That Face

2016-01-02 016_edited-1

I haven’t mentioned Daisy in a few months and thought I’d share about what’s been going on with her. It’s all good.

She will be 13 years old this year.

She’s doing very well health wise. She has all her teeth and her eye sight is still there. However, she has lost her hearing. We noticed small changes at the beginning of last year and by the middle of summer it was gone. Her loss of hearing makes it easier for us to do normal things that would have frightened her before, like vacuuming. However other things scare the pee out her (literally) like vibrations and earth shaking movements. Hearing loss will do that to you.

She also has a small heart murmur, which has gotten bigger since the last visit to the vet. Monitoring it as she gets older will help. For now, she’ll cough and wheeze if she gets to excited. So keeping her calm is key.

She also has stiff hips (maybe early arthritis the vet says) so we have her on a mild anti-inflammatory. Which really helps. She has a pep to her step on most days. Which is really cute because she actually gets her old toys out and you can “see” the young pup again. We’ve also heard her drag her back feet and we’ve given her the nickname “granny slippers” because that’s what she sounds like.

So that’s about it for our old girl.

We hope her remaining years are just as great as her pup years. She’s been a great dog even with all her funny quirks and habits.