School News: Homework And Buttons

Today started out very foggy and didn’t clear up until later in the afternoon. I spent the day fighting a headache, which is something I haven’t had in awhile.

Isabel was very excited to get to school today and hand in her first ever homework assignment! She wanted to show the whole class her homework. She received the homework on Friday of last week but with a busy weekend, I decided to do the work on Monday after school. So I got everything together that I thought she would like to use for her homework; stickers, glitter glue, markers, pinto beans, black beans, rice, pom poms, and macaroni. She had a really fun time working on it and was actually able to do 2 projects for the homework but only chose one to take back to school. Enjoy!

Beginning her homework assignment.

Both leaves; which one did she chose?

Isabel and her “leaf” that she took to class. It will be displayed for the month of October in the classroom and then we will get it back.

After handing in her homework, she took off to hang up her coat and get to work on her name writing. She again told me today while I sat with her that she wanted to do it quick. So that she could finish reading her book before they moved on to other things. So she quickly finished, handed in her pencil, picked out a book, and sat at the quite time circle.

I arrived late, because as I noticed on Friday when I picked her up, I was better able to talk with the teachers. Otherwise, when all the other parents are there it’s chaos with kids, parents and noise. Today, when I arrived I was told that Isabel did an amazing job in Chapel today, and was given a special sticker for her behavior. Great job! I also was able to see the “leaf” tree that is taking great shape with all the leaves from the kids. So many colorful and unique leaves! Will have to take a photo before it’s taken down and all the leaves are up!

Today, the kids worked on the letter “B”.
“B” is for buttons, which were glued to large letter “B’s”.
Today they sang songs; the Growing song, the Memory Verse song, the Sticky Gumdrop song, and the Bible song (it’s not the B-I-B-L-E, she said) w/actions.

During free play time, Isabel sat down and made herself a Bracelet from the craft bin, with raffia and tissue paper. She was so proud of it and how she made it all by herself. “With no one to help, Momma!” she said.

Today, as I mentioned before, it was Chapel Wednesday. The story was about Elijah and a bird named Charlie. Charlie was a puppet and he was black. Elijah was a boy and he was sitting on a rock. Charlie would bring bread and fish (salmon) to Elijah. They sang songs and they even had games too in Chapel but she didn’t play the games.

On the playground she was able to get a bike! Usually, all the boys get the bikes and they don’t share. So today she got one. She liked to ride the bike but kept getting stuck but she figured it out, she said.

The special helper today was Rebecca. Rebecca brought chocolate cookies and juice for snack. Rebecca also brought “Jessie” from Toy Story 3! “Did you know there is a Toy Story 2, Momma?” she says with excitement. “Jessie is a doll and she has a pull string just like my elephant does and she talks! My elephant doesn’t talk though. Just Jessie does.” “Momma, when does Toy Story 4 come out, because I really want to see that.”

School News: Apples And Bubbles

Today has been warm and muggy, of all things, we normally aren’t muggy around here. I think we finally got up to 75 for the day.

When I took Isabel to school this morning, she immediately sat down to write her name for the day. She was excited to get back to school because she had been reading a book the other day and didn’t get to finish it. Later, when I went to pick her up after school, she told me that she had climbed to the top of the playground equipment by way of rope and that they also got to have cupcakes! I asked her if it was someones birthday and she said no, it was just our snack. I told her she was lucky because she got to eat dessert before lunch! She thought that was cool. She also told me one of the boys was laughing at her, because she had frosting all over her face. It was funny, she said.

Today, they worked with the letters A and B. For A, the kids pasted foam r-e-d apples to a giant letter A. For B, they made homemade bubble wands with a cup and a straw. Isabel said that she really had fun with it, but didn’t get to make a really big bubble like the other girls. One of the girls was popping everyone else’s bubbles and I told her that was O.K.

