First Grade: Day 145

Today is Terrific Tuesday and it’s Chapel and library.

Isabel didn’t have much to say about school today. She had to go into extended school after school because I had a meeting. So that tends to erase all thoughts of her school day.

Today was “Family Chapel”. Together with her group they made bookmarks, but she lost hers.

During library today she got a Berenstain Bears book.

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It’s about not getting along with a sibling.
Can’t wait to hear her hear it to me.

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Front: sort the spelling words.

2013-05-01 003_edited-1

Back: fill in the missing letters to complete the words.

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Counting money.

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I give praise to God.
I give my love to the Lord.
He is in my heart.

First Grade: Day 144

It’s Marvelous Monday!

Marvelous Monday means All-School Open. The Monday morning assembly for announcements and other fun stuff for the week. Isabel was picked last week to be the 3 R’s helper for today’s ASO! She had the honor of drawing the names of those who got a “Shining R“. For being the helper this week, she was able to get a prize from the box in the office.

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She choose this cute mini paddle ball with paw prints on it.

The Bible verse for this week is…

“Be strong and very courageous. – Joshua 1:7a”


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Front: working with the /ō/ sound.

2013-04-29 009_edited-1

Back: choose the word that best completes the sentences.

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Front: spelling word sort.

The spelling words for this week are…

old – fold – told – cold – roll – most – find – child – both
– during – ready – night – half – morning – afternoon – next

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Back: crossword.

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Counting the price.
Cut and paste the items to the correct price.

My Project 1-001 (3)_edited-1

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A little snack and some homework after school today.

Product Review: Multigrain Blend

Over the weekend we stopped off at Trader Joe’s®. We like going to Trader Joe’s® and seeing what’s new and different that we haven’t tried.

This trip we tried “Multigrain blend with vegetables” and we recommend it.

This whole grain side can be served warm or cold, served as a side dish. It’s fully cooked, so just thaw and enjoy. With barley, corn, spelt, ermes (red), rice, peas, carrots, zucchini, and onion this multigrain blend is delicious!

2013-04-29 005_edited-1

This was a great side dish with our Chinese potstickers. Very tasty and very filling.
I can see it working well with chicken too.

First Grade: Day 143 – Spirit Friday

Today is Fantastic Friday!

Today was Spirit Friday: crazy sock day!


Since Isabel didn’t have any crazy socks. She borrowed 2 pair’s of mine!
She took half and I took the other half!

Today the whole school got a visit from…RONALD MCDONALD!!!
Ronald and friends did an assembly on bullying. Ronald did a few tricks and got lots of laughs from Isabel and her friends. Always remember the golden rule, “Do unto other’s as you would have them do unto you.”


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Got 100% on her Bible verse test for this week.
Way to go!

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Front: follow the directions after reading the paragraph.

2013-04-29 004_edited-1

Back: adding “ed” or “ing“.

First Grade: Day 142

Today is Thankful Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S.

During P.E. today the class used the scooters. Isabel said they had relay races going back and forth the length of the gym. She likes the scooters but doesn’t like going backward.

She also mentioned doing back flips on the bar again at recess. Also one of the other girls, I can’t remember who, showed Isabel a new trick on the bars to do. Isabel said, it was easy and she could do that trick too.


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Front: complete the sentences with the best word provided.

2013-04-25 007_edited-1

Back: complete the sentences with the best word provided.
Very good penmanship!

2013-04-25 008_edited-1

Social studies lesson.
Something went wrong here.

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Front: working with long /i/.

2013-04-25 010_edited-1

Back: working with long /i/.

2013-04-25 011_edited-1

Isabel said this picture was for her journal work, but why isn’t it with her journal at school?
What is the picture for? Does it go with a lesson/story that was given at school?
So I am a bit confused on what this picture is about.

First Grade: Day 141

Today is Wonderful Wednesday!

Nothing much was said about to today’s school day.

She did mention that she has learned to do a back flip off the bars at recess! The first time she did it she landed flat on her face on the ground. Now she says she can do it all the time and she’s not afraid.


2013-04-25 001_edited-1

Front: working with “am“, “is” and “are“.

2013-04-25 002_edited-1

Back: more work with “am“, “is” and “are“.

2013-04-25 003_edited-1

Front: complete the sentences.
Got a couple incorrect.

2013-04-25 004_edited-1

Back: complete the sentences with the words provided.

2013-04-25 005_edited-1

A poem.

Spot The Dog

Can you spot our dog?

She has been doing this for several months now, which is just to funny.

Today, however, she has on one of her sweaters and is sandwiched between the 2 beds like it’s 40 below outside! Is she really that cold?!?! With that sweater on, you’d think she’d be hot between those beds.

2013-04-24 001_edited-1

At night she’ll wake me up because she’s flinging the top bed so high in the air that it’s hitting the wall with a thud! She’ll then get in between the 2 beds and sign really loud, as if to say,
“Nobody get up! I’m good!”

First Grade: Day 140

Today is Terrific Tuesday and it’s Chapel and library.

Today was a special Honor’s Chapel. With the end of the 3rd quarter behind us, today was about honoring those who worked hard and excelled. Also being handed out today was the “Cougar Award“. Isabel got the award back in the first quarter of the school year. Today however we honored 7 other students for the Cougar Award and many others with attendance and academic achievement awards! Great job!

2013-04-23 002_edited-1

Getting her attendance award with other 1st-3rd graders.

2013-04-23 005_edited-1

Academics awards given to 1st-3rd graders.

Isabel got two awards; Good Attendance and Superior Achievement in Academics! She does need to focus on the task at hand, verbal control, and listening. Otherwise she’s doing great.

2013-04-23 007_edited-1

Isabel with her awards.
Fantastic job Squirt! Keep up the great work!

After the awards ceremony, was Parent/Student lunch and I took Isabel out for lunch. She chose “Taco Time”, which is close to school since we ended up only having 30 min. to eat.


2013-04-23 011_edited-1

Front: choose the correct verb.

2013-04-23 010_edited-1

Back: working with “am“, “is” and “are“.

2013-04-23 012_edited-1

Front: spelling word work.

2013-04-23 017_edited-1

Back: unscramble the spelling words.

Today the class also finished their science lesson on “Friction”.

2013-04-23 013_edited-1

Learning about friction and what it does.

2013-04-23 014_edited-1

How does friction work.

2013-04-23 015_edited-1

Class experiment.

2013-04-23 016_edited-1

What makes friction hot or cause it to slip?