Project: South Living Room Wall

We wanted to do something special to our south wall in order to draw your eye to that end of the room. We didn’t simply want to paint the wall, that’s boring. So we found this company online that sells thin reclaimed boards that can be applied simply and easily to the wall.

Installation was easy, once you get the hang of it.

2015-08-24 002_edited-1

The first thin panel is applied.

2015-08-24 006_edited-1

Getting a random pattern started was tricky because we are so picky.

2015-08-24 007_edited-1

In an hour we got about half the wall completed!
It looks awesome.

2015-08-24 013_edited-1

With the T.V. mount removed we can continue working down the wall.
The green tape marks the spot were the mount will go when the wall is completed.

2015-08-24 017_edited-1

Different angle from above.

2015-08-24 020_edited-1

Moving along now that there are less cuts again.

2015-08-24 024_edited-1

Again different angle than from above.

2015-08-24 027_edited-1

Close-up of the wood.
So awesome!

2015-08-24 034_edited-1

Almost there just a few more cuts around the outlet and then it’s complete.

2015-08-24 039_edited-1

The texture and look are just what we wanted.

Onto the next project, the fireplace.

Tie Dyed

On Wednesday, I took Isabel and her friend Ms. M to the local craft store to participate in a class. We purchased the class (along with another) for Ms. M’s birthday.

Yesterday’s class the girls made tie dyed shirts. Today we got to rinse, wash and set the dye to the 2 shirts that Isabel made during her class (no photos of Ms. M’s).

2015-08-06 001_edited-1

Rinsing out the extra dye.

2015-08-06 005_edited-1

The first shirt to set is good to wear!
Looks a little faded, maybe the lighting.

2015-08-07 003-2

Shirt 2 is the shirt from the top photo, that was wrapped in a circle.
The girls had a really fun time and I’m glad they had the day together to create some memories.

Local Trail

We found this little local trail a few months back and Isabel and I keep coming back to walk. The trial is mostly shaded in the trees and has gentle hills and sunny spots to keep you cool.

Today we took to the trail and ended up going almost 3 miles in just an hour!

2015-08-04 003_edited-1

Blackberries grow along one section of the trail and she stopped to get a few for Daddy.
However they were very tart!

2015-08-04 006_edited-1

Queen of the stump.

2015-08-04 010_edited-1

Stopping along the trail at 1 of 2 bridges.

New To Me

Today I marked off doing something new; I made deviled eggs for the first time in my life! We’ve had deviled eggs before but Gino has always made them and since I hate to cook. I never thought how easy they are to make.

I was proud of myself!

2015-08-04 016_edited-1

I also made the yummy broccoli slaw with our dinner too.
Nothing from packaged here. It was a good meal.

Project: Pantry Molding And Trim

Today Gino got the pantry cabinet completed with crown molding and trim work to give it the completed look.

2015-08-01 001_edited-1

Adding a decorative trim to the front.

2015-08-01 003_edited-1

Decorative trim and side molding added.

2015-08-01 004_edited-1

Crown molding added to the top.

2015-08-01 006_edited-1

The completed pantry looks like a piece of furniture set into the wall.
Looks fantastic and we love all the space that this created for us. Another project completed!