UPDATE: Daisy’s foot

Thinking her toe was better, we were shocked when we spotted blood all over the carpet last night. Her toe/toe nail was oozing/gushing blood and I was worried I would pass out. Thankfully Gino was home and he was able to sit down and really see what was happening. I on the other hand, just tried to stay calm (for Isabel’s sake) and keep my toes from facing up! I got on the phone with the receptionist at our vets office and she advised us to  bring her in right way (thankfully, they weren’t closed yet!).

After Gino bandaged up her foot with what little supplies we had in our first aid kit, we headed to the vet. The vet was a bit surprised to see us back again, thinking that the toe/toe nail was healed. He poked around with it, while Daisy wiggled and licked his face (she LOVES the vet!). The vet offered some info on what might be the problem but stated he didn’t want to sedate her to really see. He’s hoping, like us, that this heals up without having to put her under and getting in there. Anyway, he mentioned it might be a sliver (maybe from when she pulled her toe nail out) that is up there causing irritation and bleeding, since the toe nail appears to be solid now (he pulled on it, Gino pulled on it, so it’s not the nail). Also he mentioned doing a biopsy on the toe (he really doesn’t want to have to do that) and seeing if maybe it’s a tumor on the toe that is just getting big, irritated, and bleeding. If that is the case then they would have to remove the toe to get the tumor.

Finally he said, “Let’s change the medication and get a stronger dosage to see if we can get this taken care of without having to do surgery, which I don’t want to do. We’ll bandage it up again, keeping it dry, and keeping her away from licking it!”

Finding comfort on Isabel’s bed this morning…pathetic!

So that is where we are with that!  We are back to keeping an eye on her, so she doesn’t rip the bandage off and get to the toe. We have to keep the bandage dry, so she has to wear a “boot” whenever she goes outside and give her med’s every 12 hours for the next 20 days!

Slaw Memories

This weekend we went out shopping in a new area of town. We happened to stumble across this restaurant called, Jimmy Macs Roadhouse (kind of like, Texas Roadhouse in Utah). Anyway, we both ordered the lunch special, a prime rib sandwich with mushrooms (I got mine w/out), coleslaw and  steak fries. While Isabel munched on a corn dog and shoe string fries. When the sandwich was placed in front of me, the first thing I went for was the coleslaw, since I’m a lover of the slaw.

Immediately I was taken back in time to a blue kitchen in my grandparents big house in Nebraska. The coleslaw tasted just like my Grandma Euny’s!!! I was so overwhelm with emotion that I started crying in the restaurant! It didn’t matter though, I was in her kitchen eating her fresh slaw and fried fish, visiting with family but most importantly…she was there!!

I told Gino I would go back, the sandwich was amazing but would go just for the slaw! Precious!

Stained Glass

Today, I got an idea for a craft project off another website and decided to give it a try with Isabel (and myself). Enjoy!

We started with a mound of tissue paper (mostly pastels and one a bit SPARKLY!) that I have been saving from Isabel’s baby shower (if you can believe that!). We each took a color and then ripped it down to about the size of a silver dollar or smaller in size.

Being goofy with tissue paper strips.

I then cut a fairly good piece of contact paper, which I folded in half for her to work with the bottom half, the top half, I kept the paper on until she was finished. I told her just to lay the tissue paper any which way on the sticky contact paper. There is no wrong way to do it. After she said she was finished, I took the other half of contact paper, peeled the paper and slowly flipped it back onto the stained glass artwork that she had completed.

Her finished stained glass (can’t make it out because the flash went off).

While she was working on her masterpiece, she wanted me to do one as well
(mine is on the right, if you can’t tell).

I was thinking about doing this project again but doing a more controlled project with shapes (like hearts, circles, stars, squares, etc.) and having her fill in the shape with tissue paper or newspaper (whatever!). So we’ll see, the possibilities are endless and she really had a lot of fun doing it.

UPDATE: Daisy’s foot

I took Daisy back to the vet this morning. She had chewed open the end of the bandage on Sunday while we were at church and then licked on it every day since (whenever we left the room). The Dr. said the toe looked good though and the nail didn’t seem to be loose anymore but we needed to keep her from licking it because she could still get an infection in it. He placed a new bandage on the foot and told me to keep an eye on her for licking (to keep it dry) and to keep the bandage on until Saturday April 24th. If Daisy continues to lick it or rips off the bandage, we will have to resort to the unfashionable, uncool, ridiculous Elizabethan collar’s or “CONE of SHAME”!…I can see that happening!!! So it looks like we’ll be spending the week at home babysitting my naughty dog!

Serious Artwork With Gabbi

This morning Isabel asked Gabbi if she would like to draw with her just after breakfast. So the two got down to some serious artwork. Enjoy!

Isabel worked on a sunshine car with a sun while it was snowing green snowflakes.
Gabbi made some green eyes!

Isabel working on blueberries and Gabbi making a cat.

Gabbi’s completed cat.
Great job, Gabbi!

Daisy’s foot

Today, I took Daisy to the vet to see why one of her left front toes was bleeding. We had noticed her licking it Wednesday night but didn’t realize until last night that it was bleeding. So this morning, I called the vet and got her in to be seen a.s.a.p.!

Come to find out Daisy had pulled her toe nail out and it was infected! OUCH! Needless to say, I was shocked! I had no idea a dogs toe nails could be just ripped out, so easily! I just cringe thinking about it! Poor girlie. So the Dr. trimmed her nails, trimmed up the area around her toe, and bandaged up her foot. Daisy goes back again on Tuesday of next week, to see how the infection is and to see if the toe nail has fallen out (which the Dr. said would likely happen!). So for now, we are to give Daisy antibiotics twice daily, keep her bandage dry (very dry), and put a “boot” on her foot whenever she goes outside.

She limps around when she’s up but has mostly stayed off the foot and slept.

Cutting craft

I’m always on the lookout for any new cutting projects that Isabel and I can do either together or by herself. I found this cool book a Wal-Mart with different coloring, gluing, and cutting projects in it. Today, she did four cutting projects. Enjoy!

After cutting out the pieces, she gets down to gluing them on.

Getting just enough glue.

The coloring, I did today, she wasn’t in the mood to color, I guess.

Working on making a mosaic rainbow.

Getting the rainbow finished.
I worked on the sun, just gluing the pieces on the page for her.

Her finished art projects for the day. She did all the cutting; she’s getting rather well with it!

Afterward, it was time to play dress up.
I just love my little ladybug!