didn’t get very much work done. She didn’t take about her day in class. Which was totally fine, I enjoyed hearing her talk about the fair tour.

Front: sentence building.

Back: more sentence building.

First Grade: Day 10

Today is Terrific Tuesday which means it’s Chapel and library day!

Isabel has been looking forward to returning back to the library after last week. She picked out another B.B. book.

This one is about cubs forgetting their manners when parents aren’t around.
She did a great job reading it and only needed help with 2 words.

When I asked her about Chapel today she didn’t really mention anything (I’ll get the info later in the week). She said the 5th grade teacher Mrs. D spoke. Mrs. D spoke about, “just saying NO” to things that distract us from our relationship with God (to much t.v. or video games, etc.) and instead choose to live in godly self-controlled, giving, kind and joyful attitude. Sounds like it was a great message.

Her Chapel dress today is from her cousin Abni.
She is finally able to wear it and it looks very nice. Thank you Abni!

She also mentioned that one of the girls in class got sick and threw up. She was sent home for the rest of the day. The class prayed for her to get better and Isabel hopes she feels better for the field trip tomorrow.

Still talking about sin separating us us from God.
Great lesson to go along with her new library book!

Front: phonics work.

Back: more phonics work.

Front: “A” has 3 sounds.

Back: “E” has 2 sounds.