First Grade: Day 92 – Half Day

Today is Thankful Thursday and is P.E. with Mrs. S and computer lab with Mrs. T. Since today was a half day, both of these were cancelled.

I was the lead teacher in both the A.M. and P.M. 3’s classes. Mrs. Dickerson’s grandfather passed away earlier this week and she took the day off to be with family. I was glad to help and enjoyed it!

Isabel said they did testing today. There was the Bible verse test, spelling test and science test.

This weeks verse was a bit harder to learn with words like; attitude and Philippians.
She only had 2 days to learn it too!
Her hard work was rewarded with 100% though!

Fill in the words to complete the sentences.

Front: what picture matches the slide word.

Back: rhyming words.

Front: Pick the best word to complete the sentences.

Back: write the best word to complete the sentences.

Science test about the science experiment “Speedy Sounds“.

Science test about the science experiment “String Thing.

After school Daddy picked up Isabel, while I stayed at school to finish the day leading the afternoon class.

First Grade: Day 91

Today is Wonderful Wednesday and it’s music class with Mr. G.

Isabel didn’t say anything about her day today. So I’m just using the classwork…

Golden Rule!

Back: Isabel’s prayer;
“Lord, help me to put others first. Help me to be selfless, not selfish.”

Front: choose the word that matches the picture and then write it.

Back: read the story and then answer the questions.

Front: counting pennies.

Back: counting pennies.

Front: listen to the sound of the words and fill in the correct answer.

Back: choose the word that matches the picture and then write it.

Front: circle the pictures that rhyme.

Back: color the pictures with the /ō/ sound.

First Grade: Day 90

Today is Terrific Tuesday, which means it’s Chapel and library day!

I had a meeting this afternoon so didn’t get a whole lot of information about her day at school. I do know that they did a lot of work!

This weeks Bible verse is…

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5
this is a GREAT verse for anyone and everyone!

She did mention that she got to finish her MAP testing that she had started yesterday before the leaving for the Bee. Also, Teacher Mrs. B had asked Isabel to bring her trophy into class today. She showed everyone who hadn’t seen it. Everyone was very happy for her and told her congratulations for all her hard work!

Today was “Family Chapel”, the first one in the new year.

Both of these items were done during “Family Chapel” at some point.

The Impact man, Isabel said she did that during another “Family Chapel” not today. The “Happy New Year” place card was from today and has the Bible verse Psalm 8:1 on the back, “O Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth.”  Today in “Family Chapel” they worked over Psalm 8:1-9

Front: Psalm 8:1-4
Isabel’s “family” worked together on this Psalm but Isabel did all the art work.

Back: Psalm 8:5-9
Isabel did all the art work. Love the pictures and the details!

This week, she got a M.T.H. book from her time at the library.

Front: unscramble spelling words for this week.

Back: sort spelling words by the sound they make.

The spelling words for the week are…

low, bow, row, road, soap, boat, wish, bikes, wiggle,
middle, talk, school, raked, mice, fix, and keys
(a bit easier then words she was learning a week ago for the Bee!)

Yesterday while Isabel was at the Bee, the class continued working on their science experiment with sound. Today they finished up the lesson on “sound and density“.

Science lesson on “Speedy Sound“.

They did this experiment in class today.

Observations to the above experiment.

Front: sort the words by the sound they make.

Back: capitalize the months in each sentence.

Front: complete the sentences correctly.

Back: capitalize the holidays.

Front: place the correct word in the sentence.

Back: place the correct word in the sentence.

First Grade: Spelling Bee

Today is the Spelling Bee!

After weeks and weeks of practice the day has finally arrived. We had to drive up to Bothell (just over an hours drive) where the Bee was being held. After we arrived we were told only 1 parent was allowed in the room with the spellers and Isabel choose to take Daddy with her! I got to sit in the church sanctuary and watch VeggieTales!

Memorabilia from the spelling bee.
Word list, name tag and a program.

We had to wait for the Bee to start.
She’s super excited!… and a little nervous!

Daddy and Isabel left the church sanctuary at around 12:30 pm and at 1:40 pm Gino texted me that she had won first place!!!

After 17 other participants, 20 rounds, 22 words and countless hours of practice she was the winner. If they had gone another round they would have used the unpublished first-grade words.

Her winning words were:

(missing one because we can’t remember what it was!)

To win the Bee she had to spell 2 words; rift and strings. She had 4 easy words, 3 average words, and 14 difficult words.

First place was Isabel and she got a trophy.
Second, third and fourth places got a ribbon! Awesome job first-graders!!!

That smile was priceless!
She is so happy!

Teacher Mrs. B (she was a judge – in another room) was there as well and she was excited to hear and see Isabel win!
12 students (1st-6th grade) from our school attended the Bee.

In the car on the way home she kept her hands on her trophy and a smile on her face the whole way!

At home with her trophy!

Her trophy.

First Grade: Day 88

Today is Fantastic Friday and it was School Spirit Day the theme for today was your favorite sports team.

Today was also music class with Mr. G but she didn’t tell me what they did.

Our favorite team!
Go Big Red!!

