Happy Birthday Jesus

:. Merry Christmas! :: Happy Birthday Jesus! :: Merry Christmas! .:

Hope your Christmas was wonderful with all those you love. I have been sick since Tuesday the 21st, it actually started on Sunday the 19th with a sore throat that lasted 2 days and by Tuesday, I was coughing (very nasty) and had a stuffed up nose. I spent the week in bed sleeping Tuesday through Thursday, only getting up to eat and then back to bed to sleep. Friday, I woke up and decided I would at least stay awake, so spent the day in bed with Isabel by my side watching the Fox and the Hound and Pollyanna. Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal self soon.

We spent our Christmas at home, with being sick it was better that way. Isabel was more excited for Christmas this year then any year in the past. I’m not sure what time exactly she finally went to sleep. But from the moment, the first gift was placed under the tree, she kept telling me, we needed to fill up the back because there was still room back there!

She started with her stocking or as she likes to call it… “a socket!”

This years ornament is the “Play Family School” in honor of her starting school this year.

New hair accessories!

Gino’s ornament this year is “Angling for Fun“.

Daisy opening her gift.

Peanut butter Woofers = 1 happy dog!

My ornament this year is “Two-Gun Mickey“.

It’s time to sing with her new microphone… maybe we’ll get to post some videos!

Mommy got Cricket cartridges for Christmas scrap-booking pages!

Tag books to get Isabel reading on her own.

Doris Day movies!… I see a Doris Day marathon in the near future! Woot! Woo!

One new (matching) outfit for her and Darla.

Last gift of the day was a surprise blanket and matching scarf from the neighbors.

Daddy giving Isabel a big hug for her gift to him, an ornament, she purchased herself from the schools Santa Workshop at school.


With school out and Mommy sick, Isabel has been drawing up a storm while she’s been on Christmas vacation. Enjoy!

This is a drawing with markers that is a picture of Mommy and a snowman. Mommy has on a striped shirt and blue shorts. Mommy also has elbows!
(I love the snowman and the elbows!.. haha!)

This is a pencil drawing of Mommy and Isabel walking together.

This is a drawing done with markers. It’s a flower.

This is a drawing done with markers. It is a picture of Daddy with a blue and red short sleeve shirt on and shorts.

This is a drawing done with markers again. This is a picture of a truck that she drew from a book.