It’s Potty Time

We actually purchased a little kid potty (that we keep in the downstairs bathroom) last year and Isabel has used it a few times. But now that she’s 3, we’ve been encouraging the use of it!¬† A few weeks ago however, I purchased a potty seat (for upstairs) that sits over the larger toliet and she’s used it more otten then the actual kid potty downstairs! We don’t push but encourage it because she needs to learn how to go to school in the fall – which is something she REALLY wants to do! So we’ll keep at it…she’ll get it when she gets it!

Hippo bubbles

Isabel received this adorable hippo bubble maker for her birthday and yesterday was a gorgeous day to get out and try it! She had a blast! Enjoy!

All smiles as the bubbles begin!

Hundreds of bubbles floating in the air!

She always thinks she can climb our “stick” of a tree!
I think she’d do it, if she could!

After bubbles, she rode her bike around the block…I walked and she rode.



She learned this from the Bernstien Bears…of all places!

Happy Birthday Daisy

Happy 6th Birthday Daisy!

True to your Vizsla self your hair is turning white
(started last year but we’ve noticed it more this year)
and now you always like have to keep a sweater on – even in the summer!
Your a dopey dog but we couldn’t see our lives without you!

Vizsla Words…

VLICKING – The typical Vizsla greeting, more specifically defined as the art of licking a person all over while jumping four feet off the ground.

VIZALOPE – What your Vizsla turns into when released at the park.

VHINING -The noise heard when your Vizsla needs attention or the noise heard when your Vizsla knows your are on the way to the park. (Daisy can do this one really well!)

VTU-Vizsla Thermal Unit, the amount of heat generated by the dog, on your side of the bed, in July (or any time of year!)

VIZSFUL thinking-the way our Vizsla can stare seemingly for hours at whatever we are eating, thinking we are going to feed her from the table.

VIZSLAPSED TIME-The time it takes for 1) your Vizsla to strike the most beautiful pose or point you’ve ever seen; 2) you grab your camera; 3) you begin to press down on the shutter button; 4) your Vizsla yawns, closes his/her eyes, hunches his/her body in a stretch and looks really goofy; and 5) voila-the picture is taken.

VEXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION-How a Vizsla knows that you’re putting on your “let’s- go-for-a-walk-or-run” shoes or clothes; or the fact that it’s a weekend morning.

VIZLAMIC-the religion of loving Vizslas.

VALLET-The elegant and graceful dance movements that only a Vizsla can perform.

VALLISTIC-As in “gone Vallistic”; to describe the wild brain cramps-induced bouncing off the walls behavior that only a Vizsla can perform.

VADAR-The electromagnetic system that allows a sleeping Vizsla on the far end of the second floor to detect that you have just begun to cut into an apple/carrot, peeled a banana, or opened the peanut butter!!!!!

VOPPLER EFFECT-The ability of a Vizsla to warp time and space to be sitting politely at your feet, staring at the apple before you’ve finished the first cut.

VIZSMEARS-The smudges on the inside of car windows where your Vizsla presses her nose.

Conversation With Isabel

Tonight as we sat down for dinner, I began to tell Isabel that if she ate all her dinner; she would get a very special treat (leftovers – from her birthday celebration). So after dinner, as I was getting the very special treat dished up, I ask Gino…

Me: Are you going to have a C-U-P (spelling) C-A-K-E?

Isabel: I want a C-R-P (spelling)!

Later, as we were eating our very special treat, Gino and Isabel share this conversation…

Gino: Does Lula like cupcakes?

Isabel: No, she doesn’t have any teeth!

Gino: So what does she eat?

Isabel: Grapes!

It’s here

…Isabel’s BIG GIRL bed!

Her big girl bed is almost ready…we need sheets!

Who needs sheets – Isabel’s just excited to get her new bed!

Luckily I was able to find some old sheets that I had when I was kid.
(I loved these sheets!)
The quilt is from my very good friend, Sarah, who is an amazing seamstress! It works perfectly with Isabel’s room…butterfly’s! Thank you Sarah!

However, we realized that having a toddler in a bed wasn’t going to work with only one set of sheets so over the next few days, we went looking around for sheets and a larger comforter. We also had to get her some steps to get in and out of bed, otherwise she couldn’t get in and she practically fell out when trying to get out! That’s not good…

We found this adorable set, which included the sheets and comforter at Target!
Now I need to find a pretty dust ruffle and a couple more coordinating sheets
and she’s good to go!

She’s been in the bed now for almost 2 months and she’s done an amazing job! I was worried that she’d get up and play during the night but she hasn’t (yet) and I’ve been worried about her opening her door and falling down the stairs (I did this all the time when I was little!); when she gets in bed at night she stays in bed until I enter her room the next day! What a blessing! I’m a worry wort for nothing!

Happy Birthday Isabel

Today is the celebration of Isabel’s birth! She’s 3! Wahoo! So much in store for her as she heads in to this new year of her life…board games, toys with small parts (well almost), Play-Doh and the biggest thing…school this fall!

We are so excited for you and so thankful that you are healthy and happy. We thank God for giving you to us and are honored to be called your parents. Every day is a new adventure! We pray that as you grow, you understand the wonder, hope, and abundant love of Jesus. You are a true blessing from above…God bless you Isabel – We Love You!

Isabel counting out how old she is!
Tonight will be the last night she sleeps in her baby crib…
tomorrow she gets a BIG GIRL bed!

Every month on the day of her birth, I measure her height and weight
just to see how much, if at all, she’s grown!

On this day she’s 36 1/2 inches tall and weighs 28 1/2 pounds!

For breakfast we went to Denny’s for “alien” pancakes!
She loves pancakes – just like me when I was little!

Blowing out her candles!

After cupcakes, it’s time to open her gifts…which weren’t to many
since she received so many at her “almost 3” party.
A stroller for her new baby from Nana, some Play-Doh and accessories
and a hippo that blows bubbles.

Weekend Den Remodel Part 3

The two day weekend projected turned into three days…because we decided to paint at the last minute. Enjoy!

All prepped and ready to go!
The paint color is called “Promenade”.

Isabel painting…she did a really good job for it being her first time (large scale)!

Reaching up high!
Not to much paint on her either…she’s a cleaner painter then I am!

The finished wall.
I haven’t taken any finished photos yet…I’ll have to do that…