The special helper today was Rusty and she’s a girl with brown hair. She brought the cupcakes and juice for snack time. She also brought “Tinker-bell” for show and tell. Tinker-bell is Rusty’s brown teddy bear, who has a green dress and sparkly wings!

“A” is for apple.
“B” is for bubbles.

Butterflies And Dragonflies

Some friends of ours are having their third child next month and this weekend is a baby shower. Our gift to them and their baby girl is a blanket that I made for the theme of butterflies, dragonflies, and purple. Since I got my new sewing machine for my birthday this year, I’ve really enjoyed the few projects that I’ve done so far. I hope that I can get into sewing more. Enjoy!

The pinned up quilt. The front is a fleece material w/cute insects of dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs, snails, flowers, etc. While the back is a lilac colored cotton.
I’ve never made anything with fleece before and was a bit worried about the thickness and stretch of the material, I think I did o.k. for using the material for the first time.

Decorative edging that I used along the outside and to close my pull-through hole.

After getting it completed with the decorative edge and then tying up a few spots along the pink squares…

I had it finished in no time!
(Special Thank you to Sarah for getting me back on track!)

School News: God Made The World For Isabel

Like I mentioned in my Mommy helper blog, today Isabel brought her completed Creation book home today. Enjoy!

God called the light day and the darkness night. And there was evening, and there was morning – the first day. Genesis 1:5

God called the expanse sky. And there was evening, and there was morning – the second day. Genesis 1:8

God called the dry ground “land”, and the gathered waters he called “seas”. And God saw that it was good.
The land produced vegetation:… and trees bearing fruit… and there was evening, and there was morning-the third day. Genesis 1:10 & 12-13

God made two great lights – the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.
And there was evening, and there was morning – the fourth day. Genesis 1:16, 19.

So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems,… and every winged bird… And God saw that it was good.
And there was evening, and there was morning – the fifth day. Genesis 1:21, 23.

God made the wild animals..the livestock…and all the creatures that move along the ground…So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning – the sixth day. Genesis 1: 25, 27, 31

… So on the seventh day he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all his work. Genesis 2:2-3

The special helper today was Anika and she’s a girl with long black hair. For snack they had fruit snacks and juice. She couldn’t remember what she brought for show and tell.

School News: Mommy Helper

Today, I got to be the ‘Mommy helper” in Isabel’s class. I had no idea what was in store and was a bit excited to see Isabel interact with the other kids in her class.

After arriving and getting Isabel settled with doing her daily name writing assignment, I waited around for class to begin. After Isabel completed her name assignment, she headed over to the quiet “circle” to get a book and wait for the others to write their names. I didn’t want to sit by her on the rug, so I sat on the opposite side in the back. After going through the morning prayer, pledges, calender, roll-call, and bible lesson, I was called away by Ms. Calvert, while Mrs. “W” read a story about an ant who didn’t think that it could help the colony like the other ants.

Ms. Calvert and I set up the days weekly theme craft. The next two weeks Bible theme is the story of Creation or “God made the World for Isabel” and they were on days 2 and 3.

Day 2: God created sky.
The kids (and I) got to glue cotton balls to make clouds. Some of those kids can get a little crazy with the glue, we tried to keep it under control!

Day 3: God created land, trees, grass, and flowers.
The kids glued on pom poms for the coconuts.

After the theme project we headed back over to the circle rug and sang songs. We sang; Sally the Camel, A song about beavers, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. All the songs had hand actions and was a bit entertaining to watch the kids try to get the hand motions correct (myself included). Afterward, we headed outside to the playground. On the way there, the teachers learned that there was going to be a fire drill today. Oh fun!

When we got to the playground, I helped the boys get the bikes out, helped push kids on the swing, and tried to keep some of the kids from throwing rocks. Yikes! After our playground time, we had time to share, until the fire drill. So we played follow the leader until we heard the alarm begin. I tried to keep the kids in order and keep them focused on Mrs. “W” and Ms. Calvert. We got a bit scattered a few times and then we’d get back in line. On the way to our designated fire drill area in the parking lot, I noticed Isabel crying. When I caught up to her, she wanted me to hold her. Very quickly, I tried to explain the drill  to her without scaring her, while keeping an eye on all the other kids and making sure they were understanding where they were to go. (She never did stop crying, in her mind the school was going to burn down.)

