Tie Dyed

On Wednesday, I took Isabel and her friend Ms. M to the local craft store to participate in a class. We purchased the class (along with another) for Ms. M’s birthday.

Yesterday’s class the girls made tie dyed shirts. Today we got to rinse, wash and set the dye to the 2 shirts that Isabel made during her class (no photos of Ms. M’s).

2015-08-06 001_edited-1

Rinsing out the extra dye.

2015-08-06 005_edited-1

The first shirt to set is good to wear!
Looks a little faded, maybe the lighting.

2015-08-07 003-2

Shirt 2 is the shirt from the top photo, that was wrapped in a circle.
The girls had a really fun time and I’m glad they had the day together to create some memories.

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