Project: Cabinet Crown Molding

Today Gino got the tools out to work on the cabinet crown molding. We hit a bit of a delay in kitchen remodel due to work schedules and projects that needed our attention first.

After much measuring and more measuring for just the right angles, he got two cabinets completed tonight before dinner.

2015-07-30 001_edited-1

The cabinets have looked like this since they were installed in May.

2015-07-30 003_edited-1

Now, they have a more finished look with crown molding at the top and a light rail along the bottom.

2015-07-30 004_edited-1

Above the microwave this cabinet looks sharp!

2015-07-30 006_edited-1

The new look with the 2 completed cabinets.
They look bigger than before.

I’ll add a whole completed look later when he gets the job done this weekend.

Let The School Year Begin

Our new curriculum arrived today.

4th Grade here we come!

2015-07-23 001_edited-1

We were so excited to see all that was in both boxes!
Two boxes this year and over 55 lbs. of books!

2015-07-23 006_edited-1

Batch 1 is mostly the reader books with a few workbooks along the back by Isabel.
So much science! She’s super excited about that!

The classroom schedule is that very large book (wrapped in plastic) by the 2 water bottles. The days are already planned for us, we just open the guide and begin. It’s that easy!

2015-07-23 012_edited-1

Batch 2 is a mix of other items from DVD’s and CD’s, to workbooks and readers.
Looking at all this material makes me wonder how in world do we get through it all. Looking forward to getting this year started!

Craft Class: Candle Holder

Today was Isabel’s first craft class for the week.

There are actually only 2 classes this week and then 2 more classes later in the month. So keep checking back I’ll post the crafts as they come.

2015-07-14 001_edited-1

Ms. M and Isabel with their candle holders.

Each side is different for Ms. M. While Isabel only did 3 sides of her holder.

2015-07-14 003_edited-1

Ms. M made a face on one side while Isabel made a star on one side.
So cute.

Niece Day 10

Today was a lazy day and we stayed indoors. The girls didn’t wake up until 9:30 a.m. (all those late nights are starting to catch up!). We spent the morning just putting around the house. After lunch we watched “Monsters Inc.” and “Rataouille” (which Bryndee hadn’t even seen). Later in the afternoon we played a game of Phase 10 before dinner.

After dinner the girls played “vets” and were having a great time fixing up the animals that were coming in.

2015-07-07 001_edited-1

Poor Big Bear has a cracked skull, broken neck, broken ribs, and broken leg.
He was trying to parachute off the stairs. He’s a dare devil!

2015-07-07 005_edited-1

Here he is in his room for the night.
He will need oxygen until tomorrow afternoon and he’ll be out of the hospital the day after that!

The other patient, Abby (no photos) has a concussion and a broken arm. I didn’t get all the info on this patient since she was still getting set up in her room at the time of documentation.

Niece Day 9

Today we took Bryndee to the top (well as high as you can go in a vehicle) of Mount Rainier.

After some road work delays we finally made it to our first stop.

Christine Falls, is 69 feet tall and has 2 drops. The longest drop is 37 feet. The falls are part of the Nisqually River and are glacier fed.

2015-07-06 005_edited-1

Beautiful girls by the water!

After more road delays we make it to our next stop, just before getting to Paradise.

2015-07-06 008_edited-1

Bryndee, Isabel, me, and Gino near Paradise.

Myrtle Falls is a short hike up the trial when you get to Paradise. This fall is 72 feet has only 1 drop and is glacier fed.

2015-07-06 013_edited-1

Bryndee, Isabel, and Gino.
They hiked the trail while I waited for their return.

2015-07-06 017_edited-1

Myrtle Falls looking over the bridge.

2015-07-06 027_edited-1

2 black tailed deer were spotted outside the visitor’s center before we left.

After seeing the sites we headed back down the mountain for ice cream and Chinese food (and yes! in that order!).