Last week when I stepped out into the backyard, out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a bunny. Gino had mentioned before seeing a bunny in yard but we hadn’t seen anything since. Since then we have seen it several times in the yard and the neighbors backyard as well.

Today it was nibbling on the weeds and grasses growing on the unfinished side of the yard. This was looking out the window in the kitchen (a bit hazy from the glass).

Isabel gets really excited to see it and Daisy goes completely nuts!!!

Tumbling Tykes: Day 17

For today’s tumbling class, Ms. Mo had the kids work on their backward and forward rolls. I really think she wants to see one of them actually stand up from doing either one!

Before class began Isabel was out warming up.

The rest of the class hadn’t shown up yet, so Ms. Mo started working with Payton and Isabel on forward rolls.

Great job and she grabbed her shins!

This was log roll practice with the airplane. Look how good she looks!!

The dismount steps were for the star-jump or the tuck-jump, which Isabel is clearly doing neither one.

Backward roll.

Backward roll with pizza hands.

And she’s over!

Todays marker scent was black liquorice.


Sunday afternoon Isabel took it upon herself to cut her own hair. Luckily she didn’t cut to much off or make to big of a boo-boo.

This is a before photo from 3 days earlier. However I didn’t get an actual photo of what she did. It wouldn’t have turned out. She had cut along the front sides and her bangs.

This was the after cut to fix the damage. We had to cut 4-5 inches off in length.
The bangs can easily be camouflaged.

School News: Special Helper X2

Today was Isabel’s last special helper day for the school year. I volunteered in the classroom and was asked to help out in the afternoon class too. Which I have done before but this time Isabel went along with me and enjoyed being in the class with the pm 4 students. BTW… Isabel was only the special helper in her own a.m class NOT in the afternoon p.m class.

Since this weeks theme has been all about sea life; today was no exception! After opening prayer from Isabel, Mrs. W read the book, The Legend of the Sand Dollar by Chris Auer. Afterward we headed over to the tables to paint a real sand dollar and make a “beach in a jar“.

Working on their sand dollars while Aiden works on his “beach in a jar” at the sensory table with Olivia’s mom and Grandmother.

They were given the option to paint the whole thing or just the front.

Working hard on their sand dollar.

Special helper and her special helper friend Olivia!

Isabel making her “beach in a jar“. The kids picked a sticker (Noah’s ark themed) that was then stuck to the inside of a jar, they (the kids)  scooped sand into the jar, filling the jar about halfway, then they were allowed to pick 4-5 shells and placed them on or in the sand in the jar. Then with help from Olivia’s mom and Grandmother, they added a rainbow cover with a bit of batting underneath it. Very cool idea!

While each student was called up to do their own “beach in a jar“; the rest of the class played a game about scuba diving in the ocean. Isabel was the first scuba diver and she “dove” down and grabbed a red seahorse in the water. The kids all seemed to enjoy this game! Grabbing different sea life items ranging from a whale, crabs, clams, sea shells and seahorses.

After everyone had made their “beach in a jar” and the game, we headed outside to the courtyard to run around. We headed back to the classroom just as the sky opened up with another rain shower. When we arrived back at the classroom, Mrs. W read the bible story about Noah and the ark that he built. For free play Mrs. W got out a new fishing game for the kids to share.

Practice for next weeks field trip to U Fish!

The special helper today was Isabel. For show and tell Isabel brought her baby doll Makayla. Her baby doll is from her friend Makayla in her class and is also named Makayla. She also took her stuffed elephant, Elephante. For snack, Isabel brought to share rice crispy treats and juice.

Isabel’s “beach in a jar“. Since she was able to go back with me to the afternoon class, Mrs. W let her do another one and paint another sand dollar!

Isabel’s painted sand dollars from both classes…

After arriving back at home from the afternoon class, we weren’t home more then 30 minutes when Isabel crashed on the sofa! She was pooped!

School News: Spring Program

Tonight was the Early Learning Centers Spring Program. Enjoy!

Serious photo…

Crazy photo!

Joy (who is in the pm 4’s class) welcoming us to the program. The a.m. and p.m. class sang 2 songs: Psalm 139:14 “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” and
Psalm 47:2 “My God is so great!”

Psalm 47:2 “My God is so great!” – He is so Strong and so Mighty!


[vimeo clip_id=”24343648″ width=”400″ height=”300″]

School News: Practice

Today’s class was all about practice for the Spring Program tomorrow night. Isabel said they practiced and practiced! She also mentioned at some point during the practice Olivia and her were trying to stay awake because the music was making them sleepy. I thought that was funny!

Back in the classroom, the class heard the story of the Rainbow Fish to the Rescue by Marcus Pfister. Isabel said she really enjoyed this book as well. The class also got to play on the playground but did not get to have “free play” time because of the practice for the program.

The special helper today was Rebecca. For show and tell Rebeca brought a long green alligator named Snappy. I told Isabel that was a great  name for an alligator! For snack Rebecca brought to share graham crackers and milk.

Tumbling Tykes: Day 16

We were the first to arrive at tumbling/gymnastics today, which gave me a moment to talk with Ms. Mo and learn that tumbling will be going on into June with a possibility into July and August! So excited! Isabel loves this class! Enjoy!

After warming up today, the class took a jog around the room and then began with a brief review of what Ms. Mo wanted completed  in each  of the four exercise area’s today. Each of the 2 mats were for either doing a log roll, forward roll, monkey roll or a cart wheel. The balance beam was set up for balance beam practice as well. The fourth area was an arm strength exercise on the swing bar with help from Ms. Mo.

Ms. Mo demonstrating how to do the swing bar exercise and mentioning a flip on the bar as well.

Isabel’s first swing bar. Her arms (wrists) are a bit off but she’s got the muscle to hold herself up!

Another time on the swing bar. They were told to keep their feet together and swing them back and forth. If they wanted to, they could do a flip on the bar with help from Ms. Mo.

Last time on the swing bar for today. I thought for sure she would do a flip, but she didn’t want to. Only 1  person did and I didn’t get her picture!

Log rolling. Great form! Arms up and feet together!

Monkey rolling. Great form again. Keeping that hiney up off the floor! Way to go!

The marker scent today was watermelon and grape.
The class enjoys trying to guess the new scent each week!