Happy Birthday Jimmy

On Saturday is our friends little boys birthday , he is just 5 days older then Isabel. So this morning right after breakfast, I had her decorate his birthday card so I could get it in the mail on time. Enjoy!

It’s a choo-choo train card and on the back she drew the conductor of the train, saying “hi” to Jimmy and put some stickers. Then she wrote her name.

Happy 4th Birthday, Jimmy!

Learning With Pooh Part II

More learning of shapes and sizes with Pooh and friends. Enjoy!


Crescent and star…again both pages have minimal coloring in the areas that need to be colored.

This was a matching and pasting project.
I cut out all the shape for her because they were so small.

Shape recognition.

Smallest to largest.
Her number writing skills need a bit of work since her 2’s look like 1’s and her 3 on the honey pot is backwards. But she did it!

Follow that pattern.
This was so fun to watch her do; the large gift on the top in colored because “it has paper on it so no one can see what’s inside”, she says. The short gift on the bottom is a bit big but it has a smiley face in it! She really enjoyed this one and I enjoyed watching and listening to her do it!

Last one…follow the pattern.
She drew each correct shape/color but then had to color each one in.
(Each shape is completely colored in compared to when we first started the book…)
Great job Isabel and congratulations for completing your shapes and sizes!

Learning With Pooh

Last year for Isabel’s “almost 3” party in January, my parents got her some early learning workbooks with Pooh bear and friends. I’ve pulled them out over the past year and worked with her on colors (which she already knew but was good review), shapes and sizes, letters of the alphabet, and numbers and counting. Along with those skills, she had to follow directions, and do some cutting and pasting. These past few days marks the end of 2 of the books; shapes & sizes and colors. Enjoy!

To get her started, I did the blue one.

Which if you notice…I actually did for her because at the time, she didn’t understand what to do…I should have waited.

Notice her coloring at the time we started; she never would fill in the area to be colored. In her mind, I think, she just needed to color the number 1 yellow, the number 2 blue, and the number 3 red – nothing more.

Again, I did the dot to dot and I should have waited.

These last 2 pages are shape recognition review.