Third Grade: Day 158

With the rain continuing to come down outside, we started our day on a soggy note.

I woke early this morning with good intentions of getting an earlier start in school and was slammed in the eye from Daisy jumping onto the bed! Her head (bone) hit my left eye and the area swelled up a bit and is very tender to the touch. I am hoping that it doesn’t turn black and blue because then I don’t have to explain that one!

2015-05-13 001_edited-1

I wrote out Isabel’s Bible verse for the week for her to study and practice this week.
She’s doing very well at learning the Psalm.

Spelling test:

2015-05-13 015_edited-1

She would have missed 2 words today but corrected
“acknowledgment” just before handing her paper in.
Great job!

5-minute frenzy:

2015-05-13 016_edited-1

Such good practice for her.
She stumbles one day on a multiple and other multiple the next.

Bible lesson:

2015-05-13 017_edited-1

Put on the full armor of God.
Love the crosses that she added.

Bean and Corn science:

Today we are wrapping up all our experiments and studies on our bean and corn science. Tomorrow we complete the final assignment.

2015-05-13 007_edited-1

Isabel’s beans grew tall and thin.
While her corn was short and thin.

2015-05-13 011_edited-1

Studying hard and getting her data gathered for graphing.

These 2 leaves (next 2 photos) she smeared with petroleum jelly (2 weeks ago) on the underside and upper side of the leaves to see which side had the stomata. Stomata, it’s nose so to speak, are the tiny openings in leaves that allow it to breathe air.

2015-05-13 012_edited-1

The stomata on this leaf are on the underside of the leaf.
The leaf is just beginning to look sickly because it’s “nose” as been plugged.

2015-05-13 013_edited-1

This leaf she smeared with jelly on the upper side of the leaf.
This leave is bigger, green, slimy (from the jelly) and thriving!

The result is clear when looking at both photos that the stomata are located on the underside of the bean leaf plant. What a awesome experiment!

(insert photo)

This leaf was wrapped in aluminum foil for 2 weeks.
It is still green but much smaller in size compared to other leaves on the plant.

Isabel’s prediction 2 weeks ago was that it would be yellow from lack of photosynthesis.

Third Grade: Day 156

We started late this morning but we were able to get all the work completed just before 5 p.m.

We are down to our final 5/6 weeks of schooling! It’s been a great and adventurous year.

We will continue throughout the summer with piano lessons and the Lego® class and we’ll be picking up 2 other classes as well. We are also going to be looking into swimming lessons too.

This week we add another verse to our memorization of Psalm 42. This week’s Bible verse:

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God.” – Psalm 42:5

The Indian prayer focus this week is the California Indians. Not a band of one large tribe but several different smaller tribes that got along and traded together.

  • Yurok
  • Chumash
  • Miwok
  • Pomo
  • Hupa
  • Yahi
  • Wintun and
  • Yokuts

Spelling test:

2015-05-11 005_edited-1

She was bummed she missed “acknowledge” she tried out several different
spellings (on scratch paper) before settling on this one. So close.

We are starting our final week of beans/corn.

2015-05-11 010_edited-1

“Jack” is thriving; while her corn has died.
Isabel’s theory is that “Jack” has sucked the life right out of the corn.

2015-05-11 012_edited-1

Placing blue colored dye on the stem of 1 bean plant and 1 corn plant.
The study is to see how the plant growth will increase and change the dots on the plants. Or will they stay the same? We will come back to this study on Friday.

New reading material:

2015-05-11 033_edited-1

Isabel will begin reading this one this week.
Marguerite Henry is becoming a favorite author of ours.

2015-05-11 034_edited-1

We began reading this one several weeks ago and will be finishing it this week.
I have loved hearing this story about a man a lot like Job.

2015-05-11 035_edited-1

I will begin reading this one aloud this week.

Kitchen Cabinets

Our new kitchen cabinets arrived this morning at 7:30 a.m. The delivery man was kind enough to deliver them into our garage.

2015-05-01 045_edited-1

The first pallet looks great!
The top box had damage but we opened the box and the item inside was fine.

2015-05-01 050_edited-1

The second pallet we had to disassemble in order to check off  the delivery list and get the delivery man on his way.
After an hour, the list is checked off and we are good to go!

Acclimate The Flooring

In order to get the new cabinets in the garage, we have to move the flooring.

So Gino figured out how many boxes of flooring we would need in order to do the main areas and then we prepared that many boxes. We left the remaining boxes sealed (we’ll acclimate them later) and moved and stored them in the formal dining room area. The boxes we opened and acclimated, we stacked (according to the manufacturers specifications) in the formal dining room and family room.

2015-05-01 001_edited-1

The dining room will be used to acclimate one pallet of flooring.

2015-05-01 026_edited-1

The finished pallet of flooring 9 rows high.

2015-05-01 025_edited-1

The family room area will acclimate another pallet of flooring.
We planned ahead and cut out the carpet below this area so we aren’t moving wood around before installing.

2015-05-01 027_edited-1

Beautiful strand bamboo resting 5 (or more) days before installation.
(the board with the blue tape is my gorgeous piece of wood – I told Gino he needs to put it somewhere so it can be seen!)

We have a lot of projects to do before this is actually laid down. Tomorrow the cabinets arrive and then my Father will arrive later in the evening to help us get this project started. Get your work gloves on!