State Park

Today we headed out one of our local state parks and it was a hidden gem!

Would enjoy going back, better prepared, to hike one of the trails!


Map of the area where we were.
Very peaceful.


This picture was taken from the parks amphitheater, on a bluff above the beach.


Sunshine shining through along the steep trail down to the beach.


Looking out across the area from one of the two bridges.

New Bicycle

Isabel received a new bicycle last night. She’s been in need of one since she learned how to ride this summer.


It’s almost like her old bicycle but more her size.

I’ve told her to pray-it-forward for the new owner of her old bicycle. That the new owner will enjoy it as much as she had and she’ll stay safe wherever she rides. Enjoy the ride, I know Isabel will!

Third Grade: Day 15 – Cell Model

Today was all about Science at school at home!

Today started with Bible in Genesis 18:1-15 and Luke 4:31-44.

In our memorization of a Psalm 8 poem/song, Isabel had to write out the verse from memory.

2014-09-26 010_edited-1

I’m loving her writing!
Beautiful isn’t it.

Her read-aloud book, is her Friday book, “Lawn Boy”. The book is about a boy who starts a lawn mowing business to buy inner tubes to ride his bike. This is the 2nd week she’s been reading this book, and she tells me, the book is funny and riveting and she’s enjoying it.

Today’s science was to build a 3D Cell Model!

Using items in our own kitchen, Isabel (with help from Daddy) made her own cell model!
(so awesome!!)

2014-09-26 002_edited-1

Her cell model includes:

  • spiral noodles as cell DNA
  • soy beans as cell large molecules
  • candies as the cell proteins
  • cotton fibers as cell acids and
  • other bits for small molecules.

Isabel loved doing this science project! It was the first thing she told me about after I stepped in the door from work (after she told me there was a spider on the wall!). She was able to tell me about it but got stuck on the larger words in cell. She did a great job!

In language arts, I had her write 2 more poems for me. 1 long and it had to be about Lula (her favorite stuffed animal) and 1 short it needed to be about whatever she choose. She is LOVING WRITING!!!

2014-09-26 005_edited-1

Poem 1 about Lula.
I LOVE this poem!

2014-09-26 007_edited-1

Poem 2 about whatever she wants (and she writes about the dog, again!)

Third Grade: Day 14

Today was a busy school day for Isabel with Daddy playing the teacher.

For Bible they read together Genesis 12:1-9 and the story of Abram. In Luke 4:1-30, Jesus is test and rejected.

Chapter 8 was read aloud in “Walk the Worlds Rim” and lessons were given in Math, Spelling and cursive writing.

In creative writing and handwriting, I gave Isabel an assignment to write 2 nursery rhythms/poems. She could choose the topic however, 1 poem had to be short (5 lines or so) and 1 poem had to be  long (more than 5 lines). She did an amazing job!

2014-09-25 001

Her short poem.

2014-09-25 003_edited-1

Her long poem.

In language arts…

2014-09-25 004_edited-1

she had an assignment called, “I couldn’t believe my eyes

In Geography, we mapped Canada, Greenland, China, the Spice Islands and the Atlantic Coast.

Later in the afternoon, after I got home from work, she got her piano practice in.

Third Grade: Day 12

Today is Tuesday and it’s piano with Ms. G. Isabel is working hard on learning new songs, half notes and dynamics of the music. Her new songs she will be learning are “Jazz Pizzazz” by N.F. and “Hamster Chase” by M.M.

This morning we worked hard on getting as much as we could get completed before piano lessons. We started with Bible with both Isabel and I reading from our passages. Isabel read in Genesis, while I continued reading in Luke. We also finished reading, “Pedro’s Journal“. Isabel was very disappointed that we have finished our first book! She won’t be disappointed for long… we start a new book tomorrow!

After getting back home from piano lessons and eating lunch, we started with our spelling test and moved onto our memorization of a Psalm 8. We did a lesson on poetry and nursery rhythms, we both loved reading the poems, some of which we hadn’t heard before. Isabel’s favorite was “Old Mother Hubbard” by S.C.M.

In Language Arts we have been working on verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs (what we went over today).

She was given this passage:

“She took a step after him, but Cook’s voice called her back. “A-man-da.” She closed the door. She walked down the long, cold hall and into the kitchen.”

She needed to find the verbs and then add some descriptive adverbs to make it more interesting.

This is what she wrote (with a few adjectives as well):

“She took a small step after him, but Cook’s loud voice called her back. “A-man-da.” She silently closed the heavy door. She slowly walked down the long, cold hall and into the barren kitchen.”

I love her sentences! We went over this lesson until I felt she was getting adverbs and what they can do to a sentence.


Later in the afternoon we read Walk the Worlds Rim” and “A Lion to Guard Us“. We were also able to chart both books courses on our map. Isabel loves charting on the map and I really like that she is learning about the world.


On the sofa reading aloud.

She also spent about an hour on the computer doing math and Language Arts.

It was a good day, look forward to tomorrow and what it brings.

Third Grade: Day 11

It’s a new week of school-at-home and we are enjoying it!

In Bible we are covering Genesis 8, 9, 11, 12 and 18. This morning Isabel read Genesis 8 and the story of Noah and his family entering and leaving the ark.

“It doesn’t matter if you are young or old; God wants you to be part of what He is doing in the world. This week you will meet several people who waited for a long, long time to see God do what He would do. May we be willing to follow when God calls us, and remember to keep our eyes on Him and not try to “make a name for ourselves.” – Luke Holzmann

Also this week in Bible, we are continuing in the book of Luke 2:21-4:44. This morning we read about baby Jesus being presented in the Temple and meeting Simeon and Anna.

In our memorization of a Psalm 8 poem/song, which ties in the the story of creation in Genesis from last week, I added 5 more lines from the poem/verse. Isabel is doing an amazing job learning it. She might even have the whole thing memorized before the 6th week!

“O Lord, our Lord how majestic is Your name in all the earth. Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens! From the mouth of infants and nursing babes.
You have established strength.
last weeks memorization)
Because of Your adversaries, to make the enemy and the revengeful cease. When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained.
(this week’s memorization)


This week we continue our 3 books that we began last week: Walk the Worlds Rim”, “Pedro’s Journal“ and “A Lion to Guard Us“. This week we will finish 2 of them.

This week, we have started cursive writing. It’s more of a review, since Isabel learned cursive writing in the latter part of 2nd grade. Anything to get the pencil in her hand, since she dislikes writing so very much!

This week’s American Indian prayer focus is on the Taino and Arawak tribes. The Taino were a part of the Arawak tribe and both tribes are from the Caribbean. We look forward to learning more about these trips this week as we pray together for them.

Third Grade: Day 9

Today was the first day back to work for me. I am working in the a.m. only again this year and I think am really going to enjoy that with homeschooling. This week I am helping our new Preschool 3’s Teacher Mrs. V and working in the a.m. and p.m. classes. Our a.m. class has 15 students and our p.m. class has 8 students.

All Creation Sings God’s Glory“… tomorrow is our last day! What will she add next?!

2014-09-18 003_edited-1

Today Isabel “Sings God’s Glory” about her house and clothes.
I added my hands yesterday.

While I was at work Daddy and Isabel got a good portion of her work completed before I got home! After I got home we did Bible reading (about Noah from Genesis 6:5-22 and Luke 1:57-80 the birth of John the Baptist), our memorization of a Psalm 8 poem/song, science, Language Arts and spelling. It worked out very well and we were finished with her work just after dinner!