First Grade: Day 40

We have reached day 40 in the school year! Only 140 more days to go!

Today is Terrific Tuesday which means it’s Chapel and library day!

Today was Family Chapel. So Isabel with her “family” group lead by the 6th graders. She said they talked about serving others.

“Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.” Proverbs 20:11

For library today, she picked out another Berenstain Bears book…

Where did the honey go?

Color by number scarecrow.
She said she wanted to finish coloring this.

Spelling word scramble.

They held a “mock” election today.
Isabel got to get on the computer and “vote” for a candidate running for President.

All smiles doing her homework after school today!

First Grade: Day 39

It’s Marvelous Monday!

Marvelous Mondays are All-School Open. This morning was a special “cheer” chapel. The girls cheer class did a performance for everyone. Also Principle Mrs. B gave out AR recognition awards for the month of October.

Today the local Fire and Rescue team came to school to talk with both 1st grade classes in the gym.

Listening to the firemen talk about fire safety at home.

Afterward they got a coloring book.

With All-School Open and the firemen visiting, there wasn’t much time for class work today back in the classroom.

Working with the spelling words for the week.

For Social Studies this week they are learning about government and the election.

An election is a vote by the people.
Tomorrow the whole class will get to “vote” in a “mock” election.

Some of the candidates running for President in the 2012 election.

Pumpkin Carving

Today Gino carved Isabel’s pumpkin for her after she drew what she wanted on it…

The front is a smiley (scar-face) face.

She had wanted to do polka-dots on the sides but the pumpkin is to small for that.
So Dad made a bowling ball.

The back is a cross.
This year she drew a much bigger cross then last year.

This side looks more like a face then a bowling ball.

After Gino carved out the pumpkin we saved the seeds and roasted them in the oven. They were (are) yummy good (and to think, last year we just threw them all away)!!

First Grade: Day 38 – Half Day

Today is a Teacher In-Service day, which means it’s a half day of school for Isabel and it’s also Fantastic Friday!

Today is music class with Mr. G as well. They are working hard on at learning their songs for the Christmas program coming up. Isabel has been singing little snippets of songs from the program at home.

Isabel got an award for saying her Bible verse 100%.
She was excited for that since she never got an award before
for saying the verse 100%.

Teacher Mrs. B started having the class write out their spelling words for the week each day after school for homework. Isabel’s not to happy about having to write so much but she does it to get an “R” for Monday!

A fall poem.

“Autumn Leaves.
The fall leaves come down,
red and yellow, orange and brown,
covering the ground.” 

Working on more contractions and learning how they go together.

Learning about our country and where we live.

******      ******

As I mentioned on Monday, Teacher Mrs B had pointed out that Isabel was the only 1 in class to get 100% on her 4 page Social Studies test last week. The test was displayed on the bulletin board all week and she finally got to bring it home today!
Way to go Isabel.

She did so well on it that Principle Mrs. B called us to tell us what a great job she did!

First Grade: Day 37

Today is Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday is P.E. with Mrs. S and computer lab with Mrs. T.

For P.E. class today they played over-under. Over-under is game with a ball and group of people. The people stand in a line and pass the ball either over their head or between (under) their legs. When the last person in line gets the ball, that person runs to the front of the line and begins the game again until the teacher says stop.

More AR testing with Mrs. T in computer lab. Isabel passed her three tests.

The class also did a large finger paint fall picture…

The trunk is her hand (closed) and the branches are her hands (open).
The leaves falling down are her fingerprints.

She later told me that she wanted her picture to be different, so she put grass and wrote her name 3 times.

The “ow” sound: as in how and low.

Back: “ou” sound: as in round, four, you, and country.

Isabel just learned how to do crossword puzzles and she enjoys doing them!
Great job filling this one in!

Determine how many shapes make up the block.
So colorful!

Front: contraction work.
She colored the hats and then added patterns to them.

Back: more contraction work.

First Grade: Day 36

Today is Wonderful Wednesday and music class with Mr. G.

However Mr. G was sick today so music class was cancelled for today so they did some extra computer lab with Teacher Mrs. S and AR testing.

Isabel said they also went to “morning meeting” (first time I’ve heard of this) with Teacher Mrs. D, who read the class the story “There was an old lady who swallowed some leaves” book.


Math work.

More contraction work this week.
They are really working hard on learning these.

Learning about our world.