Project: Cherry Maple Cutting Board

When Gino started working on Isabel’s table, we decided in secret that he would also make a cutting board for Gabbi for Christmas. Enjoy!

Cherry and maple blocks being glued together.

After the first drying, Gino cut them, flipped them with the end grain facing up,
and then…

…glued them together again.

Then he rounded the corners, planed, sanded, and then sealed it with a salad bowl finish (which means it’s safe and non toxic!).

The finished cutting board top.

The finished cutting board bottom; it has rubber feet to keep it from slipping.

Christmas Day
Gabbi with her new cutting board.


Isabel is getting excited for Christmas this year; tonight she was enjoying playing with her k’nex while I was making dinner.

I’m surprised the “non slip gripper” stars on her socks are facing the right direction (down) usually she likes them facing up!
“Stars on top, Momma.” she says.

Maid Of Honor

Well, it’s been 14 years since I last seen her. She’s gotten married, has moved around the county (not as much as I have though!) and she’s even traveled the world a few times! She was my maid of honor when Gino and I got married and today I got to see her and introduce her to Isabel. We had an awesome time together and hope to get together again soon…maybe even a cruise! Enjoy!

Carla, Isabel, and I along the beach in Edmonds.

End of the 3rd week

Well, it’s the end of the 3rd week of potty training and it’s going better then I expected! I awoke on the 30th of November and said to myself, “Today, is the day! I am through changing diapers! No more! I’m done!!” and that was the beginning of the first week. I ditched the diaper, put Isabel in panties, and let her run around the house like that. When we go out, like to the store, she gets a pull-up, otherwise it’s panties. No more diapers (just at night).


Isabel has only had 3 accidents and that was back in the first week of training! She’s gotten to the point now, where she runs into the bathroom herself and does her business without almost all my help. So I’m excited. Gino’s excited. Isabel is excited because she gets to have a party! Gino had told her in the beginning if she did all her bowel movements in the potty, he would throw her a party! So tomorrow is the BIG DAY! It’s a Poo-Poo party! Hurray for Isabel, we are so proud of you!

Project: table part IV

Well, this weekend Gino only got to work on the table Saturday evening because we had friends over on Sunday. He’s going to try and take some time off later this week to get it closer to being finished. I hope so since there are only 10 days left until Christmas! Enjoy!

2009-12-12 001 013_edited-1

Corner close up with pre-drilled holes.

2009-12-12 001 017_edited-1

Hinges for the storage compartment.

2009-12-12 001 019_edited-1

He also got all the legs tapered and ready to sand, router, and stain.

Happy Anniversary

Today is my parents 37th Anniversary.


This was actually a year before they got married; December 1971.
My Dad was 23 and my Mother was 20.

“When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize.” Proverbs 31:10-11


This was from this summer when they came for a 2-week visit for my birthday.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
We Love You!

Project: table part III

Gino’s been working on the table these past few days. Here is an update for the work he’s done so far. Enjoy!

2009-12-07 001 003_edited-1

This is the table support and drawer without the tabletop.
It’s all tacked together for now but Gino will take it apart to sand it.

2009-12-07 001 004_edited-1

Close up of corner assembly for leg bolts.

2009-12-08 001 002_edited-1

The new leg taper shape.

2009-12-08 001 004_edited-1

Close up of left leg taper.

2009-12-08 001 005_edited-1

Close up of right leg taper.

Fantasy Lights

Last night we loaded up the car and headed out to the Pierce County 15th Annual Fantasy Lights, a 2 mile drive along Spanaway lake. Enjoy!

2009-12-06 001 011_edited-1

The entrance area.

2009-12-06 001 019_edited-1

Old car.

2009-12-06 001 021_edited-1

Happy Holidays.

2009-12-06 001 026_edited-1

Toy train.

2009-12-06 001 031_edited-1

Along the lake was Santa and his ship with reindeer and elves.

2009-12-06 001 049_edited-1

Flying saucer.

2009-12-06 001 054_edited-1

Candy cane lane.

2009-12-06 001 055_edited-1

Snowflake arch and glowing tree.

2009-12-06 001 057_edited-1

This tree was gorgeous!
(Same tree from above photo; just closer.)

2009-12-06 001 056_edited-1

Happy Birthday Jesus!
This was on private property and was the highlight of the “drive” for me!

2009-12-06 001 061_edited-1

Candles and holly.

2009-12-06 001 071_edited-1

Leaving the park.

A lot of the photos didn’t turn out so well, because we had to keep the car moving but we did stop a few times to get a few great shots! Hope you enjoyed it, we all had a fun time driving through the park, listening to carols being sung over the radio, and spending time together. Merry Christmas!