Let the decorating begin ~UPDATED

This Saturday, with much help from Gabbi, we got our decorations down from the garage attic and started putting up our Christmas decor, starting with the tree.

2009-11-28 001 005_edited-1

While we decorated the tree Isabel played inside the tree box…for a little while anyway.

2009-11-28 001 008_edited-1

Gabbi and I worked on “fluffing” the branches while Gino did the lights.

2009-11-28 001 013_edited-1

Isabel waiting patiently for us to get through so she could put up ornaments.

2009-11-28 001 020_edited-1

Isabel and Gabbi  just kicking back while we decide what to do next.

2009-11-28 001 024_edited-1

Gabbi did the honors of putting the bead garland on.

Afterward we were finished for the night because it was time for Isabel to go to bed and she really wanted to decorate the tree (that’s her favorite part!). So we waited until the following afternoon to finish decorating the tree…which reminds me, I need to get a finished picture. Isabel did a great job (followed by Gabbi who spread the ornaments out a bit and me putting up the fragile ones!).


UPDATE! I finally took a photo of the completed tree…

2009-12-04 001 023_edited-1

Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2009

This year was a special one for the Espinoza household; we had guests for Thanksgiving! Our friend Dale and my cousin Gabbi! We had a early dinner with all the fixings and then spent the remainder of the evening playing Wii and watching movies. Good times!

2009-11-26 001 001_edited-1

I had to use the small camera, so I’m not “in” the photo.

2009-11-26 001 008_edited-1

Dale and Gino playing Mario Kart racing on the Wii.

2009-11-26 001 005_edited-1

Dale brought Isabel a few gifts…the Littlest Pet Shop.

2009-11-26 001 006_edited-1

6 cute adorable little animals (an owl, bird, cow, bear, pig, and turtle)
(and accessories) to play with!

2009-11-26 001 002_edited-1

Gabbi practicing her knife cuts with carrots for a turkey stock.

2009-11-26 001 010_edited-1

Starting at the upper left corner (clockwise) you have:
julienne, fine julienne, large dice, brunoise and small dice.

Let’s cut paper part 3

I haven’t added any of Isabel’s cutting projects since April but we have done them! We worked with the scissors yesterday and she seems to do o.k., she just needs more practice, practice, practice! She worked on a spiral cut, a zig-zag cut, and other “turning of the paper” projects. A few times she had me worried about her little fingers but after refocusing, she got her hands out of the way. Enjoy!

2009-11-18 001 001_edited-1

Her cutting projects; spiral, square, zig-zag and triangle.
She is actually almost finished with her Kumon First Steps Series Let’s Cut Paper book.
So I’ll have to find more projects online or come up with idea’s on my own.

2009-11-18 001 012_edited-1

This project was one that I did find on the internet and was a 4-fold project.
She had to color, cut, arrange the letters in the correct order,
and then paste them to the paper.

2009-11-18 001 022_edited-1

The finished project. I have the rest of the alphabet (and numbers too) but we’ll work on that another day.

2009-11-18 001 025_edited-1

More practice name writing as well. The top one she did better on; the bottom one I have no idea what she was trying to spell!

Word Building

Today, Isabel and I played her word building game (for the first time – we usually just play the matching game) and she did really well. She looked at each picture and sounded out the words all by herself. She only needed my help with a few of them. I was really pleased with her accomplishment! Enjoy!

2009-11-16 001 005_edited-1

Word building game or you can flip the “word” side over and play a “matching” game with the Pooh, Piglet Tigger, Darby, Buster, and Eeyore.

2009-11-16 001 006_edited-1

Just getting started with the game.

2009-11-16 001 009_edited-1

“What letter starts with “ppp-arty”, she says. “P!”

2009-11-16 001 013_edited-1

Her finished word builder design. She did a great job with words like…
donkey (for Eeyore)
hero (for the Super Sleuths)
Darby (she’s the new girl)
Piglet (of course!)
bee and finally

Show cancelled

Gino headed to Texas this past week to spend time with his brother, Ron and family. The plan was for the two of them to attend an NBA game (which they did) and then the following night go to a Stryper concert. Unfortunately, the concert was postponed until December (We later learned the band had the flu)! What a bummer!

2009-11-03 001 031_edited-1

American Airlines Center in Dallas

2009-11-03 001 012 - Copy_edited-1

The game was between the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz. Dallas won.

2009-11-03 001 011 - Copy_edited-1

At the game.

2009-11-04 001 005_edited-1

Family all piled on the sofa: Ron, Abby, Preston, Crystal, and Shelby