Daniel And Family

After our time at the Santa Workshop, we headed to my brother, Daniel’s house for dinner. We had a great time visiting and being entertained by the dogs and an impromptu piano duet. So fun!

Wish we could have spent more time with them… we missed seeing our niece Kaylie, she was out of town with her boyfriend.

2014-11-29 001_edited-1

Bryson and Isabel playing together.

2014-11-29 004_edited-1

Great times and cousin bonding!

2014-11-29 007_edited-1

Left to right: Daniel (brother), Marci (sister-in-law), Bryson (nephew) and his girlfriend, Crystal.
Good looking family right there. Love them and miss them!

Santa’s Workshop

This morning we spent with Nana and Pompo at the Santa’s Workshop at the Dixie Center.

We walked around for a few hours looking at booths and enjoying our time together. We purchased a Christmas ornament, some coated nuts and an ornament tree. Isabel, Nana and Pompo purchased a few things as well.

2014-12-25 008_edited-1

My new ornament hanging on my new ornament tree.


Isabel got a ticket to ride the train.


Back from her ride on the train that lasted about 8 to 10 minutes.
She had a fun time.

Who Do You See?

This morning was all about the Nebraska (vs. Iowa with a 37 to 34 win) game on T.V. and we spent our time at my parents house with my brother, Jerry, my nephew, Brenden and my niece Bryndee watching the game.

Isabel and Bryndee had great cousin time making jewelry and bracelets together. I wish I would have taken some photos but I was to caught up in the game to think about that!

Later in the evening…

We stopped the by local furniture store to catch up with Nana and Pompo tonight and who did we see?




It’s Sven!

Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven were making an appearance at the store the next day. We just happened to see them before the crowds!