Project: South Living Room Wall

We wanted to do something special to our south wall in order to draw your eye to that end of the room. We didn’t simply want to paint the wall, that’s boring. So we found this company online that sells thin reclaimed boards that can be applied simply and easily to the wall.

Installation was easy, once you get the hang of it.

2015-08-24 002_edited-1

The first thin panel is applied.

2015-08-24 006_edited-1

Getting a random pattern started was tricky because we are so picky.

2015-08-24 007_edited-1

In an hour we got about half the wall completed!
It looks awesome.

2015-08-24 013_edited-1

With the T.V. mount removed we can continue working down the wall.
The green tape marks the spot were the mount will go when the wall is completed.

2015-08-24 017_edited-1

Different angle from above.

2015-08-24 020_edited-1

Moving along now that there are less cuts again.

2015-08-24 024_edited-1

Again different angle than from above.

2015-08-24 027_edited-1

Close-up of the wood.
So awesome!

2015-08-24 034_edited-1

Almost there just a few more cuts around the outlet and then it’s complete.

2015-08-24 039_edited-1

The texture and look are just what we wanted.

Onto the next project, the fireplace.

Project: Pantry Molding And Trim

Today Gino got the pantry cabinet completed with crown molding and trim work to give it the completed look.

2015-08-01 001_edited-1

Adding a decorative trim to the front.

2015-08-01 003_edited-1

Decorative trim and side molding added.

2015-08-01 004_edited-1

Crown molding added to the top.

2015-08-01 006_edited-1

The completed pantry looks like a piece of furniture set into the wall.
Looks fantastic and we love all the space that this created for us. Another project completed!

Project: Cabinet Crown Molding

Today Gino got the tools out to work on the cabinet crown molding. We hit a bit of a delay in kitchen remodel due to work schedules and projects that needed our attention first.

After much measuring and more measuring for just the right angles, he got two cabinets completed tonight before dinner.

2015-07-30 001_edited-1

The cabinets have looked like this since they were installed in May.

2015-07-30 003_edited-1

Now, they have a more finished look with crown molding at the top and a light rail along the bottom.

2015-07-30 004_edited-1

Above the microwave this cabinet looks sharp!

2015-07-30 006_edited-1

The new look with the 2 completed cabinets.
They look bigger than before.

I’ll add a whole completed look later when he gets the job done this weekend.


Grout is on our to-do-list today.

After the natural stone setter, we let the tiles rest for a day before beginning the “biscuit colored” grout.

2015-06-22 002_edited-1

Beginning this task takes some practice and muscle.

2015-06-22 004_edited-1

I gave it a try but wasn’t able to push the grout deep enough into the holes. So Gino did this project by himself. I followed and did clean up.

A few hours later we arrive here…

2015-06-22 007_edited-1

This is a close-up of the area that was first applied with grout.
The grout starts to harden after 30 minutes so I had to move fast in order to keep up.

2015-06-22 010_edited-1

Polishing the glass tiles.

The grout comes easily off the glass tiles with just a scrap of your finger nail. The natural stone, the grout sticks to. So in order to see the stones you have to wipe it off rather quickly. That natural stone setter stuff Gino applied, doesn’t work. Oh, well, you learn and move on.

He finished this one wall behind the stove and then we stopped to eat dinner.

2015-06-22 014_edited-1

After dinner, Gino started on the sink wall but at the other end since I
was still working on cleaning the stove wall.

2015-06-22 020_edited-1

The stove wall is complete.
We need to wait 48 hours to do the caulk along the bottom and along the sides.

New Faucet

The new faucet get’s installed today!

2015-06-21 002_edited-1

Getting all the connects connected.

I did the back work since Gino couldn’t get down into the cabinet to connect the water lines to the new faucet. I was proud of myself that I was able to get the fittings tightened since I’m such a wimp.

2015-06-21 003_edited-1

New garbage disposal, hoses and pipes.

2015-06-21 005_edited-1

Leak test!

2015-06-21 006_edited-1

No leaks now time to connect the disposer and give a whirl!
I’ve been waiting for a month and a half. So glad to have the sink complete.

Backsplash Part 2

Well, today is the day to get the backsplash up. We are getting closer to getting this huge kitchen remodel project complete.

We started around 1 p.m. and we finished for the day just after 6 p.m.

2015-06-20 012_edited-1

Getting started with some strong adhesive, that feels like whipped cream.

2015-06-20 014_edited-1

Getting the outlet cuts just right.

2015-06-20 018_edited-1

Moving along…

2015-06-20 022_edited-1

My job was to follow along and make sure all the tiles were adhered to the adhesive, the spaces between the tiles were even and straight, and clean out the excessive adhesive.

2015-06-20 025_edited-1

Made it to the corner and we’ll stop for now to rest the back.

2015-06-20 027_edited-1

A few hours later we begin in the corner.

2015-06-20 033_edited-1

Behind the sink was quick application.

2015-06-20 037_edited-1

Looking back to the corner.

We just have the complicated area to do…

2015-06-20 056_edited-1

Filling in the areas around the outlet.

2015-06-20 060_edited-1

This complicated area has 3 outlets and a phone jack in just this small area.
Attention to detail is important.

2015-06-20 074_edited-1

Just a few more tiles to add and we are completed with getting the tiles on the wall.

2015-06-20 075_edited-1

The next step will be to apply a natural stone setter. Which is supposed to make the grout not stick to the natural stones. Afterward we apply the grout, then a sealer (to prevent stains), reinstall the outlets and the covers, and then we are done with this backsplash project!

Backsplash Part 1

Tonight Gino got the backsplash laid out for tomorrow’s install.

2015-06-19 011_edited-1

Beginning to get the pattern going.

The width is 18 inches between the counter and the cabinets so it takes some doing to get the perfect fit before installation. The length for one wall is 10 feet and the other is 12 feet on the other wall.

2015-06-19 012_edited-1

Getting the layout around the window and sink area.

2015-06-19 016_edited-1

Look at all that backsplash!

Tomorrow we install!

New Counter

Our new counters arrived this morning!

The 2 men arrived at just before 8:30 a.m. and were completed with the job by 10:30 a.m. It looks great and I can’t wait to get things back in order. It’s been since the end of April since we’ve been without a kitchen sink/counters. We still have a few steps to complete before we actually get there but it’s coming along!

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

The men got right to work on the east wall counter.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

This crazy contraption levels and joins the first seam together.
Very interesting to watch.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Looking at the counter area just to the right of the stove area.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Corner area.
The second seam is hidden there along the front inside corner of the cabinet.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Close up of the seam, I mentioned in the photo above.
It’s a bit hard to spot.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

The island is one big piece with a 12-inch overhang on this end for counter eating.
This piece weighs about 700 lbs.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Our new sink.
Square, stainless steel, and under-mounted.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Now to join and level the second seam.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Counter just left of the stove area.
This new area is wider than our previous counter space in the same area.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Right side of the window sill.

Our old window sill was wood and was starting to look very old and worn.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Left side of window sill.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Under-mount sink.
The supports are there for 72 hours then we can remove them.

We will hire a plumber to get the new sink, garbage disposal, and our dishwasher connected again to the wall drains.

New kitchen counter - installed June 18, 2015

Looking across the island toward the sink.
We were just “testing” the new faucet to see how it will fit with the window sill.

Another project complete, onto the next step…