Rock Color

For something different to do today after church, I got the paints out and let Isabel paint a few rocks. Enjoy!

The larger rock she put polka-dots.


Polka-dots of orange, red, and black.


Isabel and I painting our rocks.


My rocks are the green and orange ones; nothing fancy.
The paint seemed to take forever to dry on the rock, even in the warm weather.


Cleaning her brush.


Daisy was enjoying the shade from the table.
What a life!


After adding polka-dots, she started to cover the whole thing black…


…but left enough room for her “signature” smile.


The smaller rock, she decorated with lines of blue, yellow, red, white, and orange. I’m going to get some clear coat and keep them somewhere around the yard for her to remember and enjoy.

Happy Birthday Jayden

Today we went downtown to the park for our friends little boys birthday party. Enjoy!

Isabel and friends.


Jayden and Isabel running in the wading pool.


More running, these guys didn’t sit still very long. So hard to get photos.


Jayden got out his punching balloon and was playing with it in the pool.
I think some of the parents along the sides were thinking he was going to use it to punch kids in the pool. They all had this worried look…haha!


Just before the pool was drained they got out and ran around chasing bubbles to get dry (Jayden and the other boys took off and were chasing squirrels).


After all the other kids left, Isabel and Jayden gathered up all the acorns from the huge trees in the park. By the time we were ready to leave they had a huge pile of nuts for the squirrels, that we saw running around the park earlier.

Happy Birthday, Jayden!

So Sleepy

We had spent a good portion of the day outside getting more plants planted into the ground and by the end of the day, we had one sleepy dog! We could’ve done some “dog tipping” (like cow tipping) with this sleepy pooch! After dinner she didn’t really care that Isabel had dressed her up to paint the town…she was tired. Enjoy!

All dressed up and to tired to care…poor Daisy.


Tonight, while Daddy was grilling up some grub, we got out one of the gifts from Sarah that she had given to Isabel while she was here last week. Isabel had so much fun doing the watercolor painting, I think she would have continued right on through dinner if I would have let her! Enjoy!

Getting started.

First one done! This is fun!

All four paintings; starting at the top left is a car with a door. Top right is the letter “A” with decoration. The bottom left is a baby in a baby buggy. The bottom right is a birthday cake with candles.


I (actually Gino) was finally able to find a large pot and I was able to finally plant my clematis. I’m hoping that it does very well here and we can enjoy (maybe attract some butterflies!) it year after year right out the sliding glass door. Enjoy!

My plants new home.

The next day and beyond…it seems to be doing well here. It gets morning sun and then afternoon shade during the heat of the day. I can’t wait for it to grow, to enjoy it year after year…Isabel does too!

Northwest Trek With Sarah

Isabel and I decided to take Sarah to Northwest Trek to see the animals and enjoy the day together. Since I have posted photos of the animals in the park before, when we went with my parents 3 years ago. I’ll post only the highlights of the day and not bore you with repeat photos. Enjoy!

Our first stop inside the park was the Bald eagle exhibit. These eagles are in an open air exhibit with no net to prevent them from flying because this pair of eagles has injuries that prevent them from flying away! So sad…but on the other hand I’m glad they are here at the park to see up close and enjoy them. These truly are amazing birds.

Before we headed down the hill to the herd-tram, we had to take a photo break.
I really like this one of Sarah and Isabel.

Just as our herd-tram was about to leave, a lone female caribou walked right up to our side of the tram looking for some shade from the hot sun.

This time I was able to get a whole group of female mountain sheep and calves! These ladies were trying to keep cool.

I was so excited to take this picture! Three years ago, the park only had 1 moose and we didn’t get to see her. This time, they have 4 moose and we got to see 2 of them!

Male Roosevelt elk trying to keep cool in the grasses along the marsh.

Our herd-tram has ended and we got to see all 8 species of animals that wander around in the free-range area.
We saw: Bighorn sheep, Bison, Mountain goats, Black and white tail Deer, Moose, Roosevelt Elk,  and Woodland Caribou. Along with 2 raccoons (one had babies) and 2 swans.

In the wetland exhibits we got to see otters, beaver, and a raccoon that looked like it wanted to escape!

Sarah, Isabel and the otter.

Waiting for the beaver to head back to the window so she could see it.

There it is! What a big beaver you are!

In the Forest animal exhibits, we got to see; a badger, a skunk, and we missed out seeing the baby porcupine!

Heading out of the park we stopped by the moose; unfortunately we couldn’t get anyone to take a picture of the 3 of us.

Racing back to the car for some much needed lunch. We had a great day, tomorrow we head to the airport…

My First Dress Up Doll Craft

While Sarah and I worked on getting me started on my first sewing project in over 7 years. Isabel got to work on her own little craft. Enjoy!

She got to decorate the dress all by herself with super sticky felt flowers and trim. With some help from Sarah, she was able to get the hair on as well.
(Sarah was able to get a “pattern” from Flowers dress and hopefully Mommy can get another dress made for Flower so Isabel can decorate that one as well.)

This is “Flower” and the front view of the dress that Isabel decorated all by herself.

The back view of Flowers dress. For some reason, Isabel decorated the back of the dress more then the front. Thank you, Sarah!