Garden Update

Went outside this afternoon to do my daily inspection of the flower/vegetable gardens.

So happy that most of my flowers from last year came back, I only lost 4 plants to the nasty slugs! This year I’ve been keeping my eyes on all the plants for any signs of slug infestation! We have found a awesome safe/biodegradable product, called  Sluggo, to help keep the slimy things off the my flowers!

Our tiny jalapeno! Both of the plants are doing really well in the pots.

Our garden patch is doing great, just need to keep an eye out for slugs!

We did lose the lettuce last week to slimy pests. They slithered into the garden and had the lettuce wilted and gross in just a few days. Made me so mad!! The radishes have all been picked, they did so well. Next year we will have to thin them out better and maybe get a bit bigger ones. The carrot’s are getting bigger and longer in the dirt, I do need to thin them out more. They smell heavenly!! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into one!

The green bell pepper is coming along nicely and there is another one growing on the other side of the plant as well.

This is (from left to right) peas, tomatoes, and cilantro.

The tomatoes have really taken off since I put the wire guard’s in. The pea plant looks sickly because I just got it into the dirt a few weeks ago! I am hoping that it doesn’t die and gives us more peas. Believe it or not, we have had 3 pods off it and they were so yummy tasting the peas tasted like candy!

Her Toe

Like I mentioned last week, we took Daisy to the vet. The vet remembered us from 2 years ago when we took Daisy in for her front toe sore then. I asked lots of questions and got lots of answer’s.

First, all the little bumps that we feel on her body are fat pockets. She has one on the side of her neck, her right chest side, the top of her prosternum (sternum) area and one on the back of her neck. The one on the back of her neck is of concern to the vet. She said to me, if Daisy was her dog, she would have this one removed because it is not fat. However, since she’s had it for a long time and it hasn’t changed size or shape it’s not of to big concern but still get it removed.

Daisy also has a very active “skin tag” on the top of her head. It bleeds and scabs over and then the scab falls off and then it bleeds, scabs over, again and again. She mentioned getting that removed as well as not to cause infection with it being so “active”.

Now the toe that is irritated now, is not the same toe that was irritated 2 years ago. Daisy’s left foot was infected last time, this time it’s her right foot but it’s the same toe on both front feet that get irritated. The vet said that Daisy might have a toe nail allergy to her own nails!! The problem will never really heal and we should look into getting the nail removed completely (on just the toe that has the problem, not all her nails would be removed!). Poor baby!

So Daisy is now up to date on her shots and is on antibiotics, again, for her toe. She is healthy otherwise and has a great sounding heart (Isabel even got to hear it!), no parasites in her body, and has a great appetite!

Last night the wound was filled with puss and blood causing it to appear black! Yuck! This morning we realized that she had taken her shoe off during the night and had “cleaned” the wound herself!

This afternoon the wound is very red and still swollen but it’s not bleeding or oozing puss. That’s a good thing…right?!?

Working Together

This afternoon after brunch we worked together to make two loaves of banana bread.

Daddy gathered and measured all the ingredients.

Peeling the banana’s.

Then she mashed them in the bowl. While I greased the pans and chopped the nuts.

Moments from the oven…can you smell the banana goodness?

After some cooling time we all had a warm slice or two with milk. Yummy!

Old Girl

Thought I would add a picture of our ole girl.

We are taking her to the vet tomorrow for a check-up, shots and hopefully some calming medicine for the fireworks in 2 weeks! She had such a rough time last year, it was days before she was her normal self.

Daisy at 9 years.

Kindergarten: Day 173 – Promotion Program

The promotion program was great!

Mrs. Boettcher’s class is the top/back row.
Isabel is located in the back row third from the right.
Mrs. McCarty’s class is the bottom/front row.

Receiving her “Character” award and diploma! Woohoo!!

Flowers for the graduate from Mommy and Daddy.

With Mrs. Boettcher!

Mommy and her first-grader!

Daddy with his first-grader!

Her Character award in “Compassion”.

Her diploma!

We are so proud of you Isabel!

Kindergarten: Day 173 – Last Day of Kindergarten

Today is the last day of school and the last day of kindergarten!

Isabel has had mixed emotions about this day. Hopefully it will go better for her and she won’t be to sad. There is a “promotion” program later today after school.

Just like for the first day of school, I have to get a photo for the last day of school too!
She looks so much older without bangs!

Before class started we got a group hug with her 2 teachers,
Mrs. Boettcher (l) and Mrs. Kelso.

Both of whom are FANTASTIC teachers!
Isabel is going to miss them, especially Mrs. Boettcher who will not be returning to our school next year. She will be teaching Preschool at another school. However she did say she would stop by the school and visit.