Year In Review

Tonight as we were coming home from dinner out, I asked Isabel what she was thankful for from 2013.

Her first thoughts were…

  • “running through the sprinklers a few times” and
  • “getting her ears pierced”

After talking with her further, we created a list of events that we are thankful for;

  • winning the Spelling Bee – hard work pays off
  • Dodge truck fire – only the truck was lost, we were safe and our house didn’t catch fire
  • birthdays in February – Isabel and Daisy
  • Gotcha day – something we celebrate privately
  • Good health – all of us
  • Being able to get outside and enjoy God’s beauty in our own backyard – our garden produced some awesome eats
  • Graduating first grade – moving onto second
  • birthday in July – Mommy’s
  • family vacations – being able to spend time together and learning together
  • birthday in October – Daddy’s

We have had a good year. God is in control and we are so blessed and thankful for everything He provides. Even though we don’t know what 2014 will bring, we are looking forward to seeing where God lead’s us and seeing where He uses us.

God bless and we’ll see you in 2014.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Today is Christmas!

No one knows for sure the exact date of Jesus’ birth but we celebrate it each year on this day.

We started our morning with thankfulness and buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. Now it’s time to gather around our tree… before Isabel explodes with excitement!

2013-12-25 004_edited-1

Isabel and I before opening gifts for everyone.
I’ll add the gift opening in another post.

Project: Earring Frame Part 2

With Christmas tomorrow, I’ve been putting off my project and spending my time with Isabel and Gino and not working on it.

Tonight Gino helped me bring it all together and it’ll be under the tree in the morning (hopefully)!

2013-12-24 003_edited-1

Trying to get the placement just right for the flowers.
Gino has an idea on how to get them attached to the frame (since I purchased the wrong frame).

2013-12-24 004_edited-1

I coated the flowers 6 times with the glitter paint just to make sure the were extra sparkly!
I love how they turned out!

2013-12-24 005_edited-1Gino’s smarty idea was to add a dowel to the frame dip to get more surface area for the flowers and letters so they would stick!¬†The flowers hide the dowel so well you can hardly tell it’s there.

2013-12-24 007_edited-1

We both decided that the silver glitter letters just didn’t work with the metal in the frame.
So I decided to paint them a matching color to the glitter and then I used the glitter paint to add the same sparkle as the flowers.

2013-12-25 001_edited-1Working with placement for the letters.

Unfortunately I didn’t add the dowel, like Gino suggested and just went ahead and glued the letters down. They didn’t stick! As soon as Isabel opened the box, all the letters popped off! I was upset but she was cool with it and I told her I’d add the dowel and it would be all good. She also gets to pick out the ribbon that I will use to attach to the frame so she can remove the earrings easier.

When it’s finally complete, I’ll add a finished photo.