Chilaquiles Bake

Over the weekend we went and did our wholesale club run for the next few months. Just before heading to the front to check out, we stopped by the fresh pre-packaged dinners. I spotted this chilaquiles (CHEE-LA-KEE-LAHS) bake and it sounded very tasty.

We decided to have it for dinner last night.

2014-05-20 002_edited-1

Looks and sounds great, all natural and it is, no funny words I can’t pronounce.

Well, it does taste great but it’s very spicy! Isabel and I both had a hard time eating it without tons of milk to wash it down. Gino really enjoyed it and it was only mildly spicy for him. Would be easy to make yourself and allow you to tone down the spice for the wimpy folk.

New Melon

Last night we cut open our mystery melon and enjoyed it’s great flavor.

2013-05-28 018_edited-1

Do you know what type of melon this is????

It’s not a honeydew.

It’s not a cantaloupe.

It’s not a casaba.

It’s not a crenshaw.

It’s a…

2013-05-28 019_edited-1

Sharlyn melon!
Have you heard of it? We haven’t.

A Sharlyn melon tastes like a cantaloupe and a honeydew combined! It has a texture of vanilla ice cream so there is no need to chew, it’s creamy and smooth! You can eat all the way down to the outer rind. We all enjoyed it’s great taste and smooth cool texture.

2013-05-28 021_edited-1

The seeds were all grouped together. Very clean inside this melon.

2013-05-28 022_edited-1

Scooping them out was easy!

2013-05-28 023_edited-1

They stayed together even after we picked them up a few times.

This special melon is a great “treat” during the summer. However it is rare and comes with a very high price, our melon was over $10.00 but worth the try! The market where we purchased it said, they only get them once a year.

My 1000 Post

My 1,000th posting has arrived!!

I am shocked that it’s here.

When we began this blog 6 years ago, I had no idea what to talk/blog about, let alone who’s going to read what I write!?! What do I have to say that is meaningful to those who read this blog?

Someone has been reading my words, most of those people have been family and a few friends. No one else has ever told me they read what I write, besides my own parents and they enjoy it. My father skims through the postings, mainly looking at the pictures and my Mother reads each one through. So someone does read it!

In those 6 years, I have really begun to enjoy blogging. I feel terrible if, I miss a day. This is my journal, about our lives and what we do. Some day, Isabel will be able to look back and read what she did on this and this day. She may even get a few laughs out of it and say, “Hey, I remember doing that!”

What I hope she gets most out of my words/blog, is that I love her very much. I want her to look back and remember those times that she has forgotten when she’s older. So she can sit at her dining room table (eating dinner) and tell her kids about the time she did this and the time she did that. Just like she enjoys doing with Daddy and I now and hearing about when we were her age.

So what I write is for her… remember to have faith, put your hope in Jesus. He loves you more. Laugh and enjoy this website.

2013-05-09 040_edited-1

It’s for you, Squirt! I love you.

Product Review: Multigrain Blend

Over the weekend we stopped off at Trader Joe’s®. We like going to Trader Joe’s® and seeing what’s new and different that we haven’t tried.

This trip we tried “Multigrain blend with vegetables” and we recommend it.

This whole grain side can be served warm or cold, served as a side dish. It’s fully cooked, so just thaw and enjoy. With barley, corn, spelt, ermes (red), rice, peas, carrots, zucchini, and onion this multigrain blend is delicious!

2013-04-29 005_edited-1

This was a great side dish with our Chinese potstickers. Very tasty and very filling.
I can see it working well with chicken too.

Product Review: Taste Of Thai

Gino bought this coconut ginger soup base in hopes of a yummy taste of Thai at home. However…

He’d been talking about it for weeks and decided to make it today for lunch with some pot-stickers that I was making. I don’t like coconut but was willing to have taste of it just to try it. The recipe called for only 4 ingredients: Coconut Ginger Soup Mix, Coconut Milk, chicken breasts, and chicken broth.

The coconut milk can was difficult to open (shouldn’t have anything to do with the taste right). Gino eventually had to use a can punch to get it open and metal shards from using the can opener got into his hand. Not working out so good there…

When he opened the coconut ginger soup base, he takes a whiff and says, “This smells like something?” Then he hands it to me for a smell. I take a whiff and say, “It smells like Pine-Sol®! Seriously!” He laughs and says yes and continues making his soup. After adding the soup base to the coconut milk and chicken broth and letting it simmer.

He leans over his pot and with a spoon in his hand, he takes a taste… He looks at me and says, “It tastes like Pine-Sol®!” I wasn’t about to try it just for the fact that it smelled like Pine-Sol® and then to have him say it tasted like it too. No way! He said he couldn’t eat it so he threw it out and made stir-fry! It was the worst Thai food Gino said he’s ever tasted!