Weekend Den Remodel Part 1

This morning we awoke to begin our first home improvement project of the year; a weekend den remodel. With Gino working from home now, we decided it would be better if the den was actually a office space. So we began with a little dirty demolition…

Before picture looking north/west.

Before picture looking at closet.

Before picture looking west.

After all the carpet was pulled out; what a mess! So much dirt under the carpet!
Now we need to pull up the staples from the pad and then it’s onto floor installation.

Little Miss Salon tent

While we were in Utah Isabel received a “Little Miss Salon” tent for her birthday from Uncle Daniel, Aunt Marci, Bryson and Kaylie. So today, I decided to get it out and see what it looked like. Very cool!

The front of the “Little Miss Salon”.
The salon is now open!

The tent itself is made with normal tent material but
the sides have a thick pink plastic on them.

There was so much static electricity inside the tent
that it made Isabel’s hair stand up on end!

Happy Almost-3 Birthday Party

While we were in Utah, even though it wasn’t her actual birthday…we had a PARTY! We purchased a deli platter and had subs with all the fixings, potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit, chips, and dessert, of course! It was a wonderful day to spend with family just before we returned back home the following day. Enjoy!

Isabel – the Almost 3 Birthday girl!
Her shirt states it perfectly for this day…”Happy Birthday to me!”

The funnest toy for Isabel was this little microwave from Grma and Grmpa!
It actually makes a microwave sound and has a real working turntable inside!
She plays with this toy almost every day!

The coolest toy for Mommy…I mean Isabel,
was this cloth Noah’s ark from Nana and Pompo!
It came with animals but Nana stuffed it full of Beanie Babies!

The dress up crown, earrings, and shoes came from Uncle Jerry, Aunt Angie and family.
The earrings pinch her ears so she doesn’t wear them often but the crown she wears.

Since Uncle Daniel was unable to come because he was sick and Aunt Marci didn’t get to come either because she had to work – Bryson and Kaylie came! They gave Isabel a “Little Miss Salon” tent and backpack! It’s a tent that you set up and then “Little Miss Salon” can do your hair; it’s very cute! I didn’t set it up while we were in Utah but did so after we got home (I’ll post photos later)…
the backpack holds the tent, sleeping bag, and hair supplies.
Isabel loves it and enjoys playing inside the tent and she’s even done my hair!

After the opening of her gifts, we decided to have cake and ice cream.
It was a white cake with strawberry filling and strawberry ice cream…
Isabel’s favorite flavor. “Happy 3rd Isabel”

Blowing out her candle!

Later after cake and ice cream, we stepped outside to get some photos before the sun went down or behind the clouds that were moving in for the following days of rain showers.

The only group photo that we got!

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone!
It was Isabel’s third birthday but was her first party
and everyone made it a very special day!

Happy Birthday Pompo

Tonight we headed over to Gino’s parents house and took them out to dinner for Dad’s upcoming birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday, Pompo!


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you, Pompo!
Happy Birthday to you!

We always enjoy spending time with you…especially Isabel!
Who loves her Pompo! XXOX ~ Gino, Carey, and Isabel

Nana and Gino.

Isabel found this hat in the front room and looked to cute…I had to take a picture!

Pompo, Cinnamon, and Isabel.

Nana gave Isabel this “Baker in training” apron and hat.
She loves to help cook/bake and gets the apron out whenever
she’s allowed to help out in the kitchen!
Thank you, Nana!

At work already…making cereal.


This year Kaylie is a freshman at Dixie High School and is playing basketball on the freshman team. Tonight we were able to see her play again (the first night we arrived in town we saw a game) against my alumna ; Pine View High School. Kaylie is a center for her team and is one of the tallest members too; standing 5 ft. 11 in. Go Dixie! Go Kaylie!

Team huddle before the game begins.
(Kaylie is on the other side of #23)

#4 on the Pine View team was stuck to Kaylie like glue!

Kaylie going for the block!

Kaylie at the free throw!

At the half; Dixie was in the lead! Kaylie made a few of those baskets!
In the end Pine View won the game 30 to 22. Better luck next time Dixie.

This is the only time that I got to see my brother, Daniel.
He was starting to get sick and by the next day was terribly sick with cold/flu.

This is a scan from Kaylie – it’s a bit dark but I don’t care!
(Thank you – Kaylie & Marci!)

Another scan from Kaylie.
The whole Freshman team.

I could kick myself now because I was talked out of getting pictures of Kaylie in her uniform after the game. I should have done it anyway! Isabel talks about the game and Kaylie all the time and whenever she sees basketball on T.V. she comments on it…”That’s just like Kaylie, Momma! Kaylie plays basketball!”

Musical Talent

Tonight we went over to my brother’s house for dinner. We got to spend time with the kids while we waited for him to get home from work. Some highlights…

Playing Bingo with Brienna, Bryndee, Isabel, and Grma.
Bryndee won this game! Woohoo!

Brenden showing us his skills with the sticks.
Keep up the great work! So proud of you!

Isabel showing everyone her skills with the sticks as well…just like her Daddy!

Bryndee and Isabel.

The girls:
Brienna, Bryndee, and Isabel.

Just before the evening ended we all got to hear Brienna sing (can’t remember the song she sang….). She sings so beautifully! The following week she was going to have a try-out in the Utah Idol contest (she didn’t win but you’ve got to practice somewhere!) So honored to finally hear your voice! Keep up the great work! So proud of you too!

One last hug from Brenden before heading back to Grma and Grmpa’s.
We’ll see them all again on Sunday!

City Pool

Today, Isabel went to the babysitters for the first time…actually she was already there! Grma and Grmpa watched her while Gino and I went with his parents out to eat and then to a movie (saw Marley and Me). Grma and Grmpa took her to the city pool! She had so much fun they said, I wish I could have gone too! Before we left for dinner/movie, we walked over to the community ponds to “feed” the ducks.

I took this shot before walking over the feed the ducks. So glad that I did; this is the only shot of Isabel with Grma and Grmpa together!

Isabel and Grmpa feeding the ducks.

Eating lunch with Grmpa and Grma; then they are off to the city pool!

Inside the city community pool! This place looks so cool!

Grma and Isabel in the toddler area! How fun is that!

Grmpa and Isabel wading in the toddler pool.

Going down the toddler slide with Grmpa…

Then she did it all by herself – She had so much fun!
Thanks Grma and Grmpa for taking Isabel to the pool…let’s do it again!

Where Are The Swings

This afternoon Grma and Grmpa wanted to take Isabel to the park up the street, so we loaded up the car and drove up the street to the local park. Well, all Isabel ever really wants to do at the park is swing. All the other toys are fun but her favorite thing to do is swing. So after about a 1/2 hr., we again load up the car and Grmpa drives to 5 different parks looking for swings! Insane!

Going down the slide…almost missed her; she was so fast!

All smiles!

All this silly thing does is turn; she seemed to enjoy it though.

So happy to be swinging!
The look on her face was priceless! Thank you Grmpa!