School News: Homework

Isabel’s 2nd homework assignment was to decorate a turkey feather. She worked on it over the weekend to hand it in on Monday. Enjoy!

Getting started…

No beans and rice this time…

She said she didn’t want a lot on this feather, so only Kix, Cheerios, a few drawings of snakes, a heart or two or three, and stickers…

Her finished turkey feather for class.
The giant turkey on the wall in class is adorable! Mrs. W spent a lot of time getting it together. When all the feathers are up I’ll get a picture.

School News: Stethoscope And Letter F

It’s been a great day… so far. This morning I ran to Target after dropping Isabel off at school, because a pair of pants that I bought her a few weeks ago, the zipper broke! I was worried that they wouldn’t let me exchange them because I didn’t have my receipt. The lady at the counter asked me how I paid, I said with my debt card, she said let me see it. She was able to pull up my receipt from my debt card! I was so happy! I was able to get the pants exchanged and get 2 long sleeves shirts for her as well. It’s the beginning of a great day…BONUS!…the sun is out too!

Today when I picked Isabel up from school. The first thing she said to me was that she got to play with a stethoscope (later I learned that it was a TOY)! She got to put it in her ears and listen to someone’s heart. The stethoscope was the special helpers show and tell. Isabel also got her 2nd homework assignment that needs to be turned in by Monday. She also got the makings of her classroom assignment for the day because her’s disappeared at some point in time during class. So Ms. Calvert gave us all the things to do it at home.

Isabel’s finished letter “F” with feathers.

The special helper today was Addy. She brought fishy crackers, cheese, and juice.

School News: Inside A Pumpkin

What a gorgeous day, the sunny is shining (at least this morning) and you couldn’t ask for anything better then that! I cleaned up the backyard today; put away the remaining tools, sprinklers, and other garden implements that were over looked from summer. Also took out the center tiles for the patio table, and brought them in for winter, which didn’t get much use this season. Hopefully next year…

Today in school, the kids got to feel the inside a pumpkin. Isabel said that it was slimy inside and the seeds were hard. Mrs. “W” and Ms. Calvert put an electric light inside their pumpkin, turned off the classroom lights and the kids got to see the glow from the pumpkin. They sang, “This Little Light of Mine” and read “The Pumpkin Patch Parable” by Liz Curtis Higgs. Isabel was thrilled that it was the same book that she has at home!

They went to Chapel again today. Isabel couldn’t remember what they talked about but did remember Mrs. Scott was there and they sang songs. She learned a new song that she’s been singing all afternoon…

Goodbye! Goodbye!
To you… and you… and you.
Goodbye! Goodbye!
May God watch over you!

They played outside on a different playground again today. But all they did was run on the sidewalk because they weren’t allowed to go on the grass because it was wet. During free play Isabel played at the sensory table, that is now filled with sand. She said she built a sandcastle and cupcakes. She was even blowing sand on people and making a big mess (we had a talk about this, because come to find out, she was blowing it in the other kids faces…not good!). It’s alright to play with the sand but keep it in the bin and NO blowing!

Isabel talked with Zachary and Makayla today and told Makayla, that she made banana bread yesterday. They sang the “Beaver” and “Sally the Camel” songs. Some of the kids brought leaves in to show the class, Makayla brought in leaves and an ACORN!

The special helper today was Eden and she’s a girl with blonde hair. Eden brought Minnie Mouse in a white flowered dress AND a lion whose name was “Noah” for show and tell. For snack they had fruit snacks, fishy crackers, and juice to drink. Ms. Calvert helped Isabel open her snacks and juice because she said, please.

School News: Pumpkin Patch

Today, Isabel and her class were supposed to head to a pumpkin patch but we cancelled that due to the weather we’ve been having. This morning, especially, the wind was blowing hard and the rain was just coming down steady and hard. To bad it wasn’t scheduled for later in the day, around 3 p.m. the sun made an appearance for a few hours anyway. The forecast for the rest of the week is rain and so far it seems to be headed that way…

So Isabel spent the morning working on writing the letters that she’s learned so far in class.

