Kindergarten: Day 167 – Teddy Bear Picnic 2012

Today was the Teddy-Bear Picnic at school for all preschool and kindergarten classes and we made it back from vacation just in time for Isabel to attend! She was so excited!

Due to the weather, the picnic was held in the gym and the 6-graders had fun games for the kids to play. It was a great turnout, much better then last year, with a lot more parents attending!

Her “new” teddy bear from Grandpa went with her to the picnic.

Mrs. Boettcher let her use the little bumble bee teddy bear during class. Since the class brought their bears to class that day. After our picnic time we headed home while the full day kids went on with the rest of their day. Great fun!


Our backyard grass didn’t make it through the rainy season this year (even with our french drain in place). We have to much clay in the dirt and which doesn’t let all the water drain from the yard. We’ve had a pool of standing water for most of the season. After the rains stop and the ground dries out…

We’ll work on it and hopefully get it back to normal. What a mess!