What mayhem! I think after a few more drills, everyone (including office staff) will know were everyone is supposed to stand in the parking lot. When the fire drill was over and we were given the O.K. to head back, we stopped by the bathrooms for hand washing and potty breaks. I helped the kids reach the soap, made sure everyone got their hands washed, and anyone needing the bathroom used it quickly. After getting back into the classroom, the kids headed over to the circle rug for… something, I can’t remember. I was helping get the snack set out on the tables.

The special helper was Ms. Calvert (the teachers were the special helpers the first 2 days of school). She bought fruit snacks and juice for snack and there was no show and tell. She did get to read the kids a story… which I can’t remember what it was about. After snack the kids got to do free play…

… at the sensory table filled with lima beans.

… dressing up.

… with trucks/cars, building roads and bugs!

… mold clay and view-finders.

The kids are allowed to play with anything in the room. It’s great to see them interact with each other. Afterward, they sang the “Clean-up” song and sat back at the quiet rug to welcome back the parents.

School News: First Day Of School

Today was the first day of classes at school! Isabel was so excited…

First day of school!

We arrived a bit early because of road construction and didn’t want to be late on the first day! How horrible would that be! So we waited…Isabel asked me how long it was going to be. I said, “About 10 minutes or so and then we’ll head over.” She then proceeded to count the minutes down from 10…9…8…7…”Is it 6 minutes Momma?”…”yes”…5…4…”Can we go now Momma?”…”In a little bit”…3…”Can we go now?”…2…”I want to go. Let’s go say hello, Momma to our friend.”…1. “It’s time to go! Momma! So we get out and walked over to our friend, who’s little boy is going to the same school but is full-time kindergarten this year.

We walked into class and hung up her coat and then got a pencil and then went to find her “name” to practice writing it correctly. She only wanted to trace her name and that was fine, it’ll get easier for her to do and she’ll be writing like a pro before long! Afterward, she got up, pushed in her chair, returned her pencil, got a book, and sat down on the rainbow rug while waiting for the other kids to finish their names. Then about this time it was time for all the Mommies and Daddies to leave. I did get a little worried when she wanted me to stay and read the book she had picked out but that soon dissolved when she noticed other kids crying for their Mommies not to leave. She has such a compassionate heart! We are truly blessed with an amazing little girl!

The highlight of her day…was playing on the PLAYGROUND! There is a tire swing and she got on (w/some other kids) and someone pushed! She talked with Makayla because she was shy and didn’t want her mommy to leave. She had a snack with cheese that she got to spread on crackers (w/a little stick) all by herself! She told me she should have saved me one so that I could try them as well. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’ve tried them before. She got to pick berries off a stick and bring them home in a baggie, but don’t eat the green ones, they are hard, she says!…

I wasn’t anxious or nothing about her time away from me, I knew she would love it and she did. My hope and prayer for this year ahead is that she will make some GIRL-friends and have lots of fun learning.


It’s been about a month or two since I’ve updated the family blog. At the beginning of August my Grandmother passed away and Isabel and I traveled back for the funeral. The plan, originally, was for us to stay a week or two and then that all changed after we realized the cost of flights to return home. So we decided to stay and drive back with my parents to Utah and then take a flight out of Vegas. Well, that didn’t work out either, so we ended up staying until the end of the month when my parents went on vacation… to our house. We rode along with them back home and got to save ourselves a few hundred dollars on flights for us. So now that I’m home and things are again starting to fall into a normal routine, I can hopefully get the blog back up to the latest news, information, and happenings of our life’s. So keep coming back, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! See ya…