Local Trail

We found this little local trail a few months back and Isabel and I keep coming back to walk. The trial is mostly shaded in the trees and has gentle hills and sunny spots to keep you cool.

Today we took to the trail and ended up going almost 3 miles in just an hour!

2015-08-04 003_edited-1

Blackberries grow along one section of the trail and she stopped to get a few for Daddy.
However they were very tart!

2015-08-04 006_edited-1

Queen of the stump.

2015-08-04 010_edited-1

Stopping along the trail at 1 of 2 bridges.

New To Me

Today I marked off doing something new; I made deviled eggs for the first time in my life! We’ve had deviled eggs before but Gino has always made them and since I hate to cook. I never thought how easy they are to make.

I was proud of myself!

2015-08-04 016_edited-1

I also made the yummy broccoli slaw with our dinner too.
Nothing from packaged here. It was a good meal.