Plant Placement

After a few days of moving the plants around, we think, we finally have what we both like.

2014-08-23 022_edited-1

In our “bean” we have…

  • 1 Weeping Serbian Spruce (left middle)
  • 1 Japanese Maple (right middle)
  • 2 Scarletta Leucothoe (middle front)
  • 1 Japanese Pieris (middle)
  • 2 Justin Brouwers Boxwood (the in back)
  • 1 Nandina “Burgundy Wine” (front middle)
  • 4 Iberis “Purity” (along front)
  • All plants are evergreen except for the maple

Now it’s time to plant! We are almost finished, just a few more things and then the front yard is complete!

At The Nursery

Today we headed back to the plant nursery to get some plants to fill up our “bean”.

To keep Isabel occupied while we made our selections (2 hours), she took her game system. She didn’t play the whole time but it did help when she got bored. She chased butterflies, looked for frogs in the ponds, and we watched bees.


Trying to find shade anywhere she can.

Project: Front Lawn South Side Part 3

It’s finished (well, sort of)!

Our  little  retaining wall is complete. Gino did an awesome  job and I’m really proud of him. I know it was a struggle and frustrating at times but it looks great! Thank you.

2014-08-16 007_edited-1

This area along the garage was updated with “rainbow” rock and crushed stone.
We just need a bit more “rainbow” rock to fill in along the fence (far right).

The original 3/4 rock that was here (above photo) we replaced along our neighbors property line (see below)

2014-08-16 008_edited-1

Completed retaining wall and raised bed area along south side.

2014-08-16 010_edited-1

Looking west toward the street.

We’ll plant some low shrubs in the bed area later. The H.O.A. requires something no more than 3 feet high. So we’ll see; something evergreen for sure.

2014-08-16 013_edited-1

On the sidewalk looking northeast.

The 3/4 rock was just enough to replace all the neighbors rock!

2014-08-16 014_edited-1

As you can see it’s not complete yet, Gino needs to rent a saw to make about 10 cuts for brick along the curve and the ends for each level as it steps up.

Project: Front Lawn South Side Part 2

This afternoon we were back outside working on getting this side finished. It seems to be taking longer than it should!

2014-08-15 003_edited-1

Looking north ward toward the house from the sidewalk.

I (with help from Gino and Isabel) worked on getting the “rainbow” rock down along the front. It looks very nice. The neighbors boarder area will have the same 3/4 stone/rock that has been there since the homes were built.

The gentleman that took out our lawn took out a lot of the stone/rock because our grass and grown so far into it. So we’ll replace it for our neighbor and make it look all pretty.

2014-08-15 007_edited-1

Looking at the back of retaining wall, I sifted through the dirt to get most of the larger rocks out and placed them at the bottom the wall. I’ll continue working my way up the area as Gino finishes working toward the back yard fence.

2014-08-15 008_edited-1

Looking from our neighbors driveway back toward our new wall. It looks awesome!

Now the “school house” brick on our house needs to go!

2014-08-15 009_edited-1

It’s getting late and it’s time to clean up and head inside. Just a quick photo of the whole area before going in. Gino will rent a saw to do a few cuts along the curve in front otherwise we could add the dirt, get some plants and call it done!

Project: Front Lawn South Side

Gino started work on our little retaining wall on Sunday along the south front side of the house.

2014-08-09 014_edited-1

Looking west toward the street.

Look at that grass!! We get to mow it for the very first time this coming weekend (August 16th). It’s a great grass, feels better than carpet!

2014-08-09 016_edited-1

Getting that first few blocks level, square and straight takes a bit of tamping, pounding and frustration.

He ended up redoing the first few blocks after he had it going. Fewer cuts with the saw (we’ll rent) and more level. Looks great! Love it!

2014-08-13 001_edited-1

Last night I stepped outside to see how the wall was coming along and he’s moving fast now!

2014-08-13 002_edited-1

What the wall looks like from the sidewalk.

When you drive down the street, you almost miss it. It’s subtle now, but when the dirt, rock and plants are in it’ll be a nice area between our yard and the neighbors.

Project: Gate Door

We ended up having to rebuild the gate door on the north side of the house. Due to all the new dirt that was brought in for the grass. Gino used the all the old hardware and hinges. He also changed the direction the door opened.

2014-08-12 011_edited-1

The frame.

The area below the door will be filled with the same rock that surrounds this area.

2014-08-12 012_edited-1

The new swing direction of the door.

2014-08-12 014_edited-1

Getting the new panels up but he needs to hurry up, it’s raining!