Well It Was Bound To Happen

I was cutting up some round steak for dinner in the kitchen and Isabel was running around the house just being silly. When all of a sudden; I hear the familiar sound (I have been known to fall down the stairs – thankfully I haven’t done it in a few years) of something falling down the stairs.

Isabel fell down the stairs.

I do a quick 1 second hand wash and run down the hall but before I even make it that far she’s already screaming. I scoop her up and all the while run my hands over her little body to make sure nothing is broken or soaked with blood. My worst fear is blood and the second is somethings broken. Luckily, she is o.k. and mama’s o.k. too.

The remainder of the evening she wouldn’t step foot by the stairs. She did however climb them to go to bed, with the assistance of mom, of course. It was bound to happen!

Almost a record!

Well, we almost hit record temperatures today; we got up to 92 degrees!

Which is rather hot for us, Gino and I were commenting on how did we ever live in Southern Utah where the temps in the summer always go above 100. We wouldn’t make it now, that’s for sure. Anything above 85 degrees is to hot anymore.

So with the temperature climbing we headed outside to do some yard work and get a little cool in the process.

Isabel’s first time in the sprinkler and she gets down and scoots.

Trying to catch water droplets.

Playing in the sprinkler is so much fun and a great way to keep cool!



Looking for bugs and frogs is an amusing thing to do while we let the sun dry our clothes.

Bye-bye bubbles – hello water!

Its officially summer!

What are your plans?

Our plans are for staying at home and working on our yard. We want to get some dirt moved, our paver’s put in for the patio, and get our fence up. Also to go see some area attractions, so be on the lookout for photos and stories this summer.

To kick off the summer season, Isabel headed out and blew some bubbles.

The bubble blowing didn’t last long though as Daddy got the hose out to water some dry spots in the grass and plants around the yard.

“Help” she says.

Pretty flower (supposed to be a distraction from the water).

Well that didn’t work, she got to help alright…

She did very well watering the plants but got a lot of the water on her self.

“Water the plant, Isabel…”

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We have had cloudy, cold, and rainy days since we got home from vacation on the 30th of May.

However, yesterday was a beautiful day – it got up to 67 degrees!

The morning started out cloudy and cool but by late afternoon it was blue skies and warm. On days like this I clear the calender and head outdoors with Isabel.

Anymore whenever I get the camera out (which is not as often) the first thing Isabel asks…”Momma see. Momma see.” I then say, “Momma hasn’t taken a picture yet. Can I take your picture?” and then her reply is always the same “No.” Which is her reply for everything you ask her.

Nana (Gino’s mother) gave Isabel this huge stuffed dog that can be used as a pillow or a blanket. She decided that Daisy could use it to keep warm, since she’s always cold.

Since we got back from our vacation, Isabel hasn’t wanted anyone to read to her.
She still reads books to herself, or to anyone that will listen, and to Daisy.

“Uise”, Isabel’s word for juice, is lip smacking good on a warm day.

Cruising the neighborhood.

Yosemite/Utah vacation May 2008 – part VI

Well, our vacation is coming to a close. We spent Memorial Day with Gino’s family, Gino made BBQ baby back ribs, Gino’s mom made her great tasting 7-layer salad, and we had loaded potato salad. Yummo!

Cousin Shelby and Isabel share a lounge chair.

Aunt Crystal (Gino’s sister) and cousin Abby with Nana’s dog Sal.

Before we left, Gino and I celebrated our anniversary and my parents watched Isabel for us, while we went out and celebrated the day together.

Gma and Isabel coloring.

Coloring with Gma is fun!

By the time we got pack to my parents house, Isabel was worn out from all the adventures she shared with Gma and Gmpa while we were out celebrating.

Taking a power nap in Gmpa’s recliner.
We left Utah on Thursday and arrived home on Friday evening.

Yosemite/Utah vacation May 2008 – part V (continued)

These are the last photos from this day. Enjoy!

Gma plays a game of croquette with the kids.

Jerry helping Bryndee and Bryson lining up his next shot.

Everyone got stuck around the peg.

My brother Jerry and his family.
Brenden, Angie, Bryndee, Jerry and Brienna.

My brother Daniel and his family.
Bryson, Marci, Daniel and Kaylie.

My family.
Gino later pointed out to me that all my nieces and nephews are all taller then me except for Bryndee – she will be too though! :o)