Technical Diffuculties

Due to some technical difficulties with our old server, Gino had to move our family blog to a new server. Thus creating a few technical bumps in the road with updating the blog on my desktop computer.

Don’t worry, hopefully soon we will have the issues worked out and I will be back at. When that happens watch out, because I have a whole month of blogging to add. So check back and be ready!

Until then…

Back At Home

We are back home after our Thanksgiving vacation to Utah. We arrived on Tuesday evening, December 2nd, around 7 p.m.

We had a fantastic time seeing family, being in warmer temperatures and relaxing. Always good for the soul to see all those you love the most.



I will be posting photos and blogging from the trip over the next week. I hope to have it finished by then. Bare with me as I try to get back in the groove of things.

My 1000 Post

My 1,000th posting has arrived!!

I am shocked that it’s here.

When we began this blog 6 years ago, I had no idea what to talk/blog about, let alone who’s going to read what I write!?! What do I have to say that is meaningful to those who read this blog?

Someone has been reading my words, most of those people have been family and a few friends. No one else has ever told me they read what I write, besides my own parents and they enjoy it. My father skims through the postings, mainly looking at the pictures and my Mother reads each one through. So someone does read it!

In those 6 years, I have really begun to enjoy blogging. I feel terrible if, I miss a day. This is my journal, about our lives and what we do. Some day, Isabel will be able to look back and read what she did on this and this day. She may even get a few laughs out of it and say, “Hey, I remember doing that!”

What I hope she gets most out of my words/blog, is that I love her very much. I want her to look back and remember those times that she has forgotten when she’s older. So she can sit at her dining room table (eating dinner) and tell her kids about the time she did this and the time she did that. Just like she enjoys doing with Daddy and I now and hearing about when we were her age.

So what I write is for her… remember to have¬†faith, put your hope in Jesus. He loves you more. Laugh and enjoy this website.

2013-05-09 040_edited-1

It’s for you, Squirt! I love you.

Tumbling Tykes: Day 20

Today was our last tumbling/gymnastics class. ūüôĀ

The class was set up with the usual obstacle course. Each area was given to working on exercises that the kids have learned in class. Forward rolls, log rolls, monkey roll, dismount, keeping feet together, airplane arms, and just having fun with Ms. Mo!

Working on the trampoline and dismount.

Ms. Mo brought her box of stuffed animals and each of the kids got to pick an animal to keep with them throughout the day. In some of areas, Ms. Mo had the kids act like the animal that they had chosen.  Isabel chose a turtle and later she chose a jellyfish.

Tip-toe straddle over the mat.

Log jumping keeping feet together.


The kids got a ribbon for completing the class.

Tumbling Tykes: Day 19

Today was a great day for tumbling/gymnastics! A lot of new exercises were introduced and a few old ones were brought back!

After warming up, the kids were doing the CHICKEN LIMBO!

Ms. Mo had them hold their back (just above their hiney), lift their chin, and bend their knees slightly. While leaning back they were to do the CHICKEN LIMBO!

The class has dwindled down to just a hand full now. Hopefully it will continue throughout the summer!

This was the tip-toe rope walk, which looked to be difficult because the rope would roll as they tip-toed across it.

Over on the long mat, Ms. Mo had a sort of game going. She had a large spinner with different animals on it and each of the kids spun the spinner to see what animal they were to be. Then they were to act out the animal that they got! Above Isabel is doing a snail and she did a great job at it too!

Working their way around the room the kids went from each exercise set up, there was: Chicken limbo, the tip-toe rope walk, a log-leaping course, hop scotch, a dismount exercise and then the animal game. After the kids went around the room on their own for awhile, Ms. Mo gathered them at the long mat…

They were told (and shown) that today they were going to forward roll all the way down the mat! Up to this point the kids were only doing one forward roll at a time. So this was more of a challenge to get the proper technique of the forward roll and continuing it all the way down the mat!

Almost there!

The marker scent today was marshmallow!

Tumbling Tykes: Day 18

Today was a fun day in tumbling class because Ms. Mo brought her parachute!

She also brought a new balance beam: a round one!

Isabel’s first attempt on the round balance beam.
She did great until after I took this photo and then she slipped off.

Isabel’s hand-eye¬†coordination has really improved.
If I would have waited a second more I would have gotten her catching it!

Walking backward on the floor beam.

More practice with the cart wheel mat, Ned.
She’s getting more lift off the ground as she does it.

The best part of the whole day… the parachute!
They ran around, threw stuffed animals in the air, and just went crazy with it!

I have learned that only 2 people (Isabel included) have signed up for the tumbling/gymnastics class through the summer. I hope more people sign up for the class because we love it!

Tumbling Tykes: Day 17

For today’s tumbling class, Ms. Mo had the kids work on their backward and forward rolls. I really think she wants to see one of them actually stand up from doing either one!

Before class began Isabel was out warming up.

The rest of the class hadn’t shown up yet, so Ms. Mo started working with Payton and Isabel on forward rolls.

Great job and she grabbed her shins!

This was log roll practice with the airplane. Look how good she looks!!

The dismount steps were for the star-jump or the tuck-jump, which Isabel is clearly doing neither one.

Backward roll.

Backward roll with pizza hands.

And she’s over!

Todays marker scent was black liquorice.

Tumbling Tykes: Day 16

We were the first to arrive at tumbling/gymnastics today, which gave me a moment to talk with Ms. Mo and learn that tumbling will be going on into June with a possibility into July and August! So excited! Isabel loves this class! Enjoy!

After warming up today, the class took a jog around the room and then began with a brief review of what Ms. Mo wanted completed ¬†in each ¬†of the four exercise area’s today. Each of the 2 mats were for either doing a log roll, forward roll, monkey roll or a cart wheel. The balance beam was set up for balance beam practice as well. The fourth area was an arm strength exercise on the swing bar with help from Ms. Mo.

Ms. Mo demonstrating how to do the swing bar exercise and mentioning a flip on the bar as well.

Isabel’s first swing bar. Her arms (wrists) are a bit off but she’s got the muscle to hold herself up!

Another time on the swing bar. They were told to keep their feet together and swing them back and forth. If they wanted to, they could do a flip on the bar with help from Ms. Mo.

Last time on the swing bar for today. I thought for sure she would do a flip, but she didn’t want to. Only 1 ¬†person did and I didn’t get her picture!

Log rolling. Great form! Arms up and feet together!

Monkey rolling. Great form again. Keeping that hiney up off the floor! Way to go!

The marker scent today was watermelon and grape.
The class enjoys trying to guess the new scent each week!