Good Guys 27th Pacific Northwest Nationals And Car Show

This weekend was the Good Guys Car Show at the fairgrounds. We choose today to go, to beat the crowds.

It was a great day, warm with a breeze to keep the heat down. Enjoy!


2014-07-27 001_edited-1

The first car we see and I don’t even notice that it’s a “bug”!
That’s cool!

2014-07-27 002_edited-1

Didn’t get the year on this one.

2014-07-27 003_edited-1

Our first purple car and Isabel is in love.
It’s purple and it’s cool.

2014-07-27 004_edited-1

International Scout 4X4.

2014-07-27 005_edited-1

1939 Ford Roadster, now I was in love!…
and this pearl yellow baby was for sale!  Asking price of about $70,000!

2014-07-27 007_edited-1

An odd green but it’s beautiful and the truck floor bed was wood. Sweet!

2014-07-27 008_edited-1

We thought this was odd; it had Mustang rims.

2014-07-27 009_edited-1

Some of the many cars from the show.
Not as many as the time that we went in 2012.

2014-07-27 016_edited-1

This car was nice!

2014-07-27 019_edited-1

Gino said his Dad owned one of these.

We took a tropical ice break to cool down and rest our hot feet and while we rest… the cars drive by.

2014-07-27 025_edited-1

Look at the trunk on that thing!

2014-07-27 026_edited-1

Cruising by in Chevrolet. Didn’t get the year.

2014-07-27 027_edited-1

This is really long!

2014-07-27 033_edited-1

Isabel wanted to show off her cherry tropical ice tongue!
She was hoping it would stay this red forever.

Now back to the show…

2014-07-27 035_edited-1

This 1956 Ford F100 was sweeeet!

2014-07-27 036_edited-1

1937 Ford in grey.
The front windows opened, I thought that was cool.

2014-07-27 037_edited-1

She saw only a few cars in purple and this one was another one of her favorites
or at least the purple part.

2014-07-27 038_edited-1

1950 Ford F-1 custom pickup truck with a 1982 Corvette rear end.
Chrome accents.

2014-07-27 039_edited-1

Chrome under the hood.

2014-07-27 040_edited-1

Front end of the 1950 custom Ford F-1 pickup.
We like it!

2014-07-27 041_edited-1

Another beauty for sale. The paint was gorgeous.
She can be yours for $54,000!

2014-07-27 042_edited-1

The front end intrigued me and finding the name of this car was game of hide and seek!
Do you spot the name? Do you know what kind of car it is?

2014-07-27 043_edited-1

This car has a whole different style to it and it’s a… Studebaker Commander!
Very interesting! I wish I would have gotten the year!

Project: Front Yard Curbing Part 2

This morning the curbing guy came back out and stained and sealed the curbing in the front.

2014-07-26 002_edited-1

This curbing close-up looks O.K., but needs to be darker.

2014-07-26 003_edited-1

Looking at the curbing from here you can see the blotchiness.
Gino says it looks purple. I say it needs to be darker.

2014-07-26 005_edited-1

The “jellybean” is splotchy and looks terrible.

2014-07-26 006_edited-1

Looking across the yard toward the southwest.

In this picture you can see that the color around the new curbing is not the color of the existing curbing (far left). The curbing guy will return on Monday and maybe we can get a closer match.

2014-07-26 009_edited-1

I remembered to get the south side of the front yard!

The side on the left of the curbing will be grass and the side on the right will be a row of evergreen plants or some type of shrub. It’s still in the planning phase.

2014-07-26 010_edited-1

A view from across the street looking east.

I can’t get the whole yard unless I stand in the neighbors yard and even then I get most of the street.

2014-07-26 013_edited-1

Close-up of pattern, color and seal.
Blotchy and not the right color.

Project: Front Yard Curbing

The curbing guys came on Tuesday but I was unable to get out and get pictures because the next 2 days it rained!

So tonight I was able to get out and get some photos of what our new front yard will look like.

2014-07-25 002_edited-1

Looking southwest over the whole front yard and the new curbing.

The tree curbing (in the foreground) will be filled with rock.

2014-07-25 003_edited-1

Looking south toward our “jellybean”.

This new “jellybean” will be filled with dirt and then plants.
We haven’t really decided yet, so it’s still in the planning phase.

2014-07-25 006_edited-1

Looking northwest toward the “jellybean” and street light pole curbing.

The curbing around the street light and tree (on the far left) will be filled with rock.

2014-07-25 007_edited-1

Looking north from the top of the driveway.

2014-07-25 008_edited-1

Detail of the new curbing, the pattern is very close to the original curbing
we had put in back in May of 2009 by another guy. Hopefully we can get the color to match.

BTW! Sorry… I forgot to get pictures from the south side front yard curbing. I will make sure to get pictures after we get the color and seal added.

Vacation Bible School – Wilderness Escape 2014 – Day 5

Today is day 5 of VBS and it’s the final day.

Isabel didn’t have much to say about her day at VBS when I picked her up. Other then she had gotten hit in the eye when they were singing. She’s fine.

The Bible Point for today:

Rocky the Badger says “God guides us, so… trust God!”

Today they…

  • the “mystery” picture was revealed and it was Moses. Isabel had guessed it right!
  • no crafts or games today.
  • Pastor S. and his “helpers” did get they help they needed in their skit.
  • ate S’mores.
  • Bible verse for today; “I will bless the Lord who guides me.” Psalm 16:7.
  • heard about God giving Moses the Ten Commandments. (Exodus 20).
  • ended the day with watching a Veggie Tales movie.


Garden 2014

This years garden has grown from 1 bed and 2 pots last year, to 4 beds and 3 pots!

We have already enjoyed harvesting lettuce, basil and 2 tomatoes.

2014-07-24 084_edited-1

Bed 1 is radishes and carrots.

2014-07-24 085_edited-1

Bed 2 is mint, basil, squash and tomatoes.

2014-07-24 086_edited-1

Bed 3 is a mix of stuff.
Celery, peppers, onions, lettuce, carrots and cilantro.

2014-07-24 087_edited-1

Bed 4 is 2 rows of lettuce and 1 row of peppers along the back.
I picked 3 heads of lettuce last night and we had salad with our dinner tonight.

Now if only those tomatoes would hurry up!

2014-07-24 088_edited-1

Tomato pots. I just pulled this out away from the shed to get more sun.
2 early girl and 1 cherry tomato (left).

Vacation Bible School – Wilderness Escape 2014 – Day 4

Today is day 4 of VBS and it’s cool and cloudy.

She was super excited about today, since she is going along for the afternoon field trip to the bouncy-house safari place.

The Bible point for today…

Isaac the goat says: “God is with us, so… trust God!”

  • heard the Bible story about Israel crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 14:1-15:21).
  • played a water bottle game in the gym.
  • crab soccer. Isabel said, she didn’t play crab soccer. She sat “out” with her friend Sammy.
  • revealed more of the “mystery” photo.
  • Bible verse for today, “God answered, “I will be with you.” Exodus 3:12
  • go on a field trip!!
  • viewed more of the movie short.
  • Pastor S. and his “helpers” did another skit.

2014-07-24 114_edited-1

She brought home her weaving board from yesterday.

2014-07-24 109_edited-1

Today they made tambourines!