First Grade: No School – Good Friday

No school today due to it being Good Friday.

“He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.” Matthew 28:6

“Here the bells ringing they’re singing “Christ is risen from the dead!” The angel up on the tombstone said, He is risen just as he said!” – Keith Green, The Easter Song

My Project 1-001 (2)_edited-1

“All of heaven is interested in the cross of Christ, hell afraid of it,
while men are the only ones to ignore its meaning.” Oswald Chambers

“Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone,
but in every leaf in springtime” Martin Luther

First Grade: Day 129

Today is Thankful Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S.

Today is day 4 of “missions week” and the whole school (preschool – 6th grade) went on a mission’s tour in the gym. Each student was given a “passport” booklet for their tour. After visiting each table and hearing about the country the missionary served in, the students were given a stamp in their booklet. Isabel said they learned about the food (some tables had samples!) and the people that live there. Isabel said she had fun learning about missions this week and she got to see and hear Mrs. W several times.

2013-03-29 015_edited-1

From one of the tables she got this. However she can’t remember where she put her “passport”.

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One and only classwork page today, with everything else that was going on!

2013-03-29 014_edited-1

Choose which sound works best; “cl”, “gl” or “sl”.

2013-03-29 011_edited-1

100% on her Bible verse test for the week.

2013-03-29 012_edited-1

Front: coloring page.

2013-03-29 013_edited-1

Back: Isabel’s own artwork.

For P.E. they played “sharks and widows“, “pac-man” and “clean the yard“! Out of those 3 games, Isabel says she likes to play “clean the yard” best.

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After P.E. the class had a Easter party hosted by one of the parents.

  • finish science project that started yesterday. – Each table in class put a raw egg in a glass of vinegar yesterday. Today the class took out their eggs and observed what had happened to the egg.
  • scavenger hunt. – The class went outside to a patch of dirt and hunted for items.
  • discuss egg findings in groups.
  • Easter story related to eggs. – Someone read to them “The Thornbush” by Michael Laughlin, “The Story of Easter for Children” by Beverly Rae Wiersum and another book that Isabel couldn’t remember.
  • Easter “egg” snack. – Easter eggs filled with ham, cheese, grapes, and jellybeans.
  • toilet paper “grave” story. Isabel couldn’t remember what this was about.

Sounds like they had a very busy fun filled day!

First Grade: Day 128

Today is Wonderful Wednesday!

It’s music class with Mr. G and computer lab with Mrs. T.
Which were both cancelled due to missions week.

Today is day 3 of “missions week” and the whole school went to an assembly hosted by World Vision.

A World Vision representative spoke about the work the organization does all around the world and our school provided World Vision with a check for $1.049.39 for farm animals for a village. The money was raised all week by the students (preschool through 6th grade) in a penny drive.

I was working again today so Isabel was in the extended program after work. She didn’t have much to say about her day in school.


2013-03-29 001_edited-1

Front: write the word that best completes the sentenc

2013-03-29 002_edited-1Back: crossword!

2013-03-29 003_edited-1

Front: draw a animal for big, bigger and biggest.

2013-03-29 004_edited-1

Back: choose the word that best describes the picture.

2013-03-29 006_edited-1

Front: write the word for each picture.

2013-03-29 005_edited-1

Back: write the word that best completes the sentences.

First Grade: Day 127

Today is Terrific Tuesday and it’s Chapel and library.

Today is also day 2 of “missions week” at school. Today during Chapel special missions guests: Mrs. W, Ms. Nadykto, the Alldridge family, and the Johnson family (classmates in Isabel’s class) spoke about their missions work.

Today is also my staff meeting. So Isabel went into extended care after school. She didn’t have much to say about her school day.


2013-03-26 007_edited-1

Front: describing weather words.

2013-03-26 008_edited-1

Back: long, longer and longest.

2013-03-26 009_edited-1

Front: unscramble the spelling words.

2013-03-26 010_edited-1

Back: sort the spelling words.

2013-03-26 011_edited-1

Front: color the picture that is on the slide.

2013-03-26 012_edited-1

Back: long /ō/.

First Grade: Day 126

It’s Marvelous Monday!

Which means All-School Open. The Monday morning assembly for announcements and other fun stuff for the week. This weeks announcement is that it’s “missions week” at school. Today’s ASO had special missions guests the Frazier family. Each day this week the whole school will gather to hear from different missionaries/organizations from around the world. Also, the whole school is having a penny drive to raise money to buy an animal for a village.

Isabel’s class “missions week” focus is on Vietnam.

During ASO, Isabel got picked again this week for a “Shining R” award. When she went to the office to get her prize she got a red “Cars” eraser.

2013-03-29 007_edited-1

Isabel with her reward for Responsibility – Shining R.

2013-03-29 008_edited-1

The eraser is red (not in this picture it’s not) and she “erased” the picture and drew her own!
She wrote, “the Race of your life” and drew a little car.

