Second Grade: Day 91 – Half Day

Today was a half day for Isabel. There was no P.E. however there was piano lessons.

Teacher Mrs. A had a fun day half day for the class filling their behavior jar. She had donuts and a movie called, “Chestnut”. Isabel said she enjoyed the movie and enjoyed doing something fun today at school.

After school she got to have lunch with Nana, Pompo and Daddy. Later she went back to school for piano lessons with Ms. G.

Second Grade: Day 90

Today is Wednesday and it’s Chapel and library day.

This morning, we were almost late for school! I don’t know how we got so far behind but it was a race to get there on time. She ended up having only 2 minutes to get to class. We will have to either get up earlier tomorrow or skip getting out of our pj’s, so we aren’t late tomorrow for when I work. Yikes!

It was “Family Chapel” today. Isabel got together with her “family” and they talked about forgiveness. They made heart necklaces with their Bible verse on one side and drawing of their own choosing on the back.

The class finished up their MAP testing today. Isabel said they worked on math again. Today ends the mid-year MAP testing. They will do the testing again before the school year ends.

Lunch recess was in the gym (bummer) but the morning and afternoon recesses were both outside. Isabel said she played with Ms. Maddie but she didn’t say what they did. Ms. Mila was again absent today.


Birthday Gift

Isabel’s birthday gift arrived today; on a commercial flight from Vegas!

Nana and Pompo have arrived to celebrate her birthday next week!

We didn’t mention anything to her about them coming and today when Daddy got home from picking them up at the airport. She was literally speechless!

She’s been all smiles all evening and is trying to cram all her excitement into one evening! If she wakes in the morning, it will only be a dream. So overwhelming but what a wonderful surprise!

Second Grade: Day 89

Today is Tuesday and it’s music class with Mr. G.

Isabel didn’t mention anything about music class.

Ms. Mila was home sick today, so she hung out on the swings during recess and has finally learned how to pump the swing all by herself. I was excited since she’s never wanted to learn how to do it. She now knows how to!

The class did MAP testing today. They worked on reading. Isabel said she had to spell words like “noodle” and “???” (we couldn’t remember the other word). She spelled both of them correctly. After testing today, Teacher Mrs. A, passed out GUM to chew (just in class)!!!

She enjoyed her hot lunch of spaghetti but it’s not like at home, she said.


The school has started a new computer based math program. Isabel works online doing fun math games for 30 minutes each day after school. She has a user name and password to the site and Teacher Mrs. A can see Isabel’s progress at school.

From what I’ve seen just looking around, the site is awesome! It covers all areas of math, like…

  • addition – 1, 2 and 3 digits
  • time
  • comparing and order
  • money
  • counting and patterns
  • logic
  • graphs
  • measurements
  • geometry
  • place value
  • fractions
  • rounding and estimates
  • statistics
  • multiplication and
  • division

The site is geared toward kids working at their own pace. However the questions are timed, the faster you go the better the reward you get. The site has math for preschoolers up to eighth grade. Along with pre algebra and algebra 1 & 2 students.

Isabel’s second grade skill level has over 221 questions. What an awesome tool to create confidence in math!

Second Grade: Day 88

Today is Monday and it’s music class with Mr. G.

This weeks Bible verse is…

“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve… But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15

The Bible lesson this week is about God being faithful to keep His promises.

Lowercase cursive letters for the week are “f” and “h”.

I miss placed the spelling word sheet for this week. There is no S.a.T. this week.

Language arts this week is going to be a test on all skills learned from the quarter and “Pumpkin Fiesta“. In Social studies they will finishing their lesson the government.

Second Grade: No School

No school due to today being the SPELLING BEE!

Isabel has been excused from class work for the day. I will post results from the Bee later…

My Project 1-001 (10)_edited-1


Isabel didn’t win the Spelling Bee. She was so nervous…

However, we did learn a lot of new words and their meanings but next year I think she’ll let someone else enjoy the experience.

I will post photos when I get my computer back.

Second Grade: Day 87

Today is Thursday and it’s P.E. with Mrs. S and piano after school with Ms. G.

During P.E. class in the gym, they played “pac-man” and hockey. Isabel said she’s played hockey before and really enjoys it.

Piano was a review this week, since Isabel didn’t work on piano.

Spelling Bee…

The Spelling Bee is tomorrow, Isabel says she is ready for the Bee to be over. Will update with results later.