Welcome Gabbi

My cousin Gabbi (and my Aunt Ann and Mirage) arrived on Tuesday of this week to get settled before starting culinary school next month in the area. This has been exciting for us to open our home to both of them while Gabbi tries to find work and an apartment. Unfortunately we were so busy over the past 4 days I didn’t get any pictures of my aunt with Gabbi or visa-versa. I’m so mad with myself since I am always taking pictures of Isabel and yet I can’t even take a picture of my aunt and cousin when they are here! How rude of me!… Anyway, Isabel has just fallen in love with Gabbi and has already invited her to parties! Enjoy!

2009-10-31 001 001 - Copy_edited-1

Gabbi and Isabel celebrating with a picnic.

Welcome Gabbi, we hope you enjoy your stay and best of luck in culinary school!
(Isabel wants to know when you’re going to cook – btw!)

2009-10-31 001 006 - Copy_edited-1

Gabbi’s cat Mirage.
He’s a sweetheart. Isabel just loves “visiting” him.

Fall Fest

Again this year we headed over to Lighthouse Christian Church to the Fall Fest. Unfortunately, we arrived “late” and Isabel only got to play one game and watch a magician. It was rather disappointing for all of us…

2009-10-30 001 006_edited-1

Getting her cheeks painted.

2009-10-30 001 007_edited-1

Ready to go!

2009-10-30 001 012_edited-1

Together we watched the magician.

2009-10-30 001 015_edited-1

Isabel didn’t seem interested in the guy and his “tricks”…

2009-10-30 001 016_edited-1

She spent the time dancing in the aisle!


Today our church did a free-community family carnival at the locale junior high school. Isabel had so much fun and was asking to do more and wondered if we were keeping games from her!

2009-10-24 001 002_edited-1

Isabel decorating her “goodie” bag.
She wrote her name and then added stickers to the outside.

2009-10-24 001 008_edited-1

Getting ready to slide.

2009-10-24 001 011_edited-1

Bean-bag toss…she gets really close!

2009-10-24 001 013_edited-1

Ducky grabbing and she got three!

2009-10-24 001 015_edited-1

Bowling and only got one pin.

2009-10-24 001 017_edited-1

Potty basketball. She liked this game…
hope it doesn’t give her any ideas for the real one!

2009-10-24 001 021_edited-1

Barn toss.

2009-10-24 001 028_edited-1

Face painting…a flower.

2009-10-24 001 030_edited-1

Carnival clown.

2009-10-24 001 031_edited-1

Balloon animal of a hummingbird;
later Gino made a dog and tried to make an elephant too.

Joy to the Heart

This week, in church Isabel learned that God doesn’t look at the appearance or outside of man, but rather the heart. She heard the story about how David was chosen to be King, as told in 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

“The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.” Psalm 19:8 NIV

2009-10-19 001 009_edited-1

Her crown.

2009-10-19 001 010_edited-1

Not as elaborate as King David’s…but just as priceless…

2009-10-19 001 011_edited-1

On the inside of her crown she even wrote her own name. Whenever we do any coloring or craft, she wants to write her name on the paper. Great job!

2009-10-19 001 001_edited-1

Here is our little crowned “king”.

Nisqually River

Gino and his friend Jason have been trying to land more fish since their last catch, back in August, but haven’t had any luck. So last night we headed out to scout around along the Nisqually River.

2009-10-07 001 001_edited-1

A clear very fast moving river along the border of Fort Lewis. This morning Jason and Gino headed back to the Nisqually to see if they could get their lines on some salmon. Good luck guys! (If they catch anything I’ll be sure to post)

2009-10-07 001 008_edited-1

I tried to get some fall color but it was growing to dark, so I got a dead tree.

Conversation with Isabel

Today at lunch Isabel asked me what my age was. Using her place mat with numbers on it, I pointed out the numbers of my age and then told her that I was 2 numbers. In the mean time Gino asked her how old she was and she stated, “I’m 69.” Both Gino and I laughed. I said, “Wow, your older then Grandpa and Pompo!” Gino asked her if she was retired and Isabel shook her head that yes she was. Gino then said to her, “Well, you look really good for your age. How do you keep looking so young?”…


Isabel sat a moment and with a smile on her face said, “A car.”