Technical Diffuculties

Due to some technical difficulties with our old server, Gino had to move our family blog to a new server. Thus creating a few technical bumps in the road with updating the blog on my desktop computer.

Don’t worry, hopefully soon we will have the issues worked out and I will be back at. When that happens watch out, because I have a whole month of blogging to add. So check back and be ready!

Until then…


While I was waiting for Isabel in her homeschool science class this afternoon, this little bird paid me a visit. He kept me entertained along with dragonflies, hummingbirds, little green insects and other small birds like the one in the video.

Please be aware there is no sound, the noises you hear are me moving in the car and they can get loud, as I move around. I didn’t realize I was being that loud. Enjoy!

[vimeo clip_id=”119513587″ width=”550″]

I was able to capture this little bird several times.
I actually don’t know if the bird or birds that I saw were 1 bird or more than 1.

Third Grade: Day 97

Tuesday is our odd day in the classroom.

Today was a bit more so because we needed to be at piano practice early to make up for 1 of our sick days last month (next week we’ll make up the other). So our time in the classroom on Tuesday is always later than we like but we do what we can, piano is important!

During piano lessons today, I was able to get some good videos of Ms. G and Isabel practicing together.

I’ll post only 1 of the videos though so enjoy!

[vimeo clip_id=”119307817″ width=”550″]

Here they are playing “Yankee Doodle”.
Which ties in nicely with where we are in history in the classroom!

Isabel is learning several different songs right now, I think it’s around 5 or 6. Most of which are small 1 page numbers, with the largest song she’s learning is “God’s Not Dead” from the NBs! I’m getting excited to hear the whole song come together because it sounds awesome!

In the classroom, we are continuing our science studies on radishes. Every day there is a new assignment to either do or observation and study to do. It’s great and Isabel is really enjoying it. She would prefer us to do science all day but that isn’t going to happen, when there is so much more out there to learn!

Before leaving for piano, we were able to get several things completed, which is a huge help in the afternoon.

2015-02-10 009_edited-1

Isabel’s crazy radish seedlings!
Each morning it’s like Christmas when Isabel stops by to see how much they have grown over night.

Today’s science assignment #1:
Make a greenhouse in preparation for seedlings.

To observe and maintain a self-watering greenhouse for radish seedlings.

2015-02-10 021_edited-1

The supplies for today:

  • the empty sprout nursery from assignment 1.
  • scissors, a pen/marker, ruler and masking tape
  • 3 (in our case 4) paper towels
  • medicine bottle
  • a pint or quart size jar with lid
  • 4 radish seeds (we ran out – because I goofed up on an assignment! – so I had to purchase more)
  • plastic wrap
  • water

2015-02-10 026_edited-1

Steps 1 and 2 are complete and she’s reading her instructions for the remaining steps.

2015-02-10 031_edited-1

Step 3 and 4 is to prep and lay the greenhouse “bed”.

2015-02-10 040_edited-1

Her “bed” is labeled now, she can finish assembly
(which I did NOT get a picture of!)

Today’s science assignment #2:
Grid work

Accurately record growth of seedlings over weekly intervals on a grid.

2015-02-10 044_edited-1

The assignment states for to use mini-planter “A” for our grid work. However, mini-planter “A” just sprouted yesterday and is not looking well today. Isabel asked if she could use mini-planter “B” instead and I agreed.

2015-02-10 045_edited-1

Mini-planter “B” is an awesome radish seedling to record for grid work.

2015-02-10 049_edited-1

Isabel’s completed grid work.
Afterward we stepped out into the backyard for some plant investigation work.

First Sleepover – Part 2

Today was a rainy day and Isabel didn’t want to go any where or do anything special. So the girls spent the morning doing different activities before settling down just before lunch to watch a movie.

They built a fort in the front room which was very cozy inside. They said that Daisy and I could both enter but Daddy was not allowed.

2015-02-06 031_edited-1

“Please, Don’t enter mischiveous”
Entering without the password will not get you in the door.

2015-02-06 033_edited-1

Cozy inside.

2015-02-07 008_edited-1

The girls just before we had lunch.
I wanted to get a good shot with my digital camera and I got it!

After lunch we enjoyed Isabel’s choice in cake, a homemade grape-gelatin cake with whipped topping but before the cake we needed to sing “Happy Birthday”

[vimeo clip_id=”119416071″ width=”550″]

(turn your speakers down a bit it gets loud toward the end!)

2015-02-07 010_edited-1

Enjoying some cake.

2015-02-07 014_edited-1

Another good one, while they were watching “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”

2015-02-07 015_edited-1

The serious faces! Silly girls.

Christmas Piano Recital – 2014

This afternoon was Isabel’s piano recital.

2014-12-18 002_edited-1

Just before her turn. She’s nervous can you tell?

2014-12-18 004_edited-1

So proud of her! She’s going to do just fine.

She’s been working hard for over a month on her songs and will be playing “Chinese Dance” from the Nutcracker Suite and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

2014-12-18 008

The group of students that played.
They all did so well!

2014-12-18 012_edited-1

Playing after the recital.

2014-12-18 015_edited-1

She was nervous but she sounded great!
You can listen and see below…


[vimeo clip_id=”115124950″ width=”550″]

Back At Home

We are back home after our Thanksgiving vacation to Utah. We arrived on Tuesday evening, December 2nd, around 7 p.m.

We had a fantastic time seeing family, being in warmer temperatures and relaxing. Always good for the soul to see all those you love the most.



I will be posting photos and blogging from the trip over the next week. I hope to have it finished by then. Bare with me as I try to get back in the groove of things.