Goodbye Nana and Pompo

Today is our last day with Nana and Pompo. They have visited with us for 2 weeks and now it’s time for them to go back home. We sure did have fun and have enjoyed our time together with them and we will surely miss them when they are gone.

Their flight isn’t until 5:30, so we took (Pompo took us!) them to lunch at Bahama Breeze before taking them to the airport.

But first it’s a lovely day for some photos outside…

Gino with his parents.

Family shot with Nana and Pompo.

Now it’s time for some lunch! I’m hungry…

Nana and Isabel playing games on her menu.

Pompo and Nana both got the chicken tortilla soup.
Isabel got bow-tie pasta with sauce and a fruit cup.

Gino got a apple-wood bacon and cheddar burger and fries and I got this yummy wood-grilled chicken breast sandwich (DELICIOUS!)

Thirft Store Shopping

Today we took Nana and Pompo to the thrift stores downtown, hoping to find Isabel a new winter jacket.

Didn’t find a coat but I did find 2 shirts and 2 skirts for her, for under $11.00! What a deal and they are all so cute!!!

The 2 skirts she can wear to chapel on Tuesdays and the shirts she can wear in layers with other things she already owns!

Skirt number 1 is corduroy, lined and is adjustable waist.
She could also wear a belt with it, threaded through the loops along the top.

Skirt number 1 can be worn with this shirt.
(which was given to her for Christmas from Nana and Pompo).

Skirt number 1 can also be worn with this shirt.
(which was given to her for Christmas from Mommy and Daddy)

Shirt number 1 is a short sleeve top that can be layered with a long sleeve underneath.

Close up of the pattern for shirt number 1.
Can be worn with just about any color! Adorable!

Skirt 2 is cotton and can be worn to twirl in!

Close up of skirt 2.
Love the cream flowered design.

Shirt number 2 is just a long sleeved brown shirt that I purchased to layer with other items that she already owns. I didn’t take a picture, it’s just brown and plain.

Isabel purchased, with her own money, 2 gently used books to add to her growing library. She was thrilled to get both of them for .99 cents each! Can’t go wrong with a book for that price!

Game Nights

Most evenings we sat around the table playing games with Nana and Pompo. We either played “Sequnce” or “Rummikub“.

One afternoon, before Isabel went to bed…

We played her new “Spoons” card game.
Isabel caught on to this game really fast but still needed some help now and then.

Later that night, we played “Rummikub”, until early the next morning!

Gingerbread Get Dressed

Today we decorated our gingerbread men ladies (and Nana made 1 reindeer!). Enjoy!

Just getting started.
I didn’t realize the frosting I bought was green, oh well they were still yummy!

First pan of men ladies.
Since Isabel was giving them all girl names.

First batch completed.
The reindeer Nana made is in the upper left corner.

Second batch was slow going.
Isabel wanted to load them up with candy!

I think someone had a cookie!?!

Working on getting the little gals done.

2nd batch is a bit smaller then the first, we had to try them!
I made one (it’s in the upper right corner)!

Last few ones…

All finished!