Working hard on letters: A, a, B, and b. She did a great job!

Working on letters: C, c, D, and d. We also worked on the letter E and e and writing her name just like she does for class every morning in school.

Happy Birthday Daddy





Without you, we would not be complete. When you were born, God knew we needed you and you needed us. You do so much for us, in your own way, and we love you so much for all the ways you show your love. We hope you have a great day and we hope to make it wonderful and memorable. God bless you in the new year ahead with health, happiness, a lot more love, and a deeper, richer understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love you, Daddy. – XOXO, Isabel and Mommy

Happy Birthday – Daddy!

Daddy and Isabel waiting for dessert; brownies. Yum!

School News: Leaves And Lockdown

Today in school they had a lock down drill. Isabel said that they took all their coats and placed them on the table, pushed in their chairs, closed the curtains, locked the doors, and hid. They had to keep really quite, in case there was a stranger that entered the school. “We were being safe” she said, “And I was really really quite, Momma.”

It’s just horrible that kids have to take extra precautions at school, which takes time away from them learning  what’s important and playing like I did when I went to school! Just being kids, not having to worry about scary things like that. I am very glad that the school has plans in place for all the kids to stay safe in case some wacko decides to enter their school…

Finger-tip painting fall leaves falling from a tree.

Leaf rubbing. Can you see her leaves?

The special helper today was Ezzra and she’s a girl. She brought a big brown monkey for show and tell. For snack they had carrots and cheese sticks.

School News: Letter E

It’s official… Isabel has moved across the aisle, so to speak. She is now wearing little girls outfits (except pants – which she’s always later growing into), no more toddlers and babies. She’s growing up! I’ve been on the hunt for long sleeve shirts and have had to move away from toddlers because the sleeves are to short. I’m not liking this “move” because the little girls clothes, to me, look more like young women or teen outfits, then little girls. Since moving over, I’ve noticed the hem line on dresses and skirts, is way shorter, the printed shirts are more for older kids (who puts purple skulls and flames on their 4 year old!?!), and it’s harder to find the items I think are appropriate for my daughter. So we’ll see how this new “move” goes, I know one thing. I miss the super cute toddler outfits…

“E” is for envelope. Isabel went back to school this morning after being out sick for 2 days. She was a bit nervous going in but quickly came around after seeing Makayla there. They sang “Jesus Love Me” and read the Bible, about a man who was nice and kind, who helped someone walk (and it wasn’t Jesus, she said).

Mrs. “W” painted her arm and put her painted arm on a piece of paper, then Isabel dipped her fingers in the paint too. There was paint all over the paper. (I have no idea what this is about…guess we’ll find out later)

This is Isabel’s “leaf man”.
They read a story about a “leaf man” and then made a picture about him.

At recess, she played on the tire swing and got to ride a bike again. Her teacher blew the whistle and it wasn’t that loud. “If you come to the playground and hear the whistle it’s not that loud,” she says. Makayla’s mom was the Mommy helper today. “She helped push me in at the table,” Isabel said.

The special helper today was Emily, she has blonde hair. Emily brought a toy red turtle with pink hearts for show and tell. She can’t remember if the turtle had a name. For snack, Emily brought bear crackers, grapes, and juice.

For free play, she played dress up. Isabel and a boy from class played Narnia together. “He let me have the bottom because I had the top.” she said about the outfits that they played with.

Our wall of letters.

Putting things in the envelope because… “That’s what it’s for, Momma.”

Photo Tricks

Gino took this cute photo of Isabel and Daisy and I thought I would have some fun with it… enjoy!

I like this one because it shows all of Daisy’s hairs sticking out and maybe the color just works better with her…

I like this one because it looks like chalk or newspaper.
Both are different…which one do you prefer?