Friday’s are testing days in class. There is a spelling test, a Phonograms test, and a Bible verse test. Sometimes there are additional tests on this day as well, it just depends on what is going on during the week.

She missed a few on her Bible verse this week.

Just learning about “i before e, except after c” rule and she forgot Jesus (uh-oh)!!
I think she did a fantastic job, she’s working hard each week in class plus her
Spelling Bee words. Great job!

Front: Phonograms test.
She was 1 of only a few in class to get 100%.

Back: Phonograms test.
She did so well that Principle Mrs. B called to tell us that both her and Teacher Mrs. B are very proud of her! Way to go, Kiddo!

******      ******

Each day of the week the class does a little DLR or Daily Language Review test first thing in the morning each and every morning that they are in class. Today’s DLR…

With Monday’s Spelling Bee just around the corner… Isabel has her Bee on her mind.
She knows what she’ll be doing this weekend at least!

Front: color the picture that has the same sound as the picture.

Back: what sound begins with each picture.
“cl”, “fl” or “pl”

Front: write the months correctly.

Back: answer the questions about the months.
She likes February because it’s her birthday!

Math front page 1 with homework on back.

Math front page 2 with homework on back.
Both math pages have not been graded yet, they will be when she completes the homework and hands it in on Monday.

******      ******

Math back page 1: homework for this weekend.

Math back page 2: homework for this weekend.

First Grade: Day 87

Today is Thankful Thursday and is P.E. with Mrs. S and computer lab with Mrs. T.

For P.E. with Mrs. S. they played “shark island” and “pac-man”. Isabel said she was the winner from the first round of “pac-man”. All the other “pac-men” were in the “time out”. She also got hurt while playing “shark island”, she scrapped off a dime-sized layer of skin from her right knee. She went to the office and they helped her with cleaning it and put a bandage on it.

She couldn’t remember what they did in computer lab (My guess is they did AR testing). They did a science experiment in class and Isabel was chosen to help Teacher Mrs. B at the front of the class.

The class is still talking about sound and today they talked about pitch.

Isabel helped Teacher Mrs B with the above experiment.
She got to hold the string and even got to pluck it a few times.

kn” says “n” as in “know“.

ei” says “e” as in “receive” or “a” as in “veil” or “i” as in “forfeit“.

Front: complete the sentences.

Back: working with the days of the week.

Front: working with “l” as in pickle, kettle, bottle.
Love the coloring!

Back: working with “l” as in apple and saddle.

Some of her math work.

First Grade: Day 86 – Happy Birthday Mrs. B

Today is Wonderful Wednesday, it’s music class with Mr. G and it’s also Teacher Mrs. B’s Birthday!

Isabel also lost another tooth!! The last tooth she lost was on the 9th of this month! Which makes this tooth her 8th tooth lost, at this rate she’s not going to have any teeth left!

She said this morning that when she woke up her mouth felt funny. She got a tissue and spit her tooth out! You can already see the other tooth coming in it’s place.

Before school Isabel and I stopped at the store to buy Teacher Mrs. B a flower for her special day. Teacher Mrs. B was truly surprised…

Happy Birthday Mrs. B!
Isabel picked out Calla lilies that were two colors, white/pink.

Isabel had wanted to make her a card but we didn’t have time, so I made one last night after she went to bed and she signed it this morning.

Front: working with spelling words for the week.
Unscramble the words.

Back: spelling words for the week.

Math work.
Isabel said they folded the paper down the dotted line and focused on the problems on each half of the paper at a time.

Front: working with double letter and “ck” words.

Back: fill in the word that best completes the sentence.

******      ******

This afternoon she’s working hard on her spelling words for the week.
She spells them out four times each while writing out the word.

Isabel calls this her loco face!

Reading this weeks library book aloud. I figured it would be better to do it before the weekend so we could practice Bee words.
It took her 2 days to read it to me and she did a fantastic job.

First Grade: Day 85

Today is Terrific Tuesday, which means it’s Chapel and library day!

I had a meeting today after school again (like last week) so I didn’t get to hear about her school day. She did mention playing with her friend Joy at recess and they were going to play together again tomorrow.

She couldn’t remember the speakers name in Chapel today. All she could remember was that it wasn’t Pastor Shawn!

Since today is the first day of school for the week, we have a new Bible verse to learn by Friday.

“Just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him.”
Colossians 2:6

This is a great verse and there are 2 spelling bee words in it as well!

Her library book for this week is a BIG one!
It has many pages and is a large size (not your normal book size) as well.

Front: math work for today.

Back: how many smaller shapes make up the bigger shape?

Front: read the story and decide which picture it takes place in.

Back: adding an ending to complete the word for each sentence.

Front: which word matches the picture.

Back: which sentence matches the picture best.

Front: spelling word work.

Back: which word matches the picture.
Spell it out.

Front: working with days of the week.

Back: answer the riddle.

******      ******

Homework for this weeks spelling words.

middle – fiddle – wiggle – giggle – puddle – cuddle – fur – bird – were – four –
every – find – full – these – found

We are a day behind since we didn’t have school yesterday.

We’ll work on getting it completed before Friday.