So thankful for a sunny “warm” day!


We stepped outside for our gorgeous sunny day today! A bit breezy which required the light jackets but otherwise wonderful!

Gino and I were working on the front side yard grass; adding some dirt to the “holes” where Daisy goes potty. Isabel helped out for a little bit but then the dirt pile called and she was gone…

“Don’t throw dirt, Isabel”
(a little later, Mommy took me inside because I didn’t obey that rule!)

Watching Daddy use the edger along the driveway.

Love dirt but don’t like getting dirty!


Isabel and I try to keep busy with being cooped up in the house; here are just a few things we do to keep the “blues” away…

Seeing the world through “different” eyes!

Wait for Daddy (who on this particular day; fell asleep on the train, missed his stop and wound up in Tacoma! Silly Daddy!).

“Pretend” to sleep.

Pose for mommy.

See how much she’s grown!

Play with Hot Wheels!

Project Beginnings

As I was getting the door installation blog together, I ran into some photos from just 8 months ago that I thought would be nice to share. You can really get a better understanding of how it’s changed in just that short time. Enjoy!


This was taken back in August 2007. We began by raking all the rocks up in the backyard and Isabel even did her part, carrying little rocks and just playing in the dirt.


This is just one month later, in September, still working on the rocks in the yard. I think Isabel must be eating them because that mouth is dirty!


This isn’t actually working on a “project” for the house but you get a better sense of the changes when you see how she looks today.

Door Installation

This door installation is located in our garage. Gino had a contractor guy come out to do an estimate on the project and the guy told Gino that it would take him $1,100.00 to do! Gino said, no thanks, I’ll do it myself and this is how it goes…

The cutout doorway.

Anchor bolts that needed to be cut away.

Marking for doorway trim cutout.

Daddy’s little helper. (Isabel loves to help)

This wood round is leftover from the light installation that we had done back in January. She likes this piece of wood so much; that it’s been brought into the house and she even wanted to sleep with it today at nap time!

Doorway ready for trim.

Unpainted trim work.

Painted trim work.

Door packaging removal.

Door installed…well sort of.

Door leveling and shim installation.
(I’ll have to go out and take a photo of the completed project.)
My hubby did a fantastic job! :o)

One Of Many Firsts

We took Isabel to the Movie Theater to see her first movie on Thursday.

We went to see “Horton Hears a Who“.

We arrived a little late so missed the opening previews, which was perfect because we were a little concerned about them being to scary for her. The movie theater had booster seats available for little tikes, which I thought was very cool, so she was able to sit comfortably on that and it even had a holder for her sippy cup! After we got settled into our seats, Isabel was transported into a whole new world of movie theater magic. I’m not going to give away the movie for those of you that haven’t seen it. The only part that we didn’t particularly like was near the end and the child kangaroo tells his mother kangaroo “NO” when she tells him to do something. Regardless, you always need to listen and obey your parents. So this isn’t helpful when you’re trying to teach your toddler not to say it to Mommy and Daddy.

Though it was a cute movie and Isabel enjoyed the first 45 min. of the 1 and 1/2 hr. long movie. She did start to get restless as the 8 o’clock hour approached but all in all she did great!