This week’s Bible verse:

“He is not here; for He has risen, just as He said.” Matthew 28:6a


2013-03-26 001_edited-1

Front: spelling word work.

2013-03-26 002_edited-1

Back: write the word that best completes the sentence.

Spelling words for this week…

bone – cone – code – rode – my – rose – those – bees – try
– again – blue – shirt – both – clean – rolling – high

2013-03-26 003_edited-1

Front: write the word that best completes the sentence.

2013-03-26 004_edited-1

Back: write the word that best completes the sentence.

2013-03-26 005_edited-1

Front: color the rhyming words.

2013-03-26 006_edited-1

Back: more rhyming.

Look At Her Nose

Today we stopped in at our local favorite store for some awesome fruit and veggies. The store carries the best produce around!

Today we picked up oranges, honey crisp apples, fuji apples, bananas, lettuce, strawberries, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, steaks, a pretty blooming flower in a pot, and some other goodies for the week. Love this store!

While shopping, Isabel came across this wonderful sweet potato. Enjoy!


Look at her nose!

After putting my phone away she found another potato that looked like an inch worm (should have fished my phone out again)!

I also got me a pretty little flower for the patio, called Sentti, a reblooming pericallis. Very pretty!


It has lots of buds about ready to bloom!
For some reason when I took the picture with my phone, the flowers came out blue.
They are actually dark purple.

I’ll place it outside during the day but bring it into the house at night until after our last frost. I have a place in mind for it’s new home.

First Grade: Day 125

Today is Fantastic Friday!

Today was a busy day at school; it was Spirit Friday with a Dr. Seuss theme, the class root beer float party, and a bake sale for the 6th grade class!

My Project 1-001_edited-1

Enjoying some root beer in class today!

Isabel enjoyed her “float” party. She had 2 floats, a small “cat-in-the-hat” cookie (classmate brought to share with the whole class) and 1 large cookie. I’ve heard that next week they are having another party too!

We stopped by the bake sale after school and supported our 6th graders for camp! We got a large hand full of goodies and look forward to enjoying them after dinner.

My Project 1-001 (3)_edited-1


2013-03-22 006_edited-1

Bible verse test this week is 100%.
Good job!

2013-03-22 005_edited-1

A Haiku for spring.

2013-03-22 007_edited-1

Front: write the animals in alphabetical order.

2013-03-22 008_edited-1

Back: working with contractions.

2013-03-22 009_edited-1

Front: write a sentence using the words provided.

2013-03-22 010_edited-1

Back: write the word that best completes each statement.

Isabel lost another tooth! This one she lost while she was at school today. Don’t worry though, she brought it home to put under her pillow.

2013-03-22 002_edited-1

Her new smile!

First Grade: Day 124

Today is Thankful Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S. Isabel also said they had computer lab with AR testing again today.

I was called to sub last night and was delighted to work in one of the kindergarten classes this morning. So different from working with 3 year-olds but still a bit similar in a few ways. It was fun.

I even got to do recess duty, which I have done before but today wasn’t at all enjoyable. It was freezing! The wind was nasty. I’m so glad that I had my hood but wished I had gloves and a scarf. My fingers, checks, nose and ears were bright red when I went back inside. Some of the kids, my daughter included, must have thought it was summer because they were running around without coats! Crazy!

My Project 1-001 (3)_edited-1

Isabel’s day started with computer lab first thing.

My Project 1-001 (4)_edited-2

The computer’s weren’t working so they missed out on recesses because of it. Isabel was disappointed and I was too, since I was on recess duty for that time as well.

During P.E. they played “shark island“. I got to see the game for a little while before leaving work. Lots of running (which is a good thing!) and good team work building skills in play for that game. Watch though some of those kids can really run!

Isabel also said they took a math test today. She didn’t mention how she did so I’m assuming we’ll find out tomorrow in her Friday Folder.

Tomorrow afternoon is the BIG ROOT BEER FLOAT party! Isabel has been talking about it the past 2 days. Just need to remember our share of the root beer…


2013-03-21 001_edited-1

Front: problem solving.

2013-03-21 002_edited-1

Back:problem solving.

2013-03-21 003_edited-1

Front: weather words.

2013-03-21 004_edited-1

Back: weather words complete the sentences.

2013-03-21 005_edited-1

Front: working with “ing”.

2013-03-21 006_edited-1

Back: word search.

2013-03-21 007_edited-1

Front: choose the right word to complete the sentences.

2013-03-21 008_edited-1

Back: same as the front, choosing the best word to complete the sentences.

Today the class finished up their science project that they started on Tuesday called;

Water Drop Lens.

Today they finished their observations and completed their handout.

2013-03-21 009_edited-1

Learning about “Refraction“.

2013-03-21 011_edited-1

Learning about the different ways to get “refracted” light.

2013-03-21 013_edited-1

Isabel didn’t say if they did their experiment today or Tuesday.
Great observations!