My 1000 Post

My 1,000th posting has arrived!!

I am shocked that it’s here.

When we began this blog 6 years ago, I had no idea what to talk/blog about, let alone who’s going to read what I write!?! What do I have to say that is meaningful to those who read this blog?

Someone has been reading my words, most of those people have been family and a few friends. No one else has ever told me they read what I write, besides my own parents and they enjoy it. My father skims through the postings, mainly looking at the pictures and my Mother reads each one through. So someone does read it!

In those 6 years, I have really begun to enjoy blogging. I feel terrible if, I miss a day. This is my journal, about our lives and what we do. Some day, Isabel will be able to look back and read what she did on this and this day. She may even get a few laughs out of it and say, “Hey, I remember doing that!”

What I hope she gets most out of my words/blog, is that I love her very much. I want her to look back and remember those times that she has forgotten when she’s older. So she can sit at her dining room table (eating dinner) and tell her kids about the time she did this and the time she did that. Just like she enjoys doing with Daddy and I now and hearing about when we were her age.

So what I write is for her… remember to have faith, put your hope in Jesus. He loves you more. Laugh and enjoy this website.

2013-05-09 040_edited-1

It’s for you, Squirt! I love you.

Prims: Recipe

Tonight is Prims and Isabel was asked to bring a favorite family recipe from home.

She chose a recipe my mother gave me, banana bread.

Writing out her recipe for girls club tonight.

Tonight in class Isabel got to help make a recipe!

Teacher Sandy brought peanut butter no-bake balls. They made the balls in class and got to try them too!

They also got to have a pie-in-the-face!
The clubs held a contest and whoever won got to throw pie in the Youth Pastors face!

Youth Pastor Shawn getting a pie in the face!
What fun!

Prims: Apron

On Wednesday nights, Isabel heads to Prims Discovery Girls Club. Which is a club (they have boys clubs too) through the church at school.

During club time the girls discuss the topic for the week, go over the Bible verse, have a snack, play games, and just have fun with other girls their age. Since Isabel was in the club last year, she knows a few of the girls already, however this year  one of the girls from her school class is in the club too!

The Bible verse for girls club is…“I was hungry and you gave me something to drink, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in” Matthew 25:35

These next 5 weeks (for October) the club will be learning about cooking. This week they answered the question, “what are a person’s basic needs?“.

This week they also got apron too…

Isabel got to pick out the purple ribbon on her apron.

A close-up of her apron which ties in the back.
So cute!