Second Grade: Day 110

Today is Friday!

The whole school participated in the nation-wide “Read the most from coast to coast”. Isabel said the class spent a good portion of the day in the computer lab taking AR (accelerated reading) tests. Isabel said she read as many easy books as she could to take as many tests as she could.

The program sponsor had a goal of 5 million AR tests competed today. The 30,000 participants took over 4,987,949 AR tests! Wow! Way to go! Last years total tests was 4,409,662.

Teacher Mrs. A and Isabel told me that they were losing another classmate. Mr. Colby and his family have moved and for the past month they have had to travel over an hour to get to school. So with great sadness the family, has decided to move to a school closer to their new home. Today was the last day for Mr. Colby and his younger brother.

Second Grade: Day 107

Today is Tuesday and it’s music class with Mr. G.

This morning looks to be a drier, sunnier/cloudy day! It turned out to be a lovely day, it actually got up to 50 degrees. Spring is on it’s way! We are looking forward to getting outside. I can’t wait to get the garden going and getting some fruit!

Isabel said she spent all 3 recesses outside! Ms. Mila and Isabel walked around the play yard talking.

Isabel didn’t say anything more about her day. She was super excited about her book from the book order. I got her a C and H book, about a boy and his stuffed tiger. We love C and H!

Second Grade: Day 106

Today is Monday; it’s music class with Mr. G and it’s T.T. (targeted teaching).

What a soggy morning it turned out to be! I think recess is going to be indoors all day… sure enough. The kids spent the day playing games, drawing, and keeping entertained in the gym while the rain kept coming down. Isabel said she had fun with Ms. Mila and Ms. Maddie during recess.

T.T. (targeted teaching) is something new (started doing this the end of last month) that they have added to the school week. Isabel’s class spends 2 days a week with another teacher. That teacher works with specific students at their learning level. Students and teachers focus on informational text for continued success on MAP testing. Isabel said she went to Mrs. B’s second/third grade combo class for instruction. They have usually worked on math but today they worked on spelling. Isabel also said she got to sit by Ms. Mila, her best friend!

The Bible verse for this week is…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119:105

The Bible lesson for the week, God’s inspired Word to us, the Bible.

S.a.T. this week is free choice.

2014-07-30 002_edited-1

Isabel took her GIANT book of search and find.
She bought it with her own money that she saved and earned from jobs at home.

For music class with Mr. G. They have begun to work on their spring concert which is scheduled for May 1st. The title for the program is “King of the Jungle“. She was singing a few lines from one of the songs after school.

New lowercase cursive letters for the week are: “a”, “d” and “g”.

The spelling words for this week are…

admired: noticed something and liked it
fussed: showed unhappiness; complained
haze: misty, smoky, or dusty air
mimicked: copied
notice: be aware of

Language arts for the week is compound words, antonyms and “Cool, Ali“.

Isabel didn’t have a whole lot to say about her day and yet she brought home a lot of paperwork! Some of it was from last Friday but not all of it. It’s just crazy all the work they do in second grade!

Second Grade: Day 104

Today is Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S.

For P.E. they played “pacman”. They also had to do running laps.

She had piano lessons after school and is learning a new song. Her piano teacher, Ms. G, loves teaching her and is impressed and thankful for her hard work. Ms. G is getting a recital together to a retirement home soon.

Nothing else was mentioned about her day, not even recess!

Second Grade: Day 103

Today is Wednesday and it’s Chapel.

Isabel said Pastor Shawn gave the message today. She didn’t mention what the message was about though.

Today they played the math game “Around the World” in the classroom. The game is played with the kids starting at “home”, which is their own desk. Each kid is paired with another classmate, those pairs are given a math problem. whoever answers the question first moves on. Today Isabel moved all the way “Around the World” and made it back to her “home” (desk) without missing a question! She was super happy about it!

I was at school for Chapel today but I was the one giving the message. I gave my first preschool Chapel today and I think I did O.K. The time went faster then I expected and I hopefully got my message across to the kids.

Isabel said they were outside for all three recesses. She was happy about that.

When I asked her about the rest of her day she didn’t mention anything else about her day.