First Grade: Day 57

Today is Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday is P.E. with Mrs. S and computer lab with Mrs. T. For P.E. with Mrs. S they played “pac-man”, a form of tag and crab soccer. Isabel said she liked playing “pac-man” better.

The school has read over 11,464,805 words so far this year! They are getting closer to making their goal of 50,000,000 words!! Isabel alone has over 56,000 words and that’s just recorded at school! Way to go!!

Teacher Mrs. B really had the kids working hard today. I know it was probably in preparation for the class room party they are having tomorrow. I’m not going to add all the work to keep it short…

The next few pages are from a social studies lesson that they did. Isabel said she couldn’t remember what it was for.

Dressing for the weather.
Loving the artwork!

Name resources; soil, water, air, gas, and trees.

Front: fill in the missing words to complete the letter.

Back: learning to classify items; either sunny or snowy.

Bible verse writing practice.

******      ******      ******      ******

I just wanted to share a note from Principle Mrs. B. I know this is specific to our parking lot but the lessons learned can be used toward any area of our life. When going about your day, think about our 3R’s; Respect, Responsibility, and Relationship. The world needs more of each and what I great way to show Christ’s love to other’s around you.
Great message and lesson.

We love our campus! We have an amazing amount of space, and the parking lot on this campus is spacious. If you use it, you will find…

  • …friendly people to talk with while you walk to the building.
  • …unencumbered access to come and go.
  • …less frustration.

I just wanted to give you a quick refresher on how we can all use this great feature to everyone’s benefit:

  • When picking up your students:
  • Please park in either parking lot and walk to the classroom.

We can use the 3R (Respect-Responsibility-Relationship) model for parent parking:

  • I show respect when I
  •  …park only in a designated parking spot.
  •  …pull all the way up to drop off.
  • I show responsibility when I
  •  …am concerned about the safety of all children, not just my own.
  • I show relationship when I
  •  …ensure that walkways, entrances and other people’s cars are unblocked.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35

First Grade: Day 57 – Soap Boat

Today is Wonderful Wednesday and it’s music class with Mr. G.

Not much was said about class today. I know that the whole class is super duper excited about Friday and their party they are having.

Today they did work on another science experiment; today’s lesson was on surface tension and a soap boat. Isabel really enjoys seeing these experiments during the science lessons.

Learning about surface tension and the bond between water and things that rest on the surface.

Getting a better understanding of surface tension.

Science experiment that the class did together to see what surface tension looks like.

Finishing the story of Joseph.

Put the pictures in order that they happen for Joseph in his life.

Front: phonics work with the /ch/ sound; as in church, school, and Cheyenne.

Back: phonics work with the /ea/ sound; as in eat, head, and great.

Complete each word and then draw a picture for each word.
Love her art work!

First Grade: Day 56

Today is Terrific Tuesday which means it’s Chapel and library day!

Today was “Family” Chapel which is lead by the 6th graders. Isabel said they wrote down what they were thankful for on a card.

I didn’t get to hear about her day today or ask any questions because right after school let out, I had a staff meeting to attend. I put Isabel in the after school program and didn’t see her again for another 2 hours. By the time my meeting was over, I was hungry, she was hungry, and she had homework to do before bed. So my mind wasn’t on school events for this day…

Working with this weeks spelling words.

Front: add a picture to the the picture given.
1. add more bricks (top left)
2. add a bug that stings (top right)
3. add two things to the beach ( a ball and a blanket)
4. add a snack (2 apples for the boys and a cookie for the girl!)

Back: read the  story and then answer the questions.

Answer each question or statement. Then circle the /u/ sounds.

Write the word for each picture.

First Grade: Day 55

It’s Marvelous Monday, after 4 days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I know when I woke up this morning I wasn’t ready for the week to begin. I took Isabel to school and then came home and fell asleep until noon to get rid of headache that was beginning to form. I felt so much better afterward, I just hope it doesn’t mess up my sleep schedule!

Marvelous Mondays are All-School Open. Today Isabel got her name drawn again for the Shining “R” award. She went to the office and picked a pencil from the prize box.

Today was also music class with Mr. G. They are working very hard on their Christmas program songs. Today, Isabel said they sang “Jingle Bells” in both music class and during All-School open. She sang it for me on the ride home.

The Bible verse for this week is…

“The Lord your God is with you… He will take great delight in you.” Zephaniah 3:17a

The sun was out for most of the day, after the fog lifted, and the class was able to go outside for recess. Isabel said she played with a few people but mainly she just jumped rope.

Working with the spelling words for this week.
I love that she colored the pencil, so beautifully and her penmanship is just amazing!

Front: listen for the sound that matches the first picture.

Back: listen for the beginning letter sounds.

Since last week was Thanksgiving, Teacher Mr. B had them do a writing/drawing assignment for what they are most thankful for…

Isabel says, “I am thankful for my family and my pet.”
Love Love Love it!

Gingerbread Girl

Last weekend while we were at Walmart, Isabel decided that she wanted to spend some of her money on some new modeling clay. She said her old clay was getting hard to work with and it was time for some new! We told her that was a great idea, since she loves making all kinds of things with it!

This weekend she wanted to get her new dough out and make something… She started out making her normal cakes and cupcakes like she usually does, then she told me, she was going to make a surprise…

She told me I couldn’t take a picture of what she was making until she was finished.

She made a gingerbread girl holding a candy cane!
She spent over 2 hours working on this one creation!

Ballet Isabel Style

Tonight Isabel said she wanted to show me how to do “ballet“…

She had shown me earlier how to do it but this time she drew some pictures to help me know how to do it… Enjoy!

There are 5 steps and all of them except the last one have additional steps to do.
I just love the drawings that went with each step!!


Step 1 (4 steps):
1. Stand with arms curved above your head.
2. Stand on tip-toes.
3. Raise left leg out to side.
4. Twirl (spin in a circle).


Step 2 (3 steps):
1. Stand with right foot in front of left foot.
2. Curve right arm (close to body).
3. Raise left arm straight out from side.
(no twirling!)


Step 3 (4 steps):
1. Stand.
2. Raise left leg straight out from side (not out front!)
3. Raise right arm straight out from side.
4. Raise (rest) left arm on raised left leg.
(again no twirling!)


Step 4 (3 steps):
1. Stand with arms curved above head.
2. Raise left foot to right knee (to make a number 4).
3. Twirl (spin in a circle)!


Step 5: Bow!