I Wouldnt Of Believed It


… if I hadn’t seen it!

This picture was taken on Sunday, April 20th 2008, when Steven Curtis Chapman (the middle man) was inducted into the Music City Walk of fame along with 5 other inductees. Congratulations SCC!

Now, if I had never seen this picture I would never had believed it…2 of my favorite singers together in one good looking picture! Enjoy!

Left to right: Garth Brooks, Steven Curtis Chapman, and… some other guy
So does Garth listen to Steven or does Steven listen to Garth?
Makes ya think! Think? Think!


An apple a circle a cat and a tutu

The biggest gift Isabel received for Christmas was an art easel. One side has a chalk board the other a dry erase board and in the middle it holds a roll of paper to feed through the top and bottom for paints, markers, or whatever!

Tonight while I was getting dinner ready, Isabel was busily making art on the dry erase side of the board. Enjoy!

All smiles even though she has the yuckie germies, poor girlie!

The concentration…

Her finished work.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Isabel all ready to head out the door to church.
(Thank you Gmpa for the very pretty/special Christmas dress!)

Our celebration started with a Christmas Eve service at our church. We sang favorite Christmas carols, heard an awesome message about the true meaning of Christmas, and enjoyed special music sung by our music director Adam. Later that evening after Isabel was tucked into bed, I went to check on her and she was wide awake and burning up with a fever. After checking her temperature which was at 102, we began to do battle with the yuckie germies!

Christmas morning, we again checked her temperature and it was still high but had gone down. So the remainder of the day was a slow one…
We had a breakfast/brunch of pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice and toast. Afterward, Isabel and Gino play Dominoes while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. By this time it is was just after noon and we decided to open gifts. Isabel wasn’t in the mood and had to be encouraged into opening her gifts.

Isabel and I just before we begin opening our gifts.

Isabel opening one of her gifts from Gma and Gmpa.
“The First Christmas” by Carol Heyer

Isabel’s second gift from Gma and Gmpa.
“The Legend of the Three Trees” by Catherine McCafferty
Whenever she would open a book and she received quite a few, she would “read” them and then hand them to me, “Here Momma” and then proceed to the next book or gift. She’s also a very clean/tidy gift opener, she kept a pile of the wrapping paper behind her and would place all the gift wrapping in that pile as she opened each gift!

Isabel has the book, “Doctor Dan: the Bandage Man” by Helen Gaspard and we read it almost every night! She loves it! So we decided to get her a little medical kit for her to play with. Which by the way, you can actually hear your heart through the stethoscope!

Isabel’s 2008 Christmas ornament.

After her nap, she plays Dr. with Lula.
“Listen to her heart” she says.

“Lula needs a shot” she says.

December Snow

Snow in our neck of the world is a bit rare, let alone over a foot! We have been blanketed in the white stuff for over the past few weeks. Schools have been closesd since it started hitting the ground, which is unfortunate for the kids because they’ll be going to school until July! Luckily today, the temperature warmed up to start melting some of it. We are expected to get more again tonight and before the new year. Enjoy!

Our backyard looking south east.

Our backyard looking north east.

The main road to our house looking north.

The main road looking south.

Our house looking east from the main road.

Our street looking south.

Snow play

The first snow started falling about a week ago, the day it started, Isabel started asking to go out and play. After the purchase of some new all weather boots, we headed out for some snow play fun! Enjoy!

All ready!

This is fun!

More snow started falling again around 1 p.m. and continued steadily until late at night. Unfortunately, the snow was to powdery to build a snowman. Isabel didn’t care though…

Dig. Dig. Dig.

Isabel’s 1st snow angel.

House building

For some reason, I never thought that building/decorating a gingerbread house with Isabel would be a fun thing to do. For one, the first time I every built one, was for school and it was from scratch (no pretty premade pieces here!). It was so sad…the pieces were all lopsided and uneven; so the whole house leaned. Very sad. Miserable little house. Second, I just never thought of it…until my cousin Tear-a (Tera) mentioned to me. So I purchased a home and tonight we constructed it and decorated! She had so much fun! Enjoy…and thanks T for the idea!

The walls and roof are on; now we just wait for the “glue” to dry.

All the decor!

Gino and I added the icing and let her do the decorating. She was very neat about the whole thing; Gino and I walked with icing all over! I never dreamed it would be so messy…but it was fun!

Her house.

Side view.

Back of house.

Front and side.

Gino and I did the work on the tree, snowman, and gingerbread man.
Otherwise it was all Isabel.

Note to self for next year: Do this project AFTER dinner not BEFORE!