School News: A Penguin

Today was supposed to be Isabel’s special helper day but earlier in the month, Mrs. W pulled me aside and asked if we could postpone her day because one of the other students hadn’t had a special helper day and was going to be gone the majority of December. I said that was more then fine! So her special helper day will be on Wednesday, December 1st.

Today, Isabel said, she didn’t have a good day…

One of the other girls asked for something that Isabel had picked up off the floor and when Isabel handed it to her, the girl made a “mean face” at Isabel. Later when the same girl bumped into Isabel by accident she said excuse me. I told Isabel, that she didn’t have to be upset by the “mean face”, and that even though someone is “mean” to you, you should not be “mean” to them or make “mean faces”. I said that maybe, the other girl wasn’t having a good day today, and the she still needs to be nice. We need to be thankful for our friends, even when they are mean and make “mean faces” at us.

However, sometime, during free play a few of the boys wanted to play with something Isabel was playing with and were asking her “not very nicely”, she said, to have it. I think all the kids were in a bit of a grumpy moody today, after being out of school all last week due to the snow and Thanksgiving. Hopefully by Wednesday things will be back to normal and everyone can get along.

The special helper today was Dany. He brought a black, white, and orange penguin and a brown puppy for show and tell. The puppy had a bone, a bottle, and a carriage. For snack they had a strawberry, grapes, a cookie, and juice.

Snowman That Does Not Melt

Isabel was sad to see her snowman melt away and I was in the mood to do some type of Christmas craft with her since school has been out all week. So I went online to find something to do with the materials I had on hand, easy, and fun. She worked on it over the weekend, letting it dry in between adding the different items to it. Enjoy!

Meet Isabel’s “snowman-that-does-not-melt” or as she also like’s to call it “the snowman who is praising God”. She did everything herself (I did all the cutting out of pieces and assembled the hands). I think she did a great job with it, she says she wants to keep it and put it up with all the Christmas decorations each year.

I hope to do some more paper plate crafts with her. There is also a cute angel that I found, that is similar to one that I did when I was little, so we’ll see. Oh, by the way, it’s hanging on the door going into the laundry room, it’s cute, festive, and like she says, he does not melt, so there is no mess!

School News: No School = Snowman

Yesterday, Gino and Isabel worked hard together to get a little snowman built in the front yard. It’s been 5 days since the snow landed and I didn’t think they would actually get one together. Enjoy!

Getting some rocks…

Trying to get the rocks to stay…

Meet “Snow, the snowman”.

Isabel had a lot of fun (I think Gino did too!) and later when we noticed “Snow” laying on the grass. She said, “Momma, Snow is taking a nap.” Thankfully, the rain returned over night and melted the remaining snow away, so today there was only a small pile of “Snow” remained. I hope now that the snow has melted Isabel can get back to school on Monday. She has missed being with her new friends but I’ve been keeping her busy. Today we worked on a snowman that won’t ever melt…until tomorrow.

School News: No School

No school today due to the weather…snow! We awoke yesterday to a covering of white before we went to church. After church it was mostly melted but later in the day it began to snow and continued into the night. Enjoy!

Before we headed outside, I took some shots of the neighborhood. This is looking west.

Looking south.

Does she look like she’s having fun?

She got me!

Having fun in the snow.

Cold rosy cheeks, nose, fingers, and toes!

School News: Fireman

Today was a fun day for Isabel. One of the Daddies came and told the class about what he does in the fire department. He had a really loud hat, she said but he turned it down. Some of the class got to wear his hat, coat, and boots but Isabel said she didn’t want to try them on. He told the class what to do when your house was on fire. If you can’t go out the door, go to the window and someone will come and help you out. If a fire truck comes on your street, stay out of the road and in your yard because the fire truck could run you over. She got to practice how to stop, drop, and roll, she didn’t roll very good, she said.

Isabel with all her goodies from her goodie bag!
(the turkey ring is from the special helper)

Isabel turkey puppet, that she colored, cut out, and pasted to the bag all by herself.
(We didn’t think so…Gino thought it was a turtle and I thought it was a dinosaur!)

Today, she talked with Deven, Makayla, and Zachary. They practiced singing their Christmas songs for the program next month. The special helper today was Emily and it was her birthday today! They sang Happy birthday to her. For show and tell, Emily brought a pink hamster (not real). The hamster, who’s name was Pinky, had 2 houses, a summer home and a winter home and a ball. For snack they had breakfast bars that were blueberry, chocolate chip, oatmeal. They even had cupcakes with turkey rings on them (see the above picture) to celebrate too! Isabel said, she was really messy with her cupcake and everyone was laughing at her.

After school, she dove right into her goodie bag and started coloring pages and doing the other activities in her fireman color book.

Thank you fireman!
You keep us safe and help us out when their is a fire at home or school!