This Saturday, Isabel got to experience her first 3D movie…

She did great (unlike the other screaming kids around the theater) and she really enjoyed the movie, along with the big bucket of popcorn and lemonade.


We spent two days outside this weekend among some warmer temperature’s with Saturday, being the first time this year over 70 degree’s, getting up to 75 degree’s and Sunday was cloudy but was around 71 degree’s. We decided to re-stain the fence since it’s been 2 years and it was starting to look a little drab. Enjoy!

Looking north east, just off the patio.

Looking southeast (and no we did not get a pool, that’s the grill cover), we started to re-stain the area just off the patio in order to plant all the new plants, that we purchased yesterday, in the ground. Since we are brushing the stain on instead of spraying it this time, we have a long way to go, hopefully the rains will let up and we can get it finished and get all the new plants into the ground soon.  We did a great job today considering we got started later in the day. We got about 35 feet stained today until next time…

Getting Potted

Today we spent the whole afternoon in the garden shop at Lowe’s getting some plants for our backyard. Enjoy!

This is called a “Red Prince Weigela” and has rich red flowers (they look pink in the photo but they are red). This shrub grows 6 ft. X 8 ft. and will go nicely along the fence, between the patio and the shed, just outside my kitchen window!

Closeup of the “Red Prince Weigela“.

This is an ornamental grass and is called, “Blue Fescue

This is called “Crimson Pygmy Barberry” and has purplish-red leaves. This low hedge will grow 2-3 ft. X 2-3 ft. and will be planted along the back of the patio along the fence.
Gino likes it for it’s color…I haven’t decided but I do know I don’t like the thorns! OUCH!

Closeup “Crimson Pygmy Barberry” and it’s thorns.

This is ground cover and is called “Country Park Pratia“.

Closeup of  “Country Park Pratia”. This foliage has blue/purple blooms and will be planted between the ornamental grass and the barberry bush just off the back patio.

This is a “Ruutel Clematis“. I’m going to plant it in a large container and “train” it to climb up an arbor on the patio.

This shrub is called “Little Princess Spirea” and it has delicate crimson-rose blooms. This shrub will get 2 ft. X 4 ft. and will planted at the southern corner of the patio.

Close up of “Little Princess Spirea”

This evergreen is called a “Mugho Pine” and will be planted somewhere…not sure of exact spots since we bought 2 of them.

This large hedge is called a “Schipka Cherry Laurel” and has fragrant white flowers. This hedge will get 4-6 ft. X 6-8 ft. and will go great along our neighboring fence along the south, as an additional noise barrier/view blocker.

This evergreen is called a “Dwarf Alberta Spruce” and will be planted along the south neighboring fence.

Paper Plate Craft

The original craft was to make flowers but Isabel was to excited to wait for me to cut them out, so for today we just did a ring. Enjoy!

Adding some sparkle to her ring.

After adding some balls and her name (which she spelled backwards); she decided to add more sparkle!

Her finished paper plate ring.
All the wording she did today she spelled backwards…don’t have any idea why.

When Daddy got home, we were still working on these and he made her a flower which she decorated with a face.

I did a ring too with glitter glue and markers.
The finished projects we hung from the ceiling in Isabel’s room.


Isabel got a little bored with the snorkel really quickly but came up with a “new” way to use them. Enjoy!

She uses them for golf clubs!
I’ll have to update with some photos of her actually using them as golf clubs but it’ll have to be after the rain lets up.

New golf clubs because the snorkel just wasn’t working.