Second Grade: Day 164

Today is Wednesday and it’s Chapel and library in class.

Today was Family Chapel. Family Chapel is were students get together with other mixed age/grade students and receive instruction from a sixth grader. For Family Chapel today however, the family groups worked on their banners and shirts for “Field Day” that will be next month.

Isabel got to pick the design for her tie-dye t-shirt but an adult will be doing the actual dying. Isabel’s group is called “Steel Teal”. Their group color is teal.

The banner that they worked on today has all the students names from her group on it and the name of their group, “Steel Teal”.

For library she check-out a G. Stilton book called, “Valentine’s Day Disaster”. We’ll read this together for her homework reading assignment after school.

She didn’t have much else to say about her day at school.

Second Grade: Day 163

Today is Tuesday and it’s music class with Mr. G and A.S.O. (All School Open).

This week’s Bible verse is…

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” – Isaiah 52:7a

The Bible lesson this week is to tell others about Jesus.

Isabel couldn’t remember anything about A.S.O.

S.a.T. this week is to share something that is your favorite thing you LEARNED this year in second grade. Isabel said the favorite thing she learned in second grade was learning cursive and multiplications.

During music class with Mr. G.

2014-05-27 009_edited-1

They worked on this cool color-note page.
She did a great job coloring.

Also, this week the class will be learning the capital cursiveU”, “Y”, and “Z“.

The spelling words for this week are…

cozy: snug, comfortable
drifted: pushed along by moving water
launched: caused to slide into the water
looming: appearing large and scary
realized: understood, figured out

Isabel didn’t have much to say about her day. Lunch was delicious, she said, they had pizza, and she was wearing it on her face when I picked her up from school!


2014-05-27 005_edited-1

Isabel brought home these mammal worksheets.

I loved the coloring that she did on the animals.

2014-05-27 006_edited-1

Meet some mammals.

2014-05-27 007_edited-1

What animal is in the mammal group.

2014-05-27 008_edited-1

Meals that mammals eat.

Her recess times today were playing with Ms. Mila and a few third graders that she’s friends with. Nothing else was said about her day.

This weekend she worked really hard on getting her mammal report finished for next week. She has written several pages and has drawn her first picture. She’ll work on it again this weekend to finish it up for the 6th.

Second Grade: Day 162

Today is Friday and it’s Spirit Day: lucky penny.

Spirit Day: lucky penny day is to dress in brown, wear something round (??), or wear something with Abraham Lincoln.

2014-03-17 004_edited-1

Don’t ask me who comes up with these Spirit Friday themes because all the kids were a bit confused with this one. What do you wear that’s round?

We did have a 1st grade girl dress up as Abraham Lincoln! I heard that she had a full beard and top hat, wish I could have seen her. Isabel said she couldn’t take her eyes off the beard!

A few kids wore pennies in a different ways… a 6th grader taped one to his forehead (Isabel thought that was funny). A 3rd grader had a shirt full of glued-on pennies. So some of the kids got creative with the theme.

Most of the kids and teachers that participated wore brown. Isabel didn’t participate with this Spirit Day like she has in the past, since she didn’t have anything that was brown, round or had Abe Lincoln.

My Project 7-001_edited-1

We started our day with a surprise visit from the High School Jazz band!

It was awesome to have the 9th – 12th grade students perform for us in the gym. Isabel and her fellow classmates got to sit in on performance while I got to hear it while with my class. They sounded great and Isabel said she enjoyed hearing about all the different instruments that they shared. The band played for about 45 minutes before leaving.

Isabel didn’t have anything else to say about her day. She got her yearbook today. I enjoyed looking through it after school and seeing a few pictures of her.


Second Grade: Day 160

Today is Wednesday; it’s Chapel and library day at school.

Principle Mrs. B gave the Chapel message today. Isabel couldn’t remember what she talked about though.

For library she brought home a D. of W. kid book. She enjoys these books and the simple stick drawings found inside.

Otherwise, she didn’t have much else to say about her school day. She did tell me all about playing with one of the boys in class at recess. She had decided not to swing (said it was getting boring) and played with this boy, all day because he was lonely, she said. They played 2 square and they made up their own rules. They played another game too but mostly 2 square. Sounds like she may have made a new friend.

H.H.S. Graduation 2014

Today was our niece Brienna’s high school graduation. Unfortunately we had to miss it because of it’s time and placement in the week  and the fact that we are still in school until June!

It’s a total bummer and I was sad all day, thinking of her and thinking of one more special moment that we are missing out on. Grumble grumble…

Today though… we got to SEE her moment.


She’s been in choir for years and they opened the ceremony with a song.


The choir also sang another song just before the graduates got their diploma’s.


She’s walking through the school letter!
Way to go, Peanut! So proud of you!

Special note: Thankful for technology – and the live images I was able to get – and my tech savvy husband